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Before starting:

Almost all of us, you who is reading this and me who wrote this, know about self love, don't we? But have you ever wondered what it actually is? While I was writing this article and while you are reading this, we never know how many people just took their lives. Taking your own life shows that you do lack self-love. Have you ever stood in front of the mirror and said "I love myself"? Have you ever acknowledged your body and didn't try to change it just so that everyone loves you? If you didn't do these things, then please do them. No one can love us more than we love ourselves.

Since I associate this drama a lot with self-love, I may talk about it a lot. So, please don't mind me. :)

There are some spoilers ahead, but for those who haven't watched this drama and are willing to start it, I have put the spoilers under spoiler tags, so open them at your own risk! :)

Run On

What are my thoughts on Run On?

Run On easily became one of my favorite dramas that aired in 2020. More than the two characters being in love, it portrayed being in love with someone while loving yourself. For me, self-love is certainly a big and important topic. 

Like some people, I, too, never acknowledged myself and always tried to change myself for others. What I learned from this drama was self-love, but I didn't start loving myself immediately ('cause it's not an easy task) but what I did learn easily was that, even though you are not so much in love with yourself, don't try to change for others because that's who you really are, you were destined to be this way.

If we are trying to hide who we actually are from our loved ones, then it almost feels like we are wearing a mask and hiding ourselves while the other person is completely ready to take off their mask for us.

This drama had a really good balance in the plot. Though there is not much comedy in this, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Because it's not just about the comedy, it's also about what message this is trying to give us.

I watched all the actors for the first time. And I am really glad to say that I am not disappointed at all.

Characters & their personalities according to me

1. Ki Seon Gyeom (played by Im Si Wan)

Now in the discussions of this drama on MDL, many people thought that his character had ADHD, also known as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. So I started researching about this disorder and found out what actually happens in this disorder.

People can't pay attention, they can't express themselves, and they even have some difficulty in controlling their emotions. It was also stated that this is diagnosed more often in boys than in girls

This disorder can be caused by genetic and environmental factors.

Now if his character even had this disorder, it can be certainly due to the environmental factors, as we can already see in the drama that his family had a lot of communication issues and fights.

I think, even if he had this disorder, till the end of the drama he was able to cure from it as we can see he started talking comfortably with people and even started fighting his father and taking stand for his sister. In my opinion, his character had a huge character development.

This is one of the characters that lacked self-love at the start but eventually till the end started loving himself. He is one of the most memorable characters for me.

2. Oh Mi Joo (played by Shin Se Kyung)

Her character was the one that loved herself a lot. But whenever it came to her loved ones, she forgot her worth and put them before herself.

She was the savage, sad type for me, who replied back to all those who did wrong and sometimes she had to listen to a lot of people that mentally harassed her. There was not much shown about her family since she was an orphan, but I am still dying to know her backstory. ಥ_ಥ

Her character was a special one for me because before trying to let Seon Gyeom love her, she taught him how to love himself.

3. Seo Dan Ah (played by Sooyoung)

Her character was... rather hidden. What I mean to say is, if you watch the very first episodes, then you'll feel she is the BOSSY type. Indeed, she was, I am not denying that. But whenever I think about her character, one line that comes to mind is:

"Behind every beautiful smile, there is pain."

Though she came out to be savage and the bossy type, she had her stories for that.

Instead of running a sports company, she wanted to play soccer. Her dad was kind of manipulative. She had to do all sorts of things to not become an outcast in her own family because of her step-brothers.

I personally loved her character, 'cause when I watched the first episode, I didn't like her, but slowly I realized all the hardships she had been through, but still, she didn't show it to anyone. And that's how she slowly took my heart. XD

4. Lee Young Hwa (played by Kang Tae Oh)

I really love this character's name. It means "a movie" and because Oh Mi Joo was a translator for movies, I was very much fascinated by his name. While all the other characters had some emotional back story, his task was to carry out the funny parts of the drama. 

Whenever he was on the screen, I don't know why but I automatically started laughing. I thought of his character as a really childish one, like he was a person who was stubborn. But it wasn't too long until he broke my prejudice. I loved the way that even though he loved Dan Ah a lot, he gave her time to come to him (but of course at some times he still was stubborn). I liked him a lot because when I, a viewer, had to watch all the hardships of the other characters, he was the one to make me feel better. :)

Favorite Side Characters

She was really funny and a really good sister-like friend of Mi Joo. I liked how she always supported her.
Even though he was Dan Ah's secretary, I loved the way he supported her all the time and gave her free advice.
Her character, for me, was a really powerful one as all mothers are powerful. I really loved the way she fought with her husband to get her children free from his evil grip.
I really pitied this boy. He didn't want money or even a big position in the family business; he just wanted to be loved and that's all.
I know that life was really difficult for him after the bullying incident. But the way he again starts running as it his passion gives me goosebumps.
He was Young Hwa's friend/homie. Even though he was gay, I loved the way he confessed about it to his own without being nervous or shy. Just be proud! :)

♫♪ Favorite OSTs♪♫

(You can click on posters to listen to these OSTs.)

1. Where Are You (by Kim Na Young)

Favorite Lines

It was me who was afraid of everything
I was looking back like a habit
I was looking forward to love,
but I couldn’t have it

I hope it’s the day
when we were together

You were always standing right behind me
Everything was fine when we face each other
Wherever you were, you came for me
Where are you now?
Where are you now?

I prefer the way to give my love
but I was the one who received it from you

I hope it’s the day
when we were together

You were always standing right behind me
Everything was fine when we face each other
Wherever you were, you came for me
Where are you now?
Where are you now?

If you feel the same way, if you are living in a pain too
Then somehow we have to love again

If I wait here will you come?
If I walk around will you be there?
You held me in your arms when I was having a hard time
Where are you now
Where are you

2.  Run To You (by Lucy)

Favorite Lines

When I was lost and wandering
In that unknown place
When I felt so alone
And was waiting for someone

There was another person, who resembled me and also lost
I coincidentally met you
In that moment, my sleeping sky
Opened its eyes to your star

Right now, run to you
To where you are, I’m running
Yes, I need you
Since the day I met you, you are my everything

Standing at the end of a meaningless day
I used to hope tomorrow wouldn’t come
In that moment, in my world
Your dream shined a light

Right now, run to you
To where you are, I’m running
Yes, I need you
Since the day I met you, you are my everything

When I couldn’t see the end, when I stopped and closed my eyes
If it was a decided coincidence, just like destiny
You appeared before me

Again, run to you
I’m running without rest, following the light
Only, I need you
Since the day you held my hand, you are my everything

3. Ride Or Die (by Kei & Joohoney)

Favorite Lines

When the nights without me feel too long
Come find me again
I’ll stand on the path you take
And wait for you
Oh, if you ever call my name
Even if time stops
I’m by your side, ride or die

 Love is sometimes about change
I can change into a different me when I’m in front of you
Even if it hurts like crazy, I’ll say it doesn’t hurt
Because when you smile, that’s good enough for me
Even if things go away and worn out
Even if things become dirty and torn up
It’s alright, I can’t treat you recklessly like a fool anymore
Because I love you recklessly like a fool

The end of my lyrics will always be you
Even if you coldly turn around, my future is you
The cloud that decorates the blue sky is you
Even if it rains and tears fall, it’s you
Even when you run like crazy, you won’t die
Even when you hang on for your life
Love always begets love
That’s what I learned
When you’re in love
You need to change to a different you

Even if I lose my all
I only need you
Wherever you are
Take me with you
Oh, if you ever call my name
Even when darkness comes
I’m by your side, ride or die 

4. My Light (by Baek Z Young)

Favorite Lines

The moon hidden along the stars in the night without a star
I’m looking at the empty sky and crying
Is sky alone like me?
Is it raining like I’m shedding tears?

I see a dim light
I wonder if you’ve been waiting for me
I hope my steps reach you

I’ll go to find you, My light my light
You don’t get lost with Moonlight Starlight
Be my light
If you walk along the glistening light, you’ll see
I think it’s at the end of the road, my light

Maybe we knew the sadness from the beginning
Can we meet again like fate?

5. Wish It Was You (by Seol Ho Seung)

Favorite Lines

When I met you
I still remember the warmth of that day
You seeped into my heart
How should I explain it?

Maybe it’s love
Each step I take, I’m going toward you
I hope my tomorrow will be you as well

I used to draw out the person
Who would come to me
No matter how long I look at you
You resemble that person

Maybe it’s love
Each step I take, I’m going toward you
I hope my tomorrow will be you as well

My days are so short
Thinking of you turns the sun into the moon
My night is filled with you

If this is love
I want to spend all my time next to you
I hope your every day is like that too

Things I liked

1. I loved the way that there were complicated dialogues because it's really fun to unfold the dialogue and find out the meaning. XD

2.  I loved how they promoted the LGBTQ+ characters and Asexuality without making a taboo out of it.

3. I loved how each and every character had their own charm which I found to be different from other dramas.

4. I also loved the way how both the couples took stand for their partners.

5. I loved some funny scenes because the comedy wasn't forced. Examples: 

6. I really loved the way they made some parody scenes like these:

7.  Lastly, I loved Mi Joo's words when they broke up:

Only I can make myself feel better since they are my feelings. I wanted to live like everyone else. I wanted to do just as much as they did. But why does it feel like I am forcing myself to be someone else?

Best Quotes

1. We are stars wrapped in skin, the light you are seeking has always been within.

2. When you run, you don't think about what's behind you. The only thing that matters is what's right in front of you. Normally, it's the finish line. But today, it was you. 

3. You can slow down if you're struggling. Just don't give up. You can do that as an adult, right? 

4. My life is not your prop. I'm the main character of my life.

5. Seo Dan Ah: "How am I supposed to end it well?" - Secretary Jung Ji Hyun: "Why are you thinking about ending it when you've only just started?"

6. "Unwanted love  is the same as violence." - Ki Seon Gyeom  

7. "Of all the things I've loved, why have I never loved myself?" - Ki Seon Gyeom   

8.  "People tend to say they did things for no reason to prevent anyone from feeling burdened."  -  Oh Mi Joo  

For providing me with all these quotes, I would really like to thank the people who wrote all the quotes from the drama under the discussions section - here.

Overall, Run On is a GREAT drama. Some liked it, some didn't. But if you try searching the deeper meaning hidden inside it, you'll realize that in this universe, there is nothing beyond self-love. So, keep on loving yourself and stay safe. :)


If you liked this article, then you are free to share your thoughts on Run On. And if you didn't like this article, you can still of course share your views and I'll try to be even better. :)

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