by Jewel16, June 15, 2020

Sidenote: What you will read here is a dialogue between two individuals, hence the quotation marks.

Let’s introduce ourselves… 

“Hi! My name is Julia or as ya know me on MyDramaList (Jewel16)... Today my friend Sophia (Soso) and I will be discussing how much we value the MDL community.”

“Hey! I’m Sophia, also known as Soso on MyDramaList. Greetings from Germany!!!”

“Okay, so the drama we will be discussing as seen from the title, haha is… Romance Is A Bonus Book. It is a drama that features a single mother who struggles to make ends meet but finds sanctuary from a friend (this is the male lead). Over time, they overcome obstacles together, and their paths cross quite a few times. It is a slow-paced drama that develops beautifully over time. Both Soso and I recommend this drama to any fellow rom-com lovers!”

“Yep, totally! I’m an absolute rom-com fan, and this drama is just a must-watch! One of my favorite quotes from this drama is: “We are like books. We wait for someone to find us and open us to see what’s inside.” ~Ji Seo Joon 

“I just love this quote because you can totally apply it to life. The drama has wonderful connections between books and life.” 

“Yeah, such a beautiful quote… Now I wanna tell you guys how we even entered this wholesome and beautiful community. Ya see, I was browsing through Netflix and noticed that the drama “Romance Is A Bonus Book” was available… I absolutely fell in love with the drama, and that’s what brought me to find this community. A community where we can go into depth about our favorite dramas and stan our favorite actors/actresses.” 

“You’re right! “Romance Is a Bonus Book” is indeed a wonderful drama, also it was the one drama that brought me here as well! I absolutely love the fact that we ended up being here because we’d both seen this beautiful drama! That is one of the reasons why we picked exactly this drama for the connection to our friendship!”

“Wow, super beautiful Soso. This drama is an excellent representation of our friendship! I love this drama a lot and totally fell in love with the soundtrack… Speaking of soundtracks, the song “Walking On Sunshine” describes our friendship perfectly.”

Here’s the link:

I love all the lyrics of this song. These are my favorite lyrics: 

“Walking on sunshine 

And you’re in sunlight

And I can keep waiting for the day” 

“Alrighty, so I love these lyrics so much because they describe the exact feelings of my friendship with Soso. I feel like I’m “walking on sunshine” and I’m in this upbeat, happy mood ever since I met her. She has a very positive vibe, and it influences my daily life! I constantly look forward to each day, “and I can keep waiting for the day.”

“Okay, so now that we’ve basically described a lot of key components to the drama… It’s time to tell you guys a little bit more about myself. As I’ve said before, my name is Julia. Also, I live in California, and I am a seventeen-year-old student. I actually just turned seventeen on April 4th!” 

“Speaking of April 4th… my birthday is on April 11th! It’s exactly a week after Julia’s! Isn’t that amazing? Also, I’ve just turned 16; it’s so cool that we’re so similar in age! And as I’ve told you before, I’m from Germany, but even if we have such a big difference in our time zones (9 hours), Julia and I still manage to meet each other!”

“Yup, we’re very similar in a lot of ways! Not only do we have the same birth month, but we also have the EXACT SAME drama taste. For instance, our “Watchlist” is practically identical, and we’ve watched a lot of the same dramas. We rate our dramas pretty similarly as well! I never thought that someone would understand my taste for dramas until now! It’s an amazing connection that I’ll cherish forever, and I owe it all to this community! Thank you for bringing us together!”

“I totally agree with that! We just have so incredibly much in common! It’s not only the same taste in dramas, but we also have the same taste in music, actors/actresses and, basically, just everything! I’ve never connected to someone so quickly, as it happened with me and Julia! I can talk with her about anything, and I’m just so grateful for MyDramaList for giving me the chance to meet her. She’s an amazing person; I’d have never thought that someone who fully understands me on every single basis even existed.” 

“Wow, you took the words out of my mouth, Soso! Yeah, we have this amazing connection, and we owe it all to MyDramaList, hence why we created this article in the first place. We want to express our gratitude!!”

“Pertaining to the drama...  If you are still not convinced to watch it from all we’ve said, how about….”


Well, if that doesn’t convince you… I don’t know what will!!

(In unison) “The moon is beautiful” -Natsume Soseki (a Japanese poet) (We discovered this quote through the drama, by the way, so check it out to find out what it means!) 

Thank you for reading our article! :)

Edited by: BrightestStar (1sr editor) Cookie (2nd editor)

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