by Chaerul , March 5, 2021

In light of an ongoing controversy, currently airing South Korean drama "River Where The Moon Rises" cancels filming, drops actor Kim Ji Soo.

The pilot episode of "River Where The Moon Rises" first aired on February 15th  with actor Kim Ji Soo playing the male lead character On Dal.

Kim Ji Soo was rumored to have committed acts of bullying to sexual harassment when he was still in school. On March 4th, the actor then responded to the school bullying accusations by releasing a handwritten apology on his Instagram account.

Currently embroiled in endless accusations, another netizen came forward, claiming  that he/she is part of the production staff of the currently airing drama that the actor is in.

"From working with Ji Soo on the filming set for three months, it's true that he is a scumbag. He never greets anyone when he sees them. He smokes, spits, and throws away the cigarettes anywhere he wants. He also treats his manager like his personal servant. He says, 'Bring me cigarettes, bring me water' and treats them really poorly, even in front of the director. He's not a decent human being, how he appears on the screen is 100% fake" 

Historical period drama "River Where The Moon Rises" production crew has officially decided to drop the actor involved from the drama and is currently looking for another actor who will replace him. Details such as who the official replacement actor is and the timing of his appearance within the drama are yet to be announced. Reportedly, the production staff are planning to cast Na In Woo as Kim Ji Soo's replacement.Meanwhile, filming schedules for KBS2's "River Where The Moon Rises" was reportedly canceled until further notice.  River Where the Moon Rises has aired six episodes and it has been revealed that 18[of 20] episodes have already been filmed. 


What are your thoughts about replacing the actor from the currently airing drama?