by lo_ve, February 10, 2021

Ra Mi Ran, Kim Mu Yeol and Yoon Gyung Ho will reunite for the upcoming film "Honest Candidate 2".

On February 10th, reports stated that Ra Mi Ran, Kim Mu Yeol and Yoon Gyung Ho have all agreed to return for the sequel of  2020, "Honest Candidate". 

"Honest Candidate" with casts Ra Mi Ran, Kim Mu Yeol, Na Moon Hee, Yoon Gyung Ho and more was released on February 2020 and it attracted 1.53 million viewers. The previous film depicts what happens when a congresswoman (an expert liar) who's seeking a third term, can't lie anymore with only one day before the elections.

For the sequel of "Honest Candidate", it will narrate the commotion that will take place as Ra Mi Ran runs for the governor position. Just like the previous film, Ra Mi Ran will play as Ju Sang Seok, Kim Mu Yeol will play as Park Hee Chul, Ju Sang Seok's assistant, and Yoon Gyung Ho as Ju Sang Seok's husband named Bong Man Shik. Kim Yong Rim who played as Ju Sang Seok's mother in law is in talks to join the upcoming sequel.

On February 9, Ra Mi Ran won the "Best Actress" award on The 41st Blue Dragon Film Awards for her performance on the movie "Honest Candidate". She is known for works such as "Reply 1988", "The Himalayas", "Honest Candidate" and more. Ra Mi Ran is considered one of the most talented actresses in the industry and she's now reaping the fruits of her hard work with all the fame and recognition she now has.

Production company Soo Film and director Jang Yoo Jung will handle the upcoming sequel movie. The upcoming movie is expected to begin filming in the second half of 2021. 

"Honest Candidate" is a remake of the 2014 Brazilian film "O Candidato Honesto".