by lo_ve, March 10, 2021

After April Lee Na Eun's departure from the upcoming drama "Taxi Driver", Pyo Ye Jin has been chosen to takeover her role.

On March 10, a representative of the upcoming drama "Taxi Driver" confirmed the replacement of Lee Na Eun. Instead, Pyo Ye Jin will be the one to play the role of Go Eun, a skilled hacker at Rainbow Taxi.

"Taxi Driver" is,  as you may have guessed,  about a mysterious taxi driver who plots revenge on behalf of victims that cannot get their due justice from the law.  The drama is adapted from the webtoon of the same name by Carlos and Keukeu Jae Jin. 

The drama will be directed by Park Joon Woo and the script will be written by Oh Sang Ho, who also worked on movies like "Fabricated City" and "Codename: Jackal". Other casts includes Lee Je Hoon, Esom, Kim Eui Sung, and more.

Pyo Ye Jin will portray the life of Go Eun who suffered the loss of her whole family because of a crime. She will become the eyes and ear of Lee Je Hoon's character named Kim Do Gi. She is skilled in hacking digital devices and breaking into systems to find and expose personal information.

"Taxi Driver" has finished filming nearly 60 percent including the scenes of April's Lee Na Eun character. Due to the idol's current controversy, it was decided that her role should be replaced. The drama will reshoot the scenes of Go Eun with Pyo Ye Jin this time.

Pyo Ye Jin last starred in the 2019 drama "V.I.P" with Jang Na Ra and Lee Sang Yoon. She also appeared in several dramas such as "What's Wrong with Secretary Kim", "While You Were Sleeping", "Fight For My Way", and many more.

"Taxi Driver" will air its first episode on April 9. 


Do you think Pyo Ye Jin will nail her role as a hacker in the drama "Taxi Driver"?