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Fair Warning: This article contains spoilers about the story, cast, teasers, trailers or any other information known to the large public.

This time around the topic will be centered around the premiere of the upcoming K-Drama "When My Love Blooms", but will also contain different chapters of much wanted and gathered information, for all of you, of course!  Let's dive in and take a peek further on!

   Previously also known as:  The Most Beautiful Moment in Life 

    Airs On: Saturday & Sunday | Country: South Korea  | Duration: 1 hour (60 minutes)

All of us have heard this old saying, at some point in our lives:

"First love is always unforgettable." 

Well in this scenario, that particular sentence could not be any closer than this to the truth, because the main core of the plot revolves around two young people in their 20.s who are unexpectedly tied by an invisible red string of fate, even though they're polar opposites when it comes to social status, but both of them have strong will powers and bright personalities, thus falling slowly but deeply for each other. But as we all know, life has some mysterious ways, unknown to everyone so inevitably at some point during their blissful youth, their feelings started to deteriorate due to the difficulties and misunderstandings they will encounter on their road to growing up. 

Two parallel lines that should not have been able to meet, still intersect with one another despite all the adversities, after a long period of 20 years proving that even something impossible can be one day possible. Now Han Jae Hyun and Yoon Soo Ji are already both in their 40's. Will they be able to get past their own scars which still make their hearts ache in the present day and to settle old differences so that their love story can bloom to it's fullest once more, just like a fragile yet gorgeous cherry blossom tree does, during springtime?   

Park Jin Young as Han Jae Hyun {20's}

“Since meeting you, stars shower the night sky.”

This time around, the talented actor on the rise, gets the chance to play his second major role as Han Jae Hyun, who is a just, young, law student, in his 20's and is quite well known among his peers, for his popularity, intelligence and strong perseverance, when it comes to injustice, in general. He would rather risk his life for his strong pillar of beliefs, than surrender to corruption or power. This aspect is what makes him out to be a very headstrong person down to the core.

Jeon So Nee as Yoon Ji Soo {20's}  

“The world you live in… I’m going to live there as well.” 

Playing as the younger counterpart of Yoon Ji Soo during her 20's, coming from a well off family, due to the fact her father is a powerful prosecutor in the law field.  Being bright and delicate as a swan, her future seemed to hold infinite possibilities as a student in the piano major. The small piece that was missing in her life was true love. She found the comfort and everything one could dream of in Han Jae Hyun.

Lee Bo Young as Yoon Ji Soo [Present]  “I have begun shining again." 

Acting as the mature version of this character, she will definitely bring out more emotional depth to the whole story, which reflects a lot on real-life situations., since Yoon Ji Sui's life during her 40's is no longer as light as a feather, taking a drastic turn backwards because her family suddenly died into an unfortunate accident. 

As if that wasn't enough, nowadays she is a single mother and a contract worker who has many uncertainties and heavy burdens that rest on her solders, each passing day.  Her life truly began to shine once more after she reunited with Jae Hyun. 

Yoo Ji Tae as Han Jae Hyun [Present}  “I met my first love today.” 

In the meantime this actor will show a very different side from his previous roles, since Han Jae Hyun during his 40's became a totally different person, loosing all the great qualities he had when he was younger because he transformed in cold and ruthless businessman, left only with the ambition for success and resentment towards the world, thus shielding his feelings into a deep corner of his soul, which became cold as ice. Nevertheless, Yoon Ji Soo meets him again by chance, and she managed to recognize him beneath that hard as steel appearance.  But will she be able to change him back into the person he once used to be?

Other cast members with unsporting or guest roles  are included here:


Here are the first teasers I actually loved to see and this clip expresses quite well the freedom we must cherish during our youth!  (For more videos, please check out and subscribe to MDL on YouTube!

It's time for the curtain call, and I'd like to know from you if you will watch this premiere or not. If yes, why?  If no, then what's your reason?  Goodbye for now, and thank you for passing by to read my work. I hope this will bring to all of you a little bit of warmth and comfort. Leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments before or after the premiere from 25th April.  I'll be waiting patiently! This article is my way of saying to everyone to have a warm, peaceful and "Happy Easter!" respectively to those who are or will celebrate the Pascal transitions during this time of the year!

Self translated quote, by ear from here: "I didn't throw away my memories too, 

because not even once, you were a memory..." 

Continue to persevere and strive for better days. #StayatHome

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