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Premiere reminder: Start-Up (2020)

Hello, dear MDL readers!

A passionate story awaits you this October, regarding the choices we need to make in life and the dreams that are intertwined with feelings, hardships along with the power of determination and perseverance to never give up while trying to reach closer to that one goal someone has in mind, for a better future ahead!

Fair Warning:

This article contains spoilers about the story, cast, teasers, trailers, or any other information known to the large public. Note: It's better to be read in light mode.

Previously known as Sandbox.

Airs On:  Saturday & Sunday |  Country: South Korea |  Duration:  1 hour and 10 minutes. 

This inspiring story is considered to be situated in a fictional South Korean Silicon Valley, centering around the different environments of young and ambitious entrepreneurs who dream of making their own startup company, despite the harsh realities they encounter in their lives. Seo Dal Mi is a big dreamer as she wants ardently to become one day the first Korean Steve Jobs. She’ doesn't have many assets in her life, but she is a free-spirited adventurer, with a grand plan in mind, for herself. Having gained tremendous experiences from the various part-time jobs she's been taking on for a living, nothing seems to stop her on the road to success. But will her courage, unlimited optimism, and vitality be enough to help her reach that grand goal? She might just discover, all the help she can get is surely needed...

Side note: if you loved blockbusters stories created by the perfectionist director Oh Choong Hwan who always brought us fond memories from  You Who Came from the Stars (2013)Doctors (2016), and many other sensational works like Hotel Del Luna (2019)  combined with the amazing screenwriter, Park Hye Ryun who was behind the world-renowned dramas as I Hear Your Voice (2013),  Pinocchio (2014)  gets to work in collaboration with the same director after the fantastical story of While You Were Sleeping (2017) so, in conclusion, this is one of the many reasons why more viewers should see this upcoming masterpiece without blinking or giving it a second thought! 

Here is a throwback with the stunning While You Were Sleeping (2017).

(Video source in both images: Viki Global TV)  |  (Fan-made posters source:  gugu419 on Twitter)

Where you can re-watch this drama in HD quality with English subtitles: Viki.

Versus the ever glowing Hotel Del Luna (2019) which welcomes you with open doors.

(GIF image source: liveasbutterflies on Tumblr Via ahnjoonghee) | (Video source in the first GIF: Viki Global TV

"Through your job, you’ll find out a secret world that no one knows about."

Where you can re-watch this drama in HD quality with English subtitles: Viki.

Nam Joo Hyuk as Nam Do San  

(Photo source: Hancinema)

How Do San's personality looks like in a few words:

"Wants to shine again.", “Used to be a math genius,” “Left-brained,” 

“Engineering student nerd,” and “His hobby is knitting.” while being “On standby 24/7.” 

(Hashtags sourceSoompi

Nam Do San tends to have unkempt hair and casual clothing, meaning that he couldn't care less about what others think of him, regarding his style or appearance. That's why at first no one can tell he is actually the founder of Samsan Tech, At home, Nam Do San is completely focused and immersed with his work, usually being surrounded by messy remains of coffee, noodles, and soda that are omnipresent on his desk, especially after pulling an all righter doing programming coding. However, if there is one downside in his social life, it would usually distance himself from people, being more reserved. As a student, he had a promising future ahead, since he was the youngest winner of a mathematics Olympiad, but all his expectations for better days ahead were shattered to pieces. Slowly becoming a failed entrepreneur who had less founds each day, until truly reaching a dead endpoint. Being scarred by his own previous failures, his self-esteem is now also at it's lowest.

Here is what Nam Joo Hyuk, himself, says about his character: “I think that Nam Do San’s distinctive charms are his innocence, his work ethic, and his unwillingness to give up no matter what the people around him say. Other people might see Nam Do San as immature or as someone who doesn’t make any effort to improve his life. But he’s not someone who just talks about working hard, and you’ll be able to see him chasing his dreams in the drama.” 

(Note: You can find out more on why this young actor was drawn to this role 

and how he prepared for it, at Soompi)

Some facts about Nam Do San in Korean:(Photo source: tvN 드라마 on Twitter)

Bae Suzy as Seo Dal Mi 

(Photo source: Hancinema)

How Dal Mi's personality looks like in a few words:

"Wants to turn the tables.", "My dream is to be a CEO,” “Resourceful,” “Competitive,” 

“Rich in experience,” “Except for in dating.” and having 

“100 Questions and Answers about Moving to Sandbox”

(Hashtags source: Soompi)

Seo Dal Mi is a young woman who knows exactly what she wants from her future, being very determined about defining her own ideas, by trying to bring everything out to her fullest potential, being a very curious person at heart, especially when it's about technology and business, as she owns the strong personality of an innate dreamer, exuding a charming and bright aura that simply surrounds her everywhere she goes.

Here is what Bae Suzy, herself, says about her character: "The color of Seo Dal Mi’s youth is similar to red as she’s passionate, reckless, and a bit strong. I think she’s someone with a lot of energy. There’s actually a part in the script that says, ‘Although kneeling, she is confident.’ I think this might be the charm of Seo Dal Mi.” 

(Note: You can find out more on why this young actress was drawn to this role 

and how she prepared for it, at Soompi)

Some facts about Seo Dal Mi in Korean:(Photo source: tvN 드라마 on Twitter)

Kim Seon Ho as Han Ji Pyung

(Photo source: Soompi)

How Ji Pyung's personality looks like in a few words:

“Young and rich,” “Struggling after getting into debt,” 

“The Gordon Ramsay of the investment world,” “But mild.”

(Hashtags sourceSoompi)

Han Ji Pyung is the senior team leader at SH Venture Capital, being a cold man to the bones who won't hesitate to "bite" someone off with ruthless and upfront remarks when it comes to people who are passive or have an easygoing attitude at work. Due to his genius investment skills, he becomes rich right away, owning a luxurious car and an apartment with a view of the Han River. But something along the way happens as he is suddenly plunged into unexpected debt.

Here is what Kim Seon Ho, himself, says about his character: "I guess it must be that he’s a skilled investor who possesses great wealth. I’m referring to the ability he has and his sharp eye for investments. He has not yet completely matured since he also had a difficult adolescence, so he may be imperfect on the inside.” 

(Note: You can find out more on why this talented actor was drawn to this role and how he prepared for it, at Soompi)

Some facts about Han Ji Pyung in Korean:(Photo source: tvN 드라마 on Twitter)

Kang Han Na as Won In Jae

  (Photo source: Soompi)

How In Jae's personality looks like in a few words:

"She doesn't want to become a dog," as in being subservient to someone,

“Elite,” “A woman who’s got it all,” but “In reality, a gold spoon only in design.” 

(Hashtags sourceSoompi)

Established as a CEO, Won In Jae, has everything society respects: the educational background, beautiful appearance, and money. She considers her background as a second-generation business conglomerate owner a weakness and does everything in her power to have a road of success, she can truly call her own, while being acknowledged for her skills. However, she is eventually cruelly used and thrown away by her own father. After that she makes a firm decision it's time to stop being manipulated like a piece on a chessboard, and to escape a tangled web of greed and the never-ending games of power, she jumps right away into the idea of creating a startup.

Here is what Kang Han Naherself, says about her character: “I think Won In Jae’s skills have been underestimated because she was born into a prominent family. I’m doing my best to portray that she has the qualities and abilities of a CEO even without her wealthy background.” 

(Note: You can find out more information about this talented actress's role and how she prepared for it, at Soompi)

Some facts about Won In Jae in Korean:(Photo source: tvN 드라마 on Twitter)

Other cast members with supporting or guest roles are included here: Cast.

The official subbed teaser trailer is finally online:

(Photo source:  tvN 드라마 on Twitter) | (Video source: The SwoonNetflix)

Here everything boils down to the effective workplace partnerships together with progressive teamwork versus the hardcore rivalry that comes hand in hand with continuous business completion.

The second teaser trailer shows a more emotional and charismatic side 

of a grandiose cinematography work:

(Photo source: Soompi) | (Video source: TvN DRAMA on YouTube)

“If it wasn’t for your letter, what would my spring have been like?

 This is the first time I got a text from a woman that’s not my mom.

I want to see you / I miss you. 

Why do you like me?”

(Translation source: Soompi)

The 4-minute highlights trailer is here, simply click below:

(Video source: TvN DRAMA on YouTube)  | (GIF image source: baeskuukzky on Tumblr)

My two self-selected songs for this theme as a sweet and romantic final touch are:  

Love has the power to "Stop The World" by Justin Garner 

(Official audio source: Justin Garner on YouTube)   |  (Photo source: here)

"We can move the biggest mountain, and I write right through the deep sea
Limitless the sky, it seems when you are right here next to me, baby
That's what love can do, ohhh
And I stop and stare and day breaks in, sunlight hits on your face
When time stops and people freeze in place
But only you, only me and you
That's what love can do
Yeah yeahh

Take my hand and then we go baby
From the world don't let it go, baby
Never saw the bad can make me
Feel like we can stop
Stop the world
Loving this moment, every minute of it yeah
Stop the world, stop the world, stop the world
Yeahh, yeahh..."

(Lyrics source:

And I just can't take my "Eyes Off You" by PRETTYMUCH <3

 (Official audio source: PRETTYMUCH on YouTube)   |  (Photo source: here)

"Don't ask why
I can paint a picture of you in my mind, love
All my life
I never thought someone would make me feel so high
But here you are

There's no touch or feeling
Pleasure or pain
Anything like the way you're runnin' through my veins
No breath or beauty
No sound or sight
That ever made me feel the way you do tonight..."

(Lyrics source:

I also have a big hunch that even the original soundtracks will definitely 

be something to please look forward to!

So, have I convinced you to watch this premiere or not? If yes, why?  If no, then what's your reason? 

 Feel free to leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments before or after the premiere on the 17th of October. I'll be waiting patiently! Loosely inspired by my own previous article along with this one.

Don't forget to mark your calendars:(Calendar image source: here)

For the curious eyes here is some additional information regarding the official posters: 

(Poster sources: Soompi and here)  

A gorgeous Chinese movie to watch online or on DVD in about 6 months: 

Love You Forever (2020)  

The release date was set for 25th August 2020!

(Trailer source:  CCTV6 CHINA MOVIE OFFICIAL CHANNEL)  | (Poster source: Twitter)

#StayatHome and take good care of yourselves the best way possible!

 Taylor Swift in "Begin Again" and Janice Man for CCTV’s “Singing Towards the New Era” program. 

 (Photos sources: Weheartit and dramapotatoe on Twitter)

It's time for a gorgeous curtain call with Memories of the Alhambra (2018).

"Trust is the magic that changes the world, not the technology."

Goodbye for now! See you around next time!

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