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Premiere Reminder: 

Run On (2020) 

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Fair Warning: This article contains spoilers abut the story, cast, teasers, trailers, or any other information known to the large public. Note: It's better to be read in light mode.

Previously known as: Keep On 

Airs On:  Wednesday, & Thursday  |  Country: South Korea |  Duration:  1 hour and 10 minutes.

In the modern society of our times, even more people are trying to connect themselves through technology, sports  or by trying to reinvent their lives by breaking apart various prejudices that exist in society or workplaces, or even striving to overcome difficult language barriers. This can be a hard thing to do but nothing it's impossible, as long as we truly want to accomplish something. This story will try to bring out a lot of relating situations regarding communication, social life and a insightful view on ties and relationships between different individuals, who strive first and foremost to keep on marching forward, each one at their own pace, no matter what issues their future might appear ahead. 

Let's find out together what will happen when four polar opposite persons meet each on the road of life...

(Photo and information source: Soompi)

Im Shi Wan as Ki Seon Gyeom 

“A man whose fate is to only run forward."

(Poster source: Soompi)   

Ki Seon Gyeom, is a former track and field athlete. Having many years of training as he always keeps his eyes fixed on the road ahead as he continues to run towards his goals, combining everything with a very precise daily routine lifestyle, while being an active athlete, who always wakes up early to built his resistance for a better and improved efficiency. He's also a person who's diligent, because he strives to break his own running records anytime he has a chance to do that. But this is not the ideal view of the future, he dreamt of obtaining from the start. Entering into the world of a never ending competition of tracking and fielding is the actual first decision he's ever made, thinking only of himself, because he was beginning to feel most alive, just when the moment of running out of breath sets in. Nothing could ever compare with the thrilling sensation of adrenaline, that started to flow in his veins, giving him the true sensation of freedom, while trying to sour even higher as he heads towards the finish line. One day a certain incident, that comes with an enormous impact, will suddenly change everything he knew...However, his lifestyle will soon be strongly shaken up, even more than he might think by none other than Oh Mi Joo, a woman who works as a foreign movies translator. (Note: More details can be found directly from the source, at Soompi and here)

Here's what Im Shi Wan himself, says about his character: “Ki Seon Gyeom seems like he was born with a golden spoon: a father who was a member of the National Assembly, a mother who was a well-loved actress, sisters who ranked No. 1 in the world in golf. But he feels a weight on his shoulders because he doesn’t know what he really wants. Oh Mi Joo comes into his life without warning and teaches him something he didn’t know about himself. If Mi Joo didn’t take interest in Sun Kyum’s words and actions, he would never be more than a handsome athlete from a rich family. But Mi Joo understands him and draws out his true self.” 

(Note: More information and details on how this actor prepared to take on this role, can be found at Soompi)

Shin Se Kyung as Oh Mi Joo 

“A woman who must look back as if she’s affected by inertia.”  

(Poster source: Soompi)   

Oh Mi Joo is a kind hearted and hard working woman, that has a flexible job as movie translator, working from home day and night to finish certain projects before certain set deadlines. This job usually requires a massive amount of accuracy, patience and especially finding a way that keeps your energy boosted most of the time, because this kind of routine can be quite tiring and sometimes even boring, after spending some long sleepless nights. Despite all of this, she has quite a spunky and fiery personality, letting out whatever runs through her mind due to a high level of confidence, but everything takes a 360 degrees turn, when she finally gets the chance to meet Ki Seon Gyeom, who lives with a polar opposite lifestyle from hers, dragging her into the unknown at a very high speed. (Read more from the source: Soompi)

(Note: This role will definitely be all the more relatable in more ways than one, 

especially for writers, real life translators and even for different editors)

Choi Soo Young as Seo Dan Ah 

“A woman who thinks the only way to fail is to not try.”  

(Poster source: Soompi)   

Seo Dan Ah is a woman with a strong personality, being a second generation rich heiress who is constantly fighting againts the prejudice that states, woman are usually not fit to have a leadership position, in a workplace where men tend to be the majority, just because she feels the utmost need to recover all her rights as a successor, but also a person, who's capable and witty, even it means taking some difficult detours to achieve those goals.

Here's what Choi Soo Young herself, says about her character: “She doesn’t talk behind people’s backs, she doesn’t hold grudges, and she’s honest. She’s the hard working type who does her best at everything. Although her domain is certain, she acknowledges and embraces things that create new stimulus. She goes all-in for her people, and if someone is rude, she knows how to retort regardless of their position or age.” (Read more from the source: Soompi)

Kang Tae Oh as Lee Young Hwa

"A man who thinks controlling his feelings is impossible.”  

(Poster source: Soompi)   

Lee Young Hwa is young university student majoring in Arts with a warm and bright personality, much like a warm ray of sunshine. He can also be sometimes a bit too straightforward, like a sudden rain shower coming out of the blue. His ultimate hobbies are enjoying great movies and drawing an endless number of sketches and paintings. Many times he tends to act in a overly friendly manor, leaving many people sometimes a bit confused and wondering if that's all there's to him or not. Either way, he gets along well even with more difficult and hard to please persons like Seo Dan AhMaybe that's why on the horizon something bitter yet sweet starts to take shape - an unforeseen romance? 

The main posters give off the feeling of a warmly decorated Christmas tree, 

with romantic sprinkles, falling all around:

 “I think I might make a mistake if my heart flutters more than this.”

“Can I make that mistake?”  

(Poster source: Soompi)

“Don’t cross the line,”  |  “You came running to me because I crossed the line.” 

(Poster source: Soompi)

Other cast members with supporting or guest roles are included here:  Cast.

The first teaser shows only a fracture of how sweet and tender the relationship 

of the main couple will get to be in time, as they once met on a running track field:

(GIF image source: p-b-e on Tumblr) | (Official video source in the 1st GIF JTBC Drama on YouTube)

“Like this. Just look here.”

The production crew of this drama commented, “Through the newly released teaser, you can thoroughly enjoy Ki Sun Kyum and Oh Mi Joo’s perfect romance. Please look forward to their complete romance that is sure to melt away the cold winter.”

(Translation and information source: Soompi)

Details about the fashion styles used in this story:

(Photo and information source: Soompi)

Find out what are the main differences between these 2 wonderful couples:

(Photo and information source: Soompi)

The second teaser features an insight with the second couple's relationship,

 developing through time and art:

(Photo and official video source: JTBC Drama on YouTube)

“The pool wasn’t meant for you to fall into, so get out  Why are you smiling?

I’m accustomed to smiling, and friendliness is a bad habit.

Let’s fix that habit. I might grow fond.

Why did you choose me? 

Because I think my time is smudged on this painting.”  

(Translation source: Soompi)

My four self-selected songs for this theme as a healing, romantic but also as

a energetic final touch are:  CLNGR feat. Matt Bloyd - Something Different 

(Official audio source:  Epidemic Acoustic on YouTube)

"You look at me like I’m crazy, when I shut my feelings out
You look at me like I’m different, still you stay cause you feel something real
I get so lost in my moments, doesn’t mean I don’t need you
I fell in love with your colors, they kind of tell me what I’m thinking
I fell in love with the way we are and the way we lose it

There’s something different about us
And the reason why we stay

We fly around like paper planes
They never know whеre we will fall
Nobody can see us
Still they wanna tеar us apart

There’s something different about the way we are
There’s something different about us x2..."

(English lyrics: source

Song: Running by Gaho OST Part 5  

Reshuffled OST from Start-Up (2020)

(Official music video source: VLENDING 블렌딩  on YouTube 

"Breathe in, breathe out
When I’m facing fear
The one thing I hear
Is to have more strength
Covered in the fog
Without a single ray of light
I thought about it really hard
For the me of today
On days I feel like I’m behind
Because of my differences with others
On the other hand, I’m getting up and running
Let’s start from now on, keep running forward
Running running, shout out to the world
It’s ok if a different road appears
Let’s start from now on, keep running forward
Running running, if I’m with you
I can do anything
Endlessly running in this rough world
When life presses down on me
And it becomes heavier
You held out your hand
Telling me to get up once again..."

(English lyrics: source  Popgasa)

Song: Care About You  by K. Will OST Part 17

Reshuffled OST from Start-Up (2020)

(Official music video source: VLENDING 블렌딩  on YouTube 

"You come to me several times a day
Shining on me, so dazzling
The person who changed my once faint life
I’m going crazy because of you
My dear, hold my hand
Just stay right there
Just thinking about you makes me wanna explode
Please look at me
You’re living in my heart
Do you know?
Tell me you like me
Just wanna be a love tonight
Tell me you like me
I’m only waiting for you
I think I’m in love
I think I like you
I keep calling out to you
Tell me it’s me
Just wanna be a love tonight
Tell me it’s me
The person who will only look at you
I hope this isn’t a dream
I hope it’s you
I keep calling out to you
Tell me you like me..."

(English lyrics: source  Popgasa)

Gamma Skies - I'm Your Lighthouse | English

(Official audio source:  Epidemic Acoustic on YouTube)

"I know you're hurt
I can see it in your eyes babe
You need to let your mind off this

Though it hurts
I can see it in your eyes babe
But I know you have a lot to give

I know that it’s getting colder
Waves are crashing in
When the streams are getting strong
Just hold on to me yeah

I'm your lighthouse
I'm the sun against your dark clouds
I will always be your guiding light..."

(English lyrics: source

So, have I convinced you to watch this premiere or not? If yes, why?  If no, then what's your reason? 

 Feel free to leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments before or after the premiere on the 16th of December I'll be waiting patiently! Loosely inspired by my recent Colorful Throwback article and my newest winter editorial.

Where it will be available with English subtitles: Netflix.

Special section:  Here is Father's Love Letter written just for you!

(Official photo source:

For the curious eyes here is some additional information regarding the first official posters: 

“Each at different speeds of love”                “Each through different languages of love.”  

(Posters source: Soompi)   

Recommendation corner:

Get ready for 4 relatively new Korean movies, 1 upcoming Chinese movie, 

4 upcoming Chinese dramas and a surprising documentary towards the end, 

that you might want to keep an eye on!

The first movie will make you laugh wholeheartedly! Okay! Madam (2020).

Already aired in this summer on 12th of August!

(Official trailer source:   GVPictures on YouTube)

The second movie is adventurous and thrilling: Collectors (2020).

Already aired in this autumn on 4th of November!

(Official trailer source:   CJ ENTERTAINMENT on YouTube)

Curious to find out how Lee Je Hoon's acting changed after starring in this movie? 

Read more at SoompiHe also expressed his wish to collaborate again with Shin Hye Sun

but this time for a possible future romantic comedy.

The  third movie will make you cry your heart out: Josee (2020).

Set to air around Holidays time: on 10th of December!

(Official trailer source:  HanCinema on YouTube)

These two amazing actors meet again, but this time on the big screen 

after collaborating in: The Light in Your Eyes (2019).

The fourth movie is a Holidays casting extraordinaire: New Year Blues (2020).

Set to air in the 30th of December 2020!

“Let’s become a little bit happier Next Year!”

(Official trailer source:  HanCinema on YouTube)

More information regarding this movie, can be found at Soompi and here.

The fifth movie will make you think of your first love: I Remember (2020).

Set to air this Christmas, on 24th of December!

Many scenes from this movie were filmed in Finland!

(Poster source: dramapotatoe on Twitter)

(Official trailer source:  CCTV6 CHINA MOVIE OFFICIAL CHANNEL on YouTube)

Tentatively scheduled to air at the beginning of 2021! 

1) Falling Into Your Smile  | No certain date is set yet!

(Official trailer source: YOUKU on YouTube)

Tentatively scheduled to air during the first half of 2021! 

2) Please Feel At Ease Mr. LingNo certain date is set yet!

(Official  trailer source: YoYo English Channel on YouTube)

Tentatively scheduled to air during the first half of 2021! 

3) My Talent Neighbour |  No certain date is set yet!

(Note: I added this story especially for JojoSanta's helper knows her wishes for the Holidays!)

Rumored to be airing during the first half of 2021!

4)  Love SceneryFilming already ended around May 2020.

No certain date is set yet! Here is a new Winter poster. 

The final touches:  "First snow of the Forbidden City in Beijing." and...

(Photo source: dramapotatoe on Twitter)

Allen Deng is back with this new and beautiful Chinese documentary 

about the Forbidden City, in Upped New, Old Palace! Season 3 (2020).

Theme song: Forbidden Autumn by Allen Deng 

(Official photo source:  Weibo)  

(Official music video source: 北京卫视官方频道 China BeijingTV Official Channel on YouTube)

These official screenshots are just heavely colorful!  I simply just had to share them with all of you. Where you can watch the Raw episodes of this wonderful journey:  

北京卫视官方频道 China BeijingTV Official Channel on YouTube.

(The official photos source: Weibo)

Bonus recommendation:

 Two Chinese dramas that are definitely worthy to see, in 2021:  

Ancient Love Poetry and Mirror: Twin Cities.

I bid you farewell with a cute behind the scenes 

photo of Kim Seon Ho from Start-Up (2020) 

and the 2nd one is from a Naver and Dispatch photo shoot. 

(The last photos sources: kpopmap and V Live)

Here is one last sweet video: Kim Seon-ho replies to compliments from fans!

(Source: The Swoon, Netflix)

Stay safe and healthy! Goodbye for now! See you around next time!

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