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Premiere Reminder: Revolutionary Sisters (2021)

Hello, dear MDL readers! This time the topic is family, love and grandiose comedy!

But here I'm gonna cut straight to the chase... I mean the casting! (Bwahahaha)

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"Hong Eun Hee becomes Lee Gwang Nam, the proud and egotistical eldest daughter of Lee Chul Soo (Yoon Joo Sang). In the teaser, she enjoys a wealthy life with her lawyer husband. But her life is turned upside down with the news of her parents’ divorce and her mother’s death—along with the suspicion that her husband might be unfaithful. Although she insists that she hadn’t wanted a child, she starts to wonder: “How might life have been different if we’d had kids?” (Translation source: Soompi)

(Translation and photo source: Soompi and here)

"While that, Jeon Hye Bin transforms into Lee Gwang Sik, the middle sister and a smart and fair-minded civil servant. She has a fiancé who is five years younger, but when she discovers he has been playing around, she tells him, “Are you joking? Breaking an engagement is better than getting divorced!” During a fight, she gets entangled with Han Ye Seul (Kim Kyung Nam) and are both taken to the police station. However, their relationship soon turns to something more. Jeon Hye Bin commented, "As an actress, it is a blessing to act with a script that can enter people’s minds. I’m so happy that I was given another chance with ‘Revolutionary Sisters’ in the role of Lee Kwang Shik. I have a strong desire to do well. If I have a small wish for this year, it is to be loved for my acting in ‘Revolutionary Sisters’ that can give warm comfort and laughter to the hearts of viewers who are still suffering from COVID-19 since last year.” 

(Translation and photo source: Soompi and here)

"And Go Won Hee becomes Lee Gwang Tae, the youngest sister, who has been unemployed for six years but has a black belt in martial arts. She is a powerful and skilled fighter and determined to go her own way, rejecting both a traditional job and marriage. When she gets in trouble with gang members over a loan, she decides to try and catch a wealthy husband. Go Won Hee said her character, “Lee Kwang Tae is simple and honest. She’s done sports ever since she was young, and she has a total of 11 ranks in martial arts. I’ve always wanted to take the role of a lively character like her. Now, I don’t know if I’m acting as Lee Kwang Tae or if Lee Kwang Tae is acting like me. It’s like we were made for each other. Thanks to her I’m happy every time I act."  

The new official teaser trailers are filled with fun, 

a sense of responsibility and a pinch of fine humor:

(Photo and official video source: KBS Drama  on YouTube)

(Photo and official video source: KBS Drama  on YouTube)

(Photo and official video source: KBS Drama  on YouTube)

Here is more info on what to expect from this premiere according to Soompi!

This weekend series will begin to air on 13th March!

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