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Premiere reminder: Record of Youth (2020)

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This time I'll bring up something directly from the hot oven, a freshly baked story about the drive to never give up on what you truly love while walking towards the flowery path of dreams! I am sure your curiosity sparked away, so keep on reading!

Fair Warning:

This article contains spoilers about the story, cast, teasers, trailers, or any other information known to the large public. Note: It's also readable in dark mode.

    Airs On: Monday & Tuesday |  Country: South Korea |  Duration: 1 hour (60 minutes)

This drama revolves mainly around the vast world of dreams and the fountain of youth, that's not as endless at one might initially think, because this freedom, always comes with a price, obstacles, prejudices, and mostly a limited time is left to accomplish one's heart desires. In a modern society of our times, modeling has indeed a shape like this. One of the questions that will be encountered in this tale is: Will you be willing to dream of something nearly impossible that has a time limit set from the very beginning? Not many will find the right or easy answer to this, but that's the starting point for Sa Hye Joon, a youngster in his mid-twenties who starts taking steps towards a future career that it's bound to shaky due to certain circumstances or foreseen challenges. How his journey will develop remains to be seen, because an unexpected first love might come his way... 

Side note: a brand new story that comes from the renowned director, Ahn Gil Ho of Memories of the Alhambra (2018), and the talented screenwriter, Ha Myung Hee behind the drama Doctors (2016), so, in conclusion, this has also a strong production team behind the scenes, making it more worthy to check out.

The cinematography esthetics are gonna be so calming and soothing,

 feeling mostly like taking a peek into Paradise.

Official Teaser #1

 (Image source: summerphrase) | (Video source: The Swoon, Netflix)  

(GIF image source:  uppuN on Deviant Art)

 Park Bo Gum as Sa Hye Joon 

“How is it that only time is fair? I’m being attacked by reality.” 

He is finally back into the acting world, taking this time the challenge in the form of a passionate and realistic person who dreams of becoming an actor. Even if the road to that goal is hard and, sometimes, tiring, Hye Joon has an enormous amount of determination and perseverance on his shoulders, that might just be his key towards success. However, he slowly starts to feel more pressured against the limited time he has in order to achieve his long term dream... 

 Park So Dam as Ahn Jung Ha

“I think that becoming your fan was a really great decision.” 

On the contrary, Ahn Jung Ha is an idealistic type of person who can even give up a prosperous job, only to be pursuing her own dream of becoming a makeup artist and launching her own brand. Being a hard-working woman in a society where speed and accuracy matter most, Jung Ha has little time to relax, but that aspect is about to change when the handsome and talented Hye Joon slowly becomes her own corner of fresh air. 

Other cast members with supporting or guest roles are included here: Cast 

Official Teaser #2

(Image source:| (Video source: The Swoon, Netflix)

Even before it actually airs, I have a feeling deep down that even the original soundtracks will be very catchy and marvelous, with each note sung by some amazing artists, waiting to line up. As for the compelling cinematographic art, it will be so unforgettable, just like the fresh taste of a vanilla and chocolate ice cream... A summary kind of flavor that's waiting to greet the autumn, lingering in your mind and that keeps you wanting for more...  

(GIF image source:  uppuN on Deviant Art)

So, have I convinced you to watch this premiere or not? If yes, why?  If no, then what's your reason? 

 Feel free to leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments before or after the premiere on the 7th of September. I'll be waiting patiently! Loosely inspired by my own previous article. On the side, you could also check out my first musical editorial with a gorgeous touch.

Recommendation corner: 

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It's best if you do not go to cinemas during this pandemic! 

Just so you know, any DVD usually comes out after 6 or 8 months of the official release date.

Click on the poster to listen to it's amazing soundtrack! A blessing in disguise for the ears...

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English lyrics for this movie's original soundtrack are provided at

#StayatHome even during summer and autumn! 

The vicious corona virus suffered unforeseen mutations, thus quickly becoming a grave, worldwide emergency. Protect yourselves and take heavy precautions recommended by scientists: wash both hands thoroughly, keep a 2 meters distance between everyone, avoid crowded places if possible and use masks properly! 

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