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Premiere reminder: It's Okay to Not Be Okay (2020) 

Hello, dear MDL readers! I've returned this time with another emotional subject, that revolves around psychology, combined with a tipsy of melodrama and a flair of romance, sprinkled on the side. For more details,  please read further on!

A summer blues awaits you ahead...

Fair Warning: This article contains spoilers about the story, cast, teasers, trailers or any other information known to the large public.

    Airs On: : Saturday & Sunday  | Country: South Korea  | Duration: 1 hour (60 minutes)

This tale can be easily described upfront, as a "healing romance that resembles a storybook fantasy" with an unusual blend in comedy. The epicenter of this drama will boil down to taking small steps and learning how to heal one another, through the process of starting accepting oneself, while cleanly brushing away old scars and offering a helping hand to those in need.

Still, all of us, need to keep in mind this crucial aspect: the process to healing starts to truly take effect, only if someone wants to and starts to slowly acknowledge his/her own pain or faults. And of course, all of this takes time, effort and a lot of patience is needed along the way, from those who are willing to accompany a person through a more accurate self-discovery journey.

Some essential theoretic concepts that which are the main focus in this drama are explained more easily bellow, summing up everything a teacher would usually say during a course:

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(Source: The primary site may not be accessible for many people, depending on the areas you live in:  American Psychiatric Association. (

Let's move on, from this school-themed chapter, before it will get too boring...(just kidding) :D

Kim Soo Hyun as Moon Kang Tae

Remember the owner of the Hotel Blue MoonI'm pretty sure you do! But if not, God Ma Go will gladly help you to recall. Or at least try to...(Ha ha ha) Just click below, on the first image. 

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Well, he is finally back! But this time he has a whole different air that surrounds him,

 not to mention a quite opposite attire...

“Escaping is the most comfortable when it gets hard enough to die.”  

Kang Tae, has almost no time to take a breath since he lost his parents at a very young age, and due to his exhausting and hard-working lifestyle because he needs to take care of his older brother, who suffers from an autism disorder. The severity of it may depend if an intellectual disability is included, on how much his social skills are developed, with the high possibility of not understanding at all his own mood or the feelings of his loved ones, maybe forever, even if specialized therapy is provided. Working in the medical field, mostly out of need, as a community health worker, Kang Tae gets to also help out other patients who are suffering from different psychiatric issues. All of these major responsibilities and the emotional strain he goes through make him unable to take a hold on his own way direction in life, thus beginning to reject, at some point almost automatically, any form of love.

Seo Ye Ji as Go Moon Young

"Don’t forget. Don’t forget, and overcome. If you can’t overcome, you’ll only be a child whose soul never grows.” 

Playing a woman with an exciting sense of fashion and a mesmerizing smile, she's a successful children's book writer, that hides, inside her piercing eyes, a seemingly endless black hole: a heavy antisocial personality disorder that she has to carry on her shoulders, each passing day. Due to this, she's unable to understand other people, because of a total lack of empathy, which always starts brewing inside a persistent impulsivity, making her speak very rudely and act without any remorse whatsoever and being very manipulative, among other things... How will she find her way to love, when she doesn't even have a clue, to begin with, as to what are the meanings behind of that emotion? Here are some basic characteristics that shape up the life and personality of Moon Young, in a very big way:

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Some possible behavioral aspects that gradually take form along with the age:


Other cast members with supporting or guest roles are included here:


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(The subbed teaser is included in the first GIF bellow) 

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This teaser has so many diverse and intense feelings mixed into it, though at first, it seems to be dyed with more fantasy vibes than psychological ones.

Final Thoughts:

Just so you know, I've left out a part of the main cast on purpose, to build up more suspense and mystery. Aside from that, have I convinced you to watch this premiere or not? If yes, why?  If no, then what's your reason?  Feel free to leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments before or after the premiere from 20th June.  I'll be waiting patiently!

(Don't leave yet, 'cause I've prepared more surprises for you, just scroll down a little more)

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May all of you have a wonderful and more peaceful summer ahead! 

(These images are from the stunning animation movie "Weathering with You" 2019)

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(The following GiF animation images credits go out to: Kilruas, Krshima and lastly from animangascenery on TumblrAfter a heavy storm the sun will always come out! 

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#StayatHome as long as necessary, to protect yourself and those close to your heart!  Now, I'm really out of here! Goodbye, for now and thank you for stopping by! ^^

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