by lo_ve, March 17, 2021

Oh My Girl's Arin is confirmed to star in the upcoming series "Goedam 2"!

On March 17, it was confirmed that Arin will part of the second season of "Goedam." Her agency WM Entertainment confirmed the news. 

"Goedam 2" is the continuation of "Goedam" that was released on Netflix in August 2020. It contains 8 episodes running for 10 minutes each episode. The first season was well received by the public. WJSN Seola, Lee Hyun Joo, Jang Won Hyuk, Kim Ye Ji, and Song Chae Yun were part of the first season and it was directed by Hong Won Ki. 

The upcoming "Goedam 2" will be produced by Megabox Central PlusM and Johnny Bros. Another confirmed cast is from the boy group The Boyz, Ju Hak Nyeon.

The first season of "Goedam" showcases the horror anthology series focused on urban legends in Korea.

Arin debuted in 2015 through the girl group produced by WM Entertainment called Oh My Girl with 7 members. On the first few years of her career, she focused on idol activities. Lately, she's been pursuing various entertainment activities. She's the current MC of a music show and she also participated in several variety programs and magazine shoots. In 2020, her girl group dominated the Korean charts with their hit songs "Nonstop" and "Dolphin". This lead to the group's rise in popularity and left and right endorsements. 

Oh My Girl's Arin debuted as an actress in the 2020 web drama "The World of My 17" with Hwang Bo Reum Byeol, Kim Do Ah, Han Chae Kyung, Ryeoun, Viini, and more. 

Aside from the individual activities of each members, her group Oh My Girl is expected to return with a new album this year.


Have you seen the first season of "Goedam"? What are your thoughts on the new casting for the second season?