by Dojemi10, June 29, 2021

"Holy Night: Demon Hunters" confirms its cast line-up!

Film production company Lotte Entertainment announced on June 29th that the recently announced movie, "Holy Night: Demon Hunters" has finally cranked in on June 28th  after finalizing the casting of actors Ma Dong Seok, Girls' Generation's Seohyun, Lee David, Kyung Soo Jin, and Jeong Ji So as leads.

Ma Dong Seok's production company Big Punch Pictures (formerly known as Team Gorilla) and Nova Film will be in charge of the planning and production of the movie. "Holy Night: Demon Hunters" was written and helmed by rookie screenwriter-director Im Dae Hee.

"Holy Night: Demon Hunters" will tell the story of a peculiar team who hunts demons as they fight against social groups that worships evil.

Global star and producer Ma Dong Seok takes on the role of Ba Woo, a man who fights against zombies, serial killers, and grim reapers with his bare rock-like fists.

Seohyun was the last to confirm the casting. The singer-actress announced through an Instagram post that she had accepted the offer to play the role of Sharon, a woman who has the exceptional ability to track demons and perform intense exorcisms to summon them.

Lee David will portray the character of Kim Gun, a member of the Holy Night team who aids Ba Woo and Sharon during battles and exorcisms.

Kyung Soo Jin and Jeong Ji So will act as sisters throughout the movie. Kyung Soo Jin will be a neuropsychiatrist named Jung Won who sought help from the Holy Night team to save her younger sister. Jeong Ji So will perform the character of Jung Won's sister called Eun Seo, whose uncanny symptoms were a result of a demon residing inside her body.