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News Diary:  River Where the Moon Rises (2021)

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This time I'm going to guide you through a journey back in time, 

with a legendary and tearful love story 

that remains engraved in the flowing river of time, 

streaming from a classical Korean folk tale:

The Princess and the Idiot: Behind every good man is a great woman.

Fair Warning: This article contains spoilers about the story, 

cast, teasers, trailers, or any other information known to the large public. 

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Also known as::  Cut From the Heart, The Moon Rising River.

Airs On:  Monday & Tuesday  |  Country: South Korea  |  Duration: 1 hr. 5 min. 

It will also be airing with English subtitles in high quality on Viki.

A person with a will made of steel combined with a tender heart and gracefulness that shines through like a warm sunrise. Her life story became a legend passed down to generations. 

This is the retold and dramatized tale of Pyeong Gang, a strong and very determined woman whose dreams are as vast as the oceans and big as the endless skyline. Because no one until her wanted to become the first Empress, who gets to rule over the great Goguryeo land, which was founded in 37 BC. Her strengths do not resume only to the physical range, since she possesses a sharp and clear mind, being always alert about the dangers that are lurking around the corners and the enemies that keep a close eye on everything, hunting her down the path of glory and ultimate power. But, her hidden tactics are about to get ruined, by none other than On Dal, an optimistic and bright young man, who loves nothing more than to live in a free and peaceful country, along with the people who surround him each day... From now on, how will their destinies change, if their meeting was already written in the stars, even many years before?

Kim So Hyun as Pyeong Gang / Yeom Ga Jin / Queen Yeon

A song that describes her whole character: Take on the World by You Me At Six 

(GIF images sources:: surii on Tumblr and Naver)  |  (Official audio source: YouTube. The link is inserted in the 1st image above)

This story will mark her return to the small screens since The Tale of Nokdu (2019)

 Kim So Hyun said that "Pyeonggang is sometimes cold and unmoved, but she’s a figure who always has a warm heart. She’ll do anything for the things she has to protect. It felt foreign to me because it was my first time doing action scenes with a sword, so I watched a lot of action videos. I filmed while asking many questions and learning from the stunt actors. I studied hard on what I could do to portray my emotions better.” 

(Translation source: Soompi)

"Although Queen Yeon ascended to the throne at a young age, she is strong-willed and steadfast in her beliefs, and she is constantly thinking of ways to help the people of the kingdom and put her ideas into practice. She is also a loving and affectionate mother who raises her royal daughter and son wisely. 

The producers commented, “Kim So Hyun will make an impactful acting transformation by playing the dual roles of Queen Yeon and Pyeonggang. While taking on the challenge of acting out maternal love for the first time, Kim So Hyun displayed a new aura that she had never shown before, which left everyone on set in awe. Queen Yeon will play a crucial role in the story early on in the drama, and Queen Yeon is also the character who has the most influence on Pyeonggang’s personality and disposition,” they continued. “It will be fun to compare Queen Yeon from the beginning of the drama with Pyeonggang later on.”  (Translation source: here)

This young actress who is ever blooming with talent and beauty "will be channeling characters from all across the spectrum in one project. She will play the dual roles of Queen Yeon and her daughter Princess Pyeonggang, but Princess Pyeonggang is also a soldier named Yeom Ga Jin, and a difference between the two personas had to be established. The production team pointed out a few key points that are essential, “The Pyeonggang of our drama is completely different from the crybaby Princess Pyeonggang we are familiar with. We are confident that Pyeonggang, an upright and bold princess and cynical warrior who becomes a naive young adult when it comes to love, will be a monumental character in Kim So Hyun’s filmography as well as in the lineage of female leads in Korean historical dramas.” They added, “It was possible thanks to Kim So Hyun’s solid base in acting. We hope you can wait for the show in anticipation of Kim So Hyun taking on a new challenge.”  (Translation source: here)

Na In Woo as On Dal

A song that describes him and his growth: Hurricane by Fleurie

(Photo source:: Soompi)  |  (Official audio source: Fleurie on YouTube)

On Dal is a kind young man, who has many hidden traits and talents, but due to a tragic past, stays in hiding  as he decided to discard  his former way of living, all for the sake of his loved ones, but once he started to fell in love, he slowly transformed into a foolish person, willing to sacrifice everything, even his own life.

The production wanted to share,“In order to show the viewers a higher quality drama, Na In Woo’s appearance has been pushed forward earlier. We express gratitude to the other actors and staff who have all come together with collective minds to make this happen.” They added, “We ask that you look forward to episode 7 with anticipation for On Dal portrayed by Na In Woo, who caused everyone on set to exclaim with awe, ‘It’s On Dal,’ the moment he appeared on camera in costume.” 

Some shocking changes will start moving the course of the plot in an unexpected way: “On Dal, who has slain a person for the first time, falls into great shock. Remains to be seen what his choice will be, whether he will continue to wield a sword and walk the path of a warrior or if he will lay down his sword. Na In Woo portrayed these concerns of On Dal with his acting that has great depth.”   (Translation source: Soompi and here)

An important update can be found at MyDramaList!

Kang Ha Neul as On Hyub [On Dal's father]

This great actor is also coming back with a special guest appearance since

When the Camellia Blooms (2019) 

"Kang Ha Neul has taken on the role of On Dal’s father, general On Hyup. As the chief of the Sunnobu tribe and a general for Goguryeo, he is respected by the people of Goguryeo. His gentle charisma is showcased clearly in the sneak preview of his character. A source from the drama shared, “Kang Ha Neul transformed into general On Hyup as he is exactly in the script and showcased his passionate and charismatic acting. All the staff members were impressed by Kang Ha Neul’s acting as he created a different atmosphere from his usual image. Please look forward to Kang Ha Neul’s new transformation into general On Hyup, who will leave a powerful impact from the beginning of the drama.” (Photo and translation source: Soompi)

Choi Yoo Hwa as Hae Mo Yong

The production team shared, “Hae Mo Yong’s secret will greatly affect the development of the drama. As it is such an important role, Choi Yoo Hwa and the production team are creating Hae Mo Young with extraordinary passion. She commented, “‘River Where the Moon Rises’ is a drama where each and every line carries a deep meaning. I think that in addition to being entertained by this drama, the viewers will also be moved. I hope we all can get immersed in it together.”  (Photo and translation source: Soompi and here)

Lee Ji Hoon as Go Geon

The production team shared, “Lee Ji Hoon was perfect for the role of Go Geon, a flawless man who has everything. In addition, the actor himself is showing extraordinary passion for the character, making Go Geon even more appealing. He shared, “The way that the four main characters head toward love and their beliefs will be something to look out for. We’re working hard at filming so I hope everyone looks forward to it and tunes in to the drama.”  (Photo and translation source: Soompi and here)

The entire crew from this unforgettable and timeless production is included here:  Cast

“‘Princess Pyeonggang and the Fool On Dal’:

 a love story is known to everyone, but that no one [truly] knows.” 

(Main poster source: MyDramaList)  |  (Quote source: Soompi)

Here is what the director Yoon Sang Ho, had to say about this production: “‘River Where the Moon Rises’ is a feast of characters with unique, distinctive traits. I think viewers will be able to enjoy exploring the various characters’ different charms while watching the drama. In contrast to the familiar, well-known tale of the crybaby Princess Pyeonggang and the fool On Dal, our drama’s main character Pyeonggang is a warrior,” said the director. “The key point of our drama is the way that one word, ‘warrior,’ completely changes the vibe of the story. Another thing to keep an eye on is the exciting action scenes that will play up that key point. The most important point to keep an eye on is the beautiful love that develops between Pyeonggang, who has a powerful charisma, and On Dal, who is gentle and pure-hearted in contrast.”  

The screenwriter Han Ji Hoon, said this instead, “From the cinematography to the editing, music, art, and more, the drama lacks nothing. It will give viewers the chance to taste a feast for all five senses. In particular, I hope that you will look forward to the beauty of the cinematography and the sensuous and dynamic imagery created by director Yoon Sang Ho, a historical-drama veteran.”  (Translation source: Soompi)

The final trailer shows a more political and dramatic side:

(Official video and photo source: Viu Singapore on YouTube)

Here is exclusive footage from behind the scenes:

(Official video and photo source: 빅토리콘텐츠 on YouTube)

More details about the filming process can be found at Soompi!

The last song I selected for this theme:  Chosen by Generdyn (feat. Svrcina)  

(GIF image source: Google, Naver) | (Official audio source: YouTube. The link is inserted in the image above)

This graphic image definitely shows a more mature and determined side of Kim So Hyun

icontrast to her previous guest role in the historical sequences from the drama

 Goblin (2016)which received much love and a worldwide scale of success!

"Walking circles in a dry oasis
We feel the rain is coming
We’ll overtake all of the war torn places
And build our hope again

There’s no other time like this we’ve seen
We’ve got the keys to set us free
I know we’re worn down to our bones
This our prayer, this is our oath

We feel the spark in us
We got the golden touch
There’s royal blood in us
Chosen for this
When darkness overcomes
There’s still a light in us
Destiny rising up
Chosen for this..."

(English lyrics source:

(Photo source: Soompi. The link is included bellow)

Lastly, here were "4 Of Kim So Hyun’s Most Unforgettable Scenes 

From “River Where The Moon Rises”, according to Soompi!

{This article was loosely inspired Inspired by my previous Premiere Reminder article and my newest drama recap}.

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