by Skye-N-Rain, September 7, 2018

Hi MDL'ers,

As you all probably know, MyDramaList is a community database where every registered user has the ability to add new pages [Dramas, Movies, Variety Shows, and Actors] and edit information. Until today, that was all done without any recognition to the users who contributed.   Now, on every drama, movie, and actor page, there is a list of top contributors [pictured below.]  Total # of edits also appear in your profile

Clarification: If you add 10 actors to the cast of a show, that will count as 10 'edits'. Or if you add 3 alternate titles to a show, that will count as 3 edits. Each individual contribution counts as an 'edit'. 

Top 100 List: We've also added a top 100 list of contributors along with some stats.  

Currently, editing information and adding new pages is only allowed via Desktop and Tablets. 

A big thank you to all those who contribute [in all ways] to make MDL a better place!