by lo_ve, February 9, 2021

tvN's upcoming drama "Navillera" starring Song Kang and Park In Hwan reveals its premiere date. 

The upcoming drama released their first set of teasers including the official date of its first episode. In the teasers, Song Kang dances beautifully as Park In Hwan watches him. Park In Hwan follows Song Kang's moves with narration, "There comes a time when a person will have the courage to take flight". 

The drama will begin its first episode on March 22, at 9PM KST. Cast of the drama include Song Kang, Park In Hwan, Na Moon Hee and Hong Seung Hee.

"Navillera" is based off of the webtoon of the same name. It is the story of Duk Chool (played by Park In Hwan) and Chae Rok (played by Song Kang.) Duk Chool is a retired mailman who will pursue ballet at the age of 70. Meanwhile, Chae Rok is a 23 year old ballerina who gets lost while chasing his dreams. The drama will showcase the progress of people who pursue their dreams because life only comes once. 

The drama will be directed by Han Dong Hwa who also helmed "OCN’s "38 Task Force", "Bad Guys: City Of Evil", and tvN's "Miss Lee". The script will be written by Lee Eun Mi who also worked on OCN’s "Tunnel".

"Navillera" will be Song Kang's return to television since tvN's 2019 drama "When the Devil Calls Your Name". The actor last appeared on the global hit Netflix original series titled "Sweet Home" with Lee Jin Wook, Lee Shin Young, Lee Do Hyun, and more. Aside from "Navillera", he will also star in the upcoming new season of "Love Alarm" with Kim So Hyun which will exclusively premiere on Netflix. 


Are you excited to see Song Kang in this drama?