by lo_ve, May 6, 2021

Na In Woo is confirmed to star in the upcoming drama "The Jinx's Lovers"

Last April, it was reported that Na In Woo got the casting offer for "The Jinx's Lovers.” On May 6th, Na In Woo confirmed his participation in the drama. "The Jinx's Lovers" will be directed by the same PD of "River Where the Moon Rises,”  Yoon Sang Ho

"The Jinx's Lovers" will be written by Jang Yoon Mi and it will focus on the story of a man who accepts his fate as an unfortunate person and a goddess who jumped into an unknown world to solve the curse.

The fantasy romance drama will be Na In Woo's second time to become the main lead of a drama. He got his first leading role through the series "River Where the Moon Rises" with Kim So Hyun

"The Jinx's Lovers" will be adapted from the web toon with the same name. The web toon launched its first series last year in the month of May and it was easily loved by web toon readers.

Na In Woo will play the role of Gong Soo Kwang. He's a fish vendor in Seodong Market. He is a character who leads a completely different life than before. Na In Woo will portray a character who's very unlucky without a  brilliant future.

Na In Woo replaced Kim Ji Soo for the Ondal character in "River Where the Moon Rises.” He filmed for the whole series in a month but many praised him for his great acting and for being the character himself. This drama also made him more known to the public. Because of this drama, Na In Woo got nominated for the Best New Artist Award at the Baeksang Arts Awards and he was also picked by its director for his next project "The Jinx's Lovers.”

Aside from"The Jinx's Lovers", Na In Woo can also be seen through the upcoming drama "Blue Spring From a Distance" together with Park Ji Hoon, Kang Min Ah, Bae In Hyuk, and more.


Are you excited to see Na In Woo as the main lead again?