by Wandering_Queen, July 4, 2020

                                     ANNYEONGHASEYO & NI HAO!                                   

Well, hello there, dearest. Hope you all have been well! Before I begin, I would like to sincerely congratulate you all on successfully completing a crazy first half of the year. No one knows what the next half of the year will be like, but let's hope for the best. 

Now, on to the dramas! First half of this year was undoubtedly filled with dramas that helped us all in our stay-at-home social distancing phase. I don't know about any of you, but thank goodness for MDL, as it gave me the best outlet to share my craziness for dramas in real-time on the feeds. I have never watched so many currently airing dramas nor completed so many in all my drama loving life as I did this year. 

So in honour of that, I took the liberty of curating a list of what I call my worthy of watching dramas for the first half of 2020. By worthy, I mean, even if it isn't my type of jam, I believed it to be an overall well-done drama worth the watch. For my selection, I chose ONLY completed dramas that I have watched (or am currently finishing up) from January to June of 2020. This is OBVIOUSLY a subjective list, but I wished to share it with you all nonetheless. So without further ado...

                                                                          HOSPITAL PLAYLIST                                                               

One Sentence Description: Sweet, heartfelt friendships that have you running to hug your friends.

If you haven't already watched or heard about it, likely, you haven't been in MDL feeds. This drama is pure love and enjoyment wrapped under a medical scene with a fundamental music track. Normally, at least in my experience with medical dramas, they tend to be super serious, exaggerated and filled with malpractice lawsuits waiting to happen. However, Hospital Playlist depicts the lives of doctors and their daily struggles with their beautiful friendships.

                                                        THE ROMANCE OF TIGER & ROSE                                                     

One Sentence DescriptionA super surprising ball of fluff-filled with a mixture of comedy and romance.

I normally don't go into dramas blindly, but for this one, I did and boy, I'm happy about it. It is such a pleasant surprise of Chinese drama. The main leads interactions keep you wanting more as they deviate from the generic. I can't help but smile just thinking about it as I already plan to re-watch this drama again this year.

                                                                            ITAEWON CLASS                                                                       

One Sentence DescriptionAn assorted cast of characters struggling with their own hopes and sorrows.

When I say, I was avoiding this drama, I really mean it. The trailer was so damn CRINGE that I planned to never watch it. Then came boredom, and like a bitch, I got trapped in. I'm glad I watched it as I thoroughly enjoyed the characters, especially the female lead. I would say this story is really about perseverance in the face of any adversity.


One Sentence Description: A competent investigative team who knows they work best together.

I criticize mystery drama the hardest because I am an avid mystery fan, so when I say this shit is solid, I mean it. The supernatural element that is added never borders excessive but does still require a better explanation. It is also super nice to finally see a female detective who is not only competent at her job, she excels at it and works well with her team because god knows THAT is hard to find in drama-land.


One Sentence Description: How things can go so so so wrong so fast in high school.

This drama is a bit of a hard pill to swallow if you are used to the usual high school dramas fed to you in drama-land. The age of the characters plays a role in their actions and how they behave. There is an urgent need for independence through monetary means. All the characters grimly understand that the world revolves around money, so they equate money to independence. Damn, so many things went on, there isn't a way for me to describe much without giving away anything.

                                                               THE WORLD OF THE MARRIED                                                   

One Sentence Description: A couple of hundred reasons why you shouldn't get married. #singlelife

I can safely say that the drama is about infidelity without that being a spoiler. Now, I personally do not like watching dramas related to infidelity, especially if it is the main plotline, but this drama is so shocking. You will go through emotions, there isn't any way you can possibly watch this drama, not go through any emotions. FYI, it was nearly impossible to pick a gif for this drama that wouldn't spoil it in some way.

I have been seriously impressed with the acting of the actors in these dramas. It is such a great feeling when you find a great drama to watch AND find new actors/actresses to follow. I know, there are likely so many dramas I have missed on this list (or chose not to include). Feel free to comment down below your worth the watch dramas so far.  Hopefully, the rest of 2020 will be filled with even more amazing dramas to watch.

                                                                        UNTIL NEXT TIME!                                                                        

Edited by: Yuanwei (1st editor) & Jojo (2nd editor) 

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