by Peppersqueak, October 21, 2020

Hello, fellow drama watchers,

It is me Pepper, and guess I am back after a long article writing break.      

This article came to be due to a strike of sudden inspiration after completing the last "Little Forest" adaption that is currently out there.

The Little Forest is one of those stories that just calms my mind and gives of a very pleasant and fresh atmosphere. So what better way to start Autumn than with a look into the Little Forest.

In this article, I will give you an insight into every version that exists, my take on them and why you should give them a try .^^

This is actually almost spoiler-free! For that no warning bunny ;)

Feel free to read this article even if you haven't watched the movies yet. Little spoilers are hidden.

Little Forest: the manga

The original manga felt like a little diary by the author. Here and there, after chapters, recipes and pictures were placed.

So I couldn't help but make that connection to a biography. Intentional or not. After I finished the 2 volumes, it didn't feel like there was a set ending and I was almost expecting the next one to come out.


Little Forest  リトル・フォレスト: the Japanese adaptation

The Japanese adaptation was, cinematography wise, absolutely stunning and, at moments, felt like moving paintings. In the movies, I felt more like a quiet observer, following the slightly aloof and quiet protagonist. In this version, the recipes and the obtainment of the gingredients are the main focus. The friends, in this version, differ the most from the manga as the ending of the second movie is not based on it but written from the movie team. That was actually my only complain, hence I rated the second movie lower.

The friends get a very unexpected (in my opinion) and not too satisfactory conclusion, including our protagonist. My mother and daughterfingertips were also itching due to my own curiosity about the mother-daughter relationship.

(spoiler: I was actually shipping Ichiko with Yuto, and I, actually, think they suited each other. Sigh, my little shipper heart).

How can you not ship them?????


 Little Forest 리틀 포레스트: the Korean adaptation

The newest adaptation is the 2018 Korean adaptation. I'm finishing it as I'm writing :). This version, for me, has felt like the most immersive and clear regarding the character's background and relationships. (Although the original work is more open to interpretation, which is of course part of its charm).

Cooking and farming do not get the most attention, however, I was totally fine with that since the new main emphasis felt fresh and adequate. 

I'm weak! The cuteness is unbearable!

It was a little like the movies were balancing each other out, with both versions having a different focus in terms of storytelling. In my humble opinion, I liked this movie version the best since it kept an open but happy ending and gave more insight into the character relationships I was dying to know more about. 

Why I'm so interested in Little Forest

At times, I really adore the slice-of-life genre. It can be difficult to pull off and often ends in boredom and blandness, but if done well, it can make you appreciate the little things in life. Like Little Forest. It's about the simple daily life in the countryside that many of us are unfamiliar with. It almost seems like a dream life, but it is also hard work that requires resilience.
As a person who loves good cinematography, everything related to nature and good handmade meals is the perfect fit. But I guess what fascinated me the most were the questions I had about the characters, many being left unanswered, and the thought process that comes with them. The story is told in a simples way, however, it still highlights the complexity of the characters and even more so of the daughter-mother relationship and the past. Since narrative gives you enough space to think for yourself, it makes the characters more ambiguous and interesting. (Especially the mother)

So, here are my recommendations!

Read the manga if:

You want something simple but beautifully drawn with some input from the author and actual recipes you can use (like in the picture).

Watch the 2 Japanese movies if: 

You want to see an absolute masterclass in cinematography, wonderful landscapes and more insights into the cooking process. 

Watch the Korean movie little forest if:

You want to see more of a realistic rural life with interesting characters' relationships and a sense of growth.

So that's it! Like always thank you so much for reading my article, and I hope my little input was helpful and maybe made you curious?

Did you guys like the movies? Did you read the manga?

Please tell me your thoughts :D

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