by TheVictoRia, November 14, 2020

Hello!!!!! Beautiful Folks, I hope you are staying positive and testing negative *wink* *wink*

So here I am again with a new article that I'd like so much to share with you.

We all know that this year was a bit special, not like any other year (nothing changed for me tho ), we were all confined to our houses and not allowed to go out, hence why, everybody had to do sth, start a hobby, or TikTok, whatever they are into. On the other hand, Koreaboos like us had a totally different way to cope up with all of what's happening and it is pretty efficient if I must say: Binge watch the shat outta K-dramas, Cz why not. It makes us happy and temporarily forgets the depressive world.

Thus in this article, I will cite a bunch of dramas that I watched during quarantine, and it made me forget that I want to go out and get some vitamin D.

Kim Eun Sook (the writer) back at it again with the masterpiece, I just love that woman, she serves us plots, stories, visuals, we never go hungry with everything she brings to the table.

I actually watched this just because I was once an avid LMH fan, and given this his comeback drama  I was like why not, also Do Hwan is there so it became a necessity for me to watch it.

However I was kinda reluctant about it as I heard that it drags in and the story fell in the middle, also according to the ratings, this became the worst drama written by Eun Sook (6%-8%). But as I know ratings might be tricky sometimes, I decided to trust Do Hwan and my guts and went for it. And I am so glad I did, my present self thanks so much myself back then that made this decision. Now lemme tell u sth, it was impeccable from beginning to end, nothing was dragged everything happened naturally, the romance was good as Lee Min Ho is the master of chemistry he just makes it work, I really loved it. It was cohesive all the way through and the characters developed in such a way that makes you feel for every one of them, it was really a treat.

Coming to one of the greatest elements about it, besides LMH shouting to Protect her as she is the future queen of the Kingdom of Corea (I felt it vibrating in my soul, epic scene ). The OSTs were on point, each one of them, throughout the whole series, however, my favorite has to be  "Orbit" by Hwasa, and it is a totally biased opinion.
I gotta give it to the breathtaking cinematography, each scene was mesmerizing, the locations, the palace, and last but not least the whole color palette used in the drama was dreamy.

One last thing before I go, a special shout out to  LMH 's fashion, man, that was on another level, everything he wore even when he was rushing down the hotel lobby to meet his "queen" to save Lord Maximus from being sold, I mean, man, he leveled up every outfit, that velvety coat with "diamond" buttons is *chef's kiss*. Such an haute couture extravaganza.


Ohhh!! where to begin about this, I freaking adored it, and I loved the feeling I had watching this chill drama, I actually stopped watching medical dramas, because they tend to become super dramatic and complicated for no reason rather than being wholesome as they usually were, thus I wasn't sure about whether I should give HP a try or not, but the lineup got me, I couldn't pass upon it.

1st this is a very peculiar drama, but in a very good way, I even feel calling it a drama doesn't do it any justice as it doesn't have any dramatic events, it is only about the daily life of these 5 dorks in the hospital and how each one them, considering their different specialties, have his own ups and downs within their department. It was everything: Comedy (funny as hell), heartfelt, family, friendship, and above all life (as it depicts the routine of doctors whether personal or work-related ).

I can totally understand, why this was a huge hit in SK and also the world because, at the time of its release, the world wasn't doing very well, and people were fed up with everything going on, so they didn't want sadness, or tragedy, drama...etc they were fetching something to cheer them up, that will make them hope for the spring day, and this series delivered that message perfectly, everything eventually will pass however heavy it is, life goes on so don't dwell much in and overthink it Cz it will be solved, or you will get over it.

The music in the series was, beautiful, I love retro vibes, and also those songs that the band covered are so tasteful,  I was so happy when I heard ALOHA and Lonely Night, as I used to listen to those and vibe with them. So the OSTs were kinda special to me. Moreover, I loved the little cameo from Reply 1988, I was fangirling so hard, the thing that brought me back to when my favorite Disney series had cross-over episodes.

P.s: The chemistry between the five was awesome and goals. I am eagerly waiting for the 2nd season to drop.

My favorite genre: Crime, investigations, thriller ... starring my all-time favorite the one and only "Yoo Seung Ho ", however, this drama was such a letdown, I didn't drop it though.

It started all well, and I liked my boo in this role, it was refreshing seeing him as a policeman, and then the superpower part made him look sexy. But then as the drama unfolded, everything became boring, it was dragging a lot without any interesting events, however, I endured all for Seung Ho, his smile is addicting.

Moreover, the bond between the team was really cute, and heartwarming especially the three men, the comedy was good, as most of it was sarcasm, so it was so my cup of tea I enjoyed that part. I liked the female lead as well, she was powerful and had her own convictions and principles, she sometimes plays dumb, when she goes to the tiger den alone without any back up ughhh.

This series actually had potential, but they just ruined it, when they started the superpower game when sometimes, the male lead's power would be strong and "powerful" and makes him move on in the case, but then when it's most crucial they just make it weak and whenever he uses it he faints, it was random, didn't have any pattern to it or anything.

But still, I would recommend watching it as it has an original plot, and a plot twist at the end, not sure if it's a major one or not, I wasn't that shook tbh. And for Seung Ho of course he is so talented and cute I can't resist his smile seriously, it does things to me.

Dope. Savage.Hilarious !!!!!  This law drama was so unique, it wasn't about how the leading lawyers fight for justice like other of my favorite law dramas (lawless lawyer, witch's court ), it was more about those top-notch lawyers who we usually dread in other kdramas, that defend the bad rich bastards.
Hyena came to the floor to show us those lawyers in a very new light, and with which mentality they actually defend the "wrong side" and what are the reasons behind them doing so. I must say it was refreshing, even tho I kinda felt uncomfortable at first, because I got used to the protagonists being on the good side, however, throughout the series I found myself having so much fun, and Hye Soo noona was so refreshing, that I forgot about how I was feeling uncomfortable at the beginning.

The Romance part was meh for me, but their chemistry as work partners was over the rough, actually, the whole team was great, as they are all some phenomenal actors who knew what they are doing. The story was not boring and progressed well, a special shoutout to Hye Soo noona, I actually never liked her before, but in this, I was blown away by her acting seriously, she is a well-seasoned actress, I have to thank Hyena that made me discover how talented she is. What gotta I say about him, Ju Ji Hun, will bring the death of me one day,1st he will always be a crown prince for me whatever role he will get, I am still not over Goong yet and it's been 10 years since I watched it, we sure need a reunion of him and Yoon Eun Hye, I feel it is possible since we already got a reunion of my absolute favorite gender bender "coffee prince" and I was here for it. Anyhow back to Ju Ji Hun, I never thought his face is able to pull off all those hilarious yet ludicrous expressions, it was my favorite part of the whole series.

I cannot talk about Hyena without bringing to light the amazing ost this drama blessed us with, I was vibing with all of them, especially Giriboy's Hyena. See I have favorite dramas, actors/actresses, and singers and when all of these gather in 1 place I lose consciousness, OMG until this moment I listen to that ost and all the hilarious moments of this dramas give the nostalgic chill.

One last thing, I gotta comment on Hye Soo's fashion grew on me, it turned from the gangsta to boss in a second portraying her character development and it suits her so much she also rocks that haircut. I was gushing over her seriously, I am curious tho: do you think she bought that tall ass building? 

I feel sad that this drama didn't do well in the ratings, it doesn't deserve to be underrated as it tackles some new topics that a lot of people should be aware of, like women in politics. The comedy in this drama was top-notch, and even tho Romance wasn't the main genre of this show, it was done beautifully without neglecting any development of it between the leads.

Tbh, what made me watch Into The Rings, is the dope ass pics, taken in the press conference of the drama, of Nana and Park Sung Hoon, they were fashionista as hell and their chemistry was so natural that it made me curious about their chemistry in the actual show, and it didn't disappoint at all, it was exactly how I predicted it to be, natural, cute, and made smile from ear to ear like a creep in a beige trench coat (if you know, you know ).

I thought this was my first time watching a Park Sung Hoon drama, but he actually played many small/supporting roles in a number of kdramas that I've already watched, but to be honest, I didn't notice him at all or if I did I do not remember (i know I sinned, but I am already punished by the fact that he doesn't even know I exist  #iamnotsad).

I've always liked Nana and her acting, it wasn't super, but it wasn't bad either, but in this she snapped, I loved her rawness, and how she portrayed that character in a very natural way, she manifested it in the curly hairstyle, the bare face, she wears makeup but very little and occasionally, like when she started working, and most importantly that unforgettable nasal laugh *cute* 

The Drama wasn't about fashion, or visuals, or grand entrances (even tho Nana made sure to make some iconic entrances here and there), everything was about, character development, family, and friendship which was wholesome and so up my alley.

Overall it was a light drama, no dramatic events, no evil b**chs, actually, there were some, but not evil to the extent of cursing the shit outta them in front of your screen, it was moderate and also some dumb villains, which was fun seeing the FL bickering with them it created a fun atmosphere. Also, I have to mention the peculiar camera angles that were used throughout the show, it was weird at first but then it became a unique point of the series, it actually made u more engaged in the story, as you see what the characters see it was brilliant props to the directing staff. Memorials were such a hidden gem for me.


I know, I know I am way too late to the party, but y'all I got to watch it for the first time and in 2020,  I bet that all of you would sell your soul to the devil to experience watching Reply 1988 for the first time during quarantine, that feeling was magical, it legit made me forget about the world, the pandemic and all the stupid shat happening at that time, I didn't even get to hear my parents talking about how disappointed they are by my consecutive failures in life(sis gotta stay consistent ;) ) I heard it later from my brother. All that yap to tell you how much of a wise decision I made since I decided to watch Reply1988 during the lockdown.

First and above all, a special shout out to the goal noises, it was such a vibe, I remember once during a zoom class, the professor asked us what is UPS (unique selling point ) of this company, and all I was thinking was that the goats' voices are a hella Unique Selling Point of the drama ., those voices ring bells, or as my inner SEO likes to describe it <meta = link that directs you to the funny moments in the show.>

This was my first Reply series, as I was never into the retro genre before, nor the family one, however, what initiated my love for such dramas/genres, was a Chinese drama that I watched 2 years ago called "when we were young" and I fell head over heels with the whole vibe of the drama, and that is when I decided that I will watch Reply 1988 as they both fall under the same gene. I have to admit that  Reply1988 exceeded my expectations and turned out better than I ever imagined, I saw everyone on a different light especially Hye Ri, she was good for an idol turned actress (i am not degrading them but a lot idol needs some more training even tho I love all the drams that starred idols but you can notice the difference), back to Hye Ri, she gave the character of Deok Sun, a life now I cannot think of anybody else as Doek Sun besides Hye Ri. This drama also struck me with a hard SLS that I will never get over I am not willing to do so. And what made it worse for my syndrome is that I heard (not sure if it's true) that in the real story that this show was based on, JungHwan actually died in a plane crash and he couldn't even attend Bora's wedding, so his friends left his seat empty for him, this piece of info here shredded my heart, see I love Ryu Joon Yeol, which made me super biased to his character, even tho I was rooting for Taekie in the series but deep down my heart I was wishing for JungHwan to end up with Deok Sun, I am not sad tho as I got a better deal of Joon Yeol and Hye Ri ;) even better right.

Last but not least, the amazing OSTs, I gotta say these dramas that have the retro vibe and centered around family and friendship, they tend to have the best OSTs, in this one I have no favorite they all were so good: Hyukoh - The Girl, Kim Feel -Youth (i am obsessed with this man's voice), Lee Juck - Don't worry (i love this song with all of its versions it's so soothing). I have a separate playlist in ma Spotify just for Reply 1988 OSTs, I play it to set me in the mood of motivation and willingness to do great in my life.

I have a very special spot for Reply 1988, I am sure I am not the only one, and that is because it is the first drama that made me cry buckets and relieve myself after a long time, I really thought that I lost all my feelings and finally became a psychopathic cold b**ch, but I was glad that I am not there YET.

Oh sweet mother of Jesus, how did I miss this when it just came out, not just I missed this masterpiece, but I remember myself not wanting to watch it just because it didn't have the"Romance" tag in it, so foolish of me, I wish I could teleport at that time the and slap that little piece of shat called me in the past. Yap aside this right here is a must-watch, I mean seriously how of a genius a person could be to write such a cohesive and consistent storyline, I so can't relate as 99% of times I forget what I am trying to say so I just start putting random words in random places praying that I am making sense.

1st I loved the personality of the protagonist (Kim Je Hyuk) played by Park Hae Soo, he is brilliant I mean his face adapts with his character in a mind-blowing way, I recently watched the movie: time to hunt and he was there as the killer, and omg all the innocence his face exuded in this drama was nowhere to be found in that character in the movie, his face was pure evil it even gave me chills and I doubted for a second that they may not be the same person, Kudos to him.

Back to the drama, the vibe in that prison was everything, there were having much fun, now if somebody tells me that prison is hell I would not believe it, even tho I watch a lot of criminals thrillers/investigations drama and those tend to show the brutal side of things, so prison was not that fun, Je Hyuk was blessed, I mean he was with Hae In in one place seeing that angelic face of his the first thing in the morning, I wouldn't mind it either :) :) :). Omg, that gang (his cellmates) were so fun/funny, especially the KAIST dude and the cute junkie such a vibe, the gangster with his Satoori is what I live for, I love Satooris and I am ready to listen to all of em all day. and of course, Lee Joon Ho had a special place in my heart it's Jung Kyung Ho after all, but I love him in the comedy genre it suits him and he suits the genre very much he should feed us more of it (if he wants, of course, I am not one of those fans that force their "idols" to do things, just, not my type do whatever you want and I love you ), Joon Ho's siblings as well Lee Joon Dol played by Kim Kyung Nam yup again a favorite of mine since: "Come and Hug Me " (i wish he did  ).  Overall it was a well-balanced drama, and it was exactly what I needed at that time, and oh the romance was so my thing subtle and the ML is shy and clumsy, the FL is the opposite anyways it was so my thing and I am very glad I watched such a beautiful drama, but again the  " Lee Woo Jung and Shin Won Ho duo never disappoint.

The last thing I gotta mention is the amazing OSTs, the lineup was outta this world: Eric Nam, Zion T, and my absolute fav Gray and BewhY with OK such a BOP ( Jaehyun, Doyoung, and Taeil are hella confused rn :)) but Heachan isn't he knows exactly what I am talking about, I hope you are too ) 

I have never related to such a scene in my life more than I related to this, especially during the quarantine. It spoke to my soul, thus this is my favorite scene in the entire hundreds of dramas that I watched.

Finally !!! Yes this long A** article is done, now you can stop wasting time and actually get some work done, I will try to do so too, even tho my mind is telling to start a new drama after submitting this so you know what it is. 
Anyways, as always please leave some comments to share what you wanna say or think about this list, I actually watched more during quarantine but I restricted it to this much because who are we kidding 7 dramas during quarantine is for the WEAK, we are doubling, even tripling that, I know you all agree I can hear you behind your screen relating and nodding your heads so don't worry I got ya.

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