by joonie , November 12, 2020

Hey Guys! Hope everyone having a great great day !!

It had been two years since I discovered Kdramas and all the thanks to my cousin that shows me the world of dramaland. First, if you haven't read my last article talking about my drama year here the link below : 

==>Joonie's drama year 2019-2020 <==

So Let's Get Started !!


When I started watching dramas I truly had no idea how much it's gonna change my life !! 

I've thought that despite spending my time doing anything, I will just watch episodes of dramas. BUT, I never imagined how much I'll become addict to them, and then my life became a disaster, my grades became lower than usual and my life just consisted of watching dramas ALL DAY! 

Don't worry guys it was a joke ^-^
I usually alternate between studying and watching dramas, and I usually watch them only on weekends to focus more on my studies.
And when I have exams I don't watch dramas at all!  

 How Kdramas changed my life? 

How was my life before Kdramas?

It may sound funny but I truly forgot how my life was like before discovering kdramas ^^
I don't remember exactly what kind of activities I practice at home, things that I remember is I was obsessed with documentaries. I used to watch them on weekends mostly about other countries, antiquities as well as animals and wildlife ^^ it really pleased me and made me stress less and it still but I no longer watch them as much as I did in the past, Only by chance if I find things that interest me.
 Also, I used to watch cartoons! It was one of my favorite pastimes, I've watched thousands and thousandth of them, it was really enjoyable even at this age. My favorite cartoon was "The amazing world of Gumball" I think that everyone knows it, it was a successful cartoon <3

And my ULTIMATE pastime was:  " Sleeping "I sleep enough for 20 years later during the holidays.

*My life before Kdramas VS My life after Kdramas*

Before kdramas, I was the kind of person who spends the whole day sleeping on holidays especially after spending a week of exams or work.
This was my case: my mother would beg me to wake up and get out of my bed ^^
But now she would beg me to sleep and get some rest instead of sitting in front of the computer

The thing that my mother doesn't understand that I want to sleep too but I can't stop watching 
When my mother asks me for a hangout or when I'm obligated to leave the house for school  
I will be like :
Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

That's the struggle of addicted drama fans like me xD

The thing that had obviously changed in my life after kdramas is my taste for men :)
It really changed that I can't remember how my taste for men was like ^-^
I used to crush on men who had beards, but now when I see a man with a beard I find it so bizarre and unfamiliar 

That's what my ideal type looks like before Kdramas

 And that's what my ideal type looks like now 

Big revolution right  T - T

In the past, I used to have just one crush, and I just need to know his name, age, and his Instagram account and that's enough.
in the rare case, I crushed on him a month and then forget him.
BUT NOW, when I have a new crush I gotta know his: name, real name, birth date and place, height, weight, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, the university that he attended, his dream when he was a child.... download thousands of his photos in different positions and photo shoots. The wallpaper of my phone, laptop, Ipad ...... EVERYTHING!
Also, I'm not content with just one or two crushes,
No, I have a whole list of them, and sometimes I forgot some of them. I think that every year I have about 10 new crushes and even more !! 
My new crush Be like :

Me be like : Strong Woman Do Bong Soon GIF - StrongWomanDoBongSoon Amazed ...

Meanwhile 3 (SpongeBob Time Card) - YouTube

Me VS My  new crush be like : 

Welcome To Kdrama - 27 - WattpadKill me GIF - Find on GIFER

Yes that's right " If you are handsome you are my Oppa !! " ; )

In school, me and my girl gang used to have a "hot boy alert" when we see a handsome guy we lance the alert and then we search about his name, age, class and if he has a girlfriend or not... and he is our new commune crush that we follow him everywhere in school. 
But now I'm loyal to my idols so I cannot change them with someone.
Also when my friends show me a guy I'm like :
"Nah, he is not my style!"
Friends: "So what is your style exactly, cuz this guy is number 10 that we showed to you and u didn't like it?"
" My style ... this is my style :

Crying while watching kdramas had obviously happened and we all went through it  ( ⋂‿⋂’)
But, before kdramas, what I used to cry for?
What is the saddest thing that made me cry and heartbroken?  

When I was in primary school I used to cry when I get punished by my teachers or when I'm scared of them ^^ my face looks like this   

In high school, I used to cry when I notice that my crush has a girlfriend, or when I get rejected during my confession especially when he say the magical word "I love you like my sis you know" 
My first reaction be like ====>
Korean kdrama GIF - Find on GIFER

Sitting alone in the darkness and crying in peace  T - T  

Before kdramas, I used to fight with my brother when he steals my stationeries, when he eats my food or when he just annoy me  - _ -  
Now, I fight with my brother because he is an "Anti Asian Fan" Despite his love and passion for manga and BD!
When he enters my room and find me watching kdramas or watching K-pop MVs  he usually says:
- Hey, are you watching the Chang Chang Boys* again?!
- Are you watching chimy chimy Koko bop*?
- How do you distinguish between them? They all look the same.......
And then WW3 starts in the house. 
*chang chang boys : referring to Bangtan boys ( BTS ) 
*chimy chimy koko bop : referring to EXO's song " Kokobop " 
But guys, let's see the bright side of being a kdrama fan!
K dramas haven't only negatively changed my life, it changed it also in a positive way!
When I started watching kdramas, I learned many things like some of the Korean words (Oppa; gweantchana; anneyong chinguya; saranghee ...)
and it also encouraged me to start learning Korean. While watching historical dramas, especially, I found myself interested in Korean culture, living into the dynasty and the century of the drama, I learned many customs like the traditional dishes, the Religious occasions, eating etiquette, the ancient architecture.......
Also the traditional Korean costumes "Hanbok" that I'm madly in love with <3


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