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Every time I'm watching a K-drama, the things that I always look into are the plot, the carrying out of characters, and the side stories. Of course, all leads are handsome and beautiful as always, however, I would like to also give credit to supporting actors whom I find really great. Actually, whenever I see them especially on the first episode, they kinda give me a hint that that drama will be great. It is not because I have seen them once, but because I often see them whenever I watch K-drama, I find great at the end.

There are also times when I'm not sure if the drama I'm watching will be a great one 'till I got to finish the whole drama. However, I don't want to spend my time watching dramas that are less interesting or are kinda boring, so I usually critic them on their first two episodes. Still, sometimes they were not able to catch my attention on their first two episodes, so I'm going to consider who are the leading casts. If I'm not so familiar with them, then I'll look into the supporting actors. They were actually one of the reasons why I continue watching a certain drama, but never a reason why I drop some.

Here is the randomly arranged list of my favourite supporting actors - it's not my final list, they were actually way more than that, so I'm sure to post a second batch, I just have to sort them.


He started to mark my mind when I was watching Descendants of the Sun. His character there was so annoying that he really stood out. In contrast, his character is very entertaining in Wok of Love, as he was playing a loyal subordinate. With that, I found him enjoyable whenever I see him in a drama. He is very effective, either as a villain or as a loyal subordinate.

Some of his dramas I have watched and enjoyed:


His light-hearted character is very enjoyable in dramas. Though his acting is a bit overacted, it's still well played, so I never find it awkward. I really enjoy his acting and facial expressions. I would love it if he acted as a lead in a drama. I would be watching that for sure!

Some of his dramas I have watched and enjoyed:


The first time I've seen him, he was playing a timid character, but I remembered him because of exactly that and the scene where he childishly kicked a bad man in that drama. The next one, he was Ji Ah's a brother in I'm Not a Robot. I don't know how, but he's hilarious for me, either when he is serious or not.

Some of his dramas I have watched and enjoyed:


I've seen him in Black, but he made his impression to me in While You Were Sleeping. He is great, either as a good man or as a villain. When he was playing a villain like in Criminal Minds, he was terrifying and looked like a total psychopath. On the other hand, the drama Strong Woman Do Bong Soon is, as all KDA knows, very funny, but his presence made it even funnier. I really enjoyed his twin sister there. LOL!

Some of his dramas I have watched and enjoyed:


I always enjoyed his presence, but he made a mark on me iSix Flying Dragons. He was awesome, especially at that time when they were ambushed, and he received arrows, slash, and all, still fighting. LOL! He was awesome that time, but the ending for him really bothered me.

Some of his dramas I have watched and enjoyed:


I remembered him as a head merchant in Kingdom of the Winds, and he was very entertaining. Then, he was an annoying doctor in Doctor Stranger. He is very effective in the character he's playing. He's annoying whenever he wants to annoy the viewer, and he's also funny whenever he wants to be funny. I enjoyed him most in City Hunter.

Some of his dramas I have watched and enjoyed:


Firstly, I got annoyed at him when I saw him in Iljimae, thinking that he was just a lousy thief. I didn't know 'till the next episodes that he was actually a master thief. I came to love him in that drama later on. After that, I always enjoyed him whenever I saw him in a drama.

Some of his dramas I have watched and enjoyed:


I clearly remembered him as a psychopath in Suspicious Partner. He was a compelling villain at that time. A psychopath role suited him. His eyes are very expressive, so he is terrifying when he's a killer. However, he changed my mind in Chief Kim, where he had the role of a lousy boss in their company. In that, I found him very funny. I hope he has a lead role in a drama, someday.

Some of his dramas I have watched and enjoyed:


He always plays good characters in his drama, the ones I've watched so far. His appearance makes me think the dramas are quite serious because he usually plays serious roles. However, even with his serious aura, I've enjoyed all the dramas he is in, so far. His seriousness didn't affect the humour of the stories, but his presence makes the dramas more appealing to the heart.

Some of his dramas I have watched and enjoyed:


I often see him in great dramas, but I remembered him the most in Go Back Couple. His funny character together with his long hair made the drama more humorous. I also enjoyed him in Partners for Justice. His presence made the drama more light-hearted and humorous.

Some of his dramas I have watched and enjoyed:


Most of his dramas I've enjoyed are already humorous, and he took a big part in it. I especially remembered him in Tale of Nokdu. Though his acting is a bit "overly", it is never awkward. I look forward to seeing him more.

Some of his dramas I have watched and enjoyed:

There were actually some actors I didn't include in my list because they're not supporting actors anymore. I really felt happy to finally watch a drama in which they are a part of the leading casts, and they have never failed to amaze me!

- kdramahookedbylady28

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