by Kang Jia, June 5, 2021

It’s already been a week since I finished binge-watching Mouse. For me, it was like a rollercoaster ride full of different emotions and excitement that spanned the entire 20 episodes.

I easily get excited over K-dramas, especially when I’m binge-watching them. Afterwards, I was sitting quietly, waiting for all these emotions to calm down. But the excitement didn’t leave.

Today, before writing this, I watched the ending once again and thought, “Well okay, I like it even more, how is that possible?” This series is just perfect. I couldn’t find anything bad to say. Of course, there was a few unnecessary scenes, but aside from that? Amazing cast, perfectly written plot, music matched excellently.

I also have to point out that I usually don’t have any expectations for how a drama ends. They are almost always made so badly that I want to give it a 2/10 even if the drama was really interesting. While watching Mouse, I told myself not to expect anything from the final scenes. But I was blown away and left speechless. I couldn’t have imagined a better ending for the drama.

Here we are, a week later, after I have read some comments about Mouse. It was reading these comments that made me decide to write this. I was so disappointed reading some of the comments; a lot of you said the drama was dragged. How so? For me, every scene had its place in every episode. Lots of you said you had to fast forward through the episodes. Well then, there’s no surprise if you didn’t like it, as you wouldn’t have understood a thing, and thus it became boring for you.

Mouse is a mystery drama. It means you need to watch it without fast forwarding, as there are clues and important scenes all the time. A ‘stupid’ piece of glass could become very important in the end. But then again, you were fast forwarding, so I guess you wouldn't know that.

Reading all these comments makes me sad. It makes me disappointed. Because you lost the chance to watch the best thriller drama of this year with a perfectly made plot.

As I'm writing this, I also want to comment on the amazing cast of Mouse. We received an amazing performance from Lee Heejoon as Ko Moochi and a pretty new actor, Kwon Hwawoon, as Sung Yohan, whose acting surprised me. I can’t wait for his next work.

Mouse is also a very important work for Lee Seunggi. If someone wasn’t certain about his acting skills, he definitely showed us that he is indeed a very talented actor.

Of course, I also need to write about Kim Kanghoonwho played the role of Jaehoon. A very young, promising actor. He did an amazing job until the end.

That's all. Thank you for reading! Let me know in the comments if you liked Mouse.