by 8967777, May 27, 2021

Hello Dear MDL'ers 

Mild Spoilers for Episodes 1 to 5

I'm currently watching Rikokatsu (2021). As it's such an interesting and amazing drama that I thought about writing an article on it. Hopefully everyone will like it. It's my first time writing an article on a drama I'm currently watching. Let's start.

The currently airing Japanese drama Rikokatsu (リコカツ)  is giving us a vibe and story different from other Japanese dramas. Rikokatsu refers to the preparation one needs before getting a divorce. The drama is an original scripted story. It caught my attention as this kind of marriage story happens a lot in real life. In arranged marriages, one often gets married to a complete stranger. Will you be willing to marry a complete stranger soon after meeting that person? If you do decide to marry that person, is there a possibility that you will regret your decision, or will you try to work out the marriage?

Some information about the production and airing 

Title (romaji): Rikokatsu
Format: Renzoku
Genre: Romance, Life, Polar Opposites, Fateful Encounter, Failed Marriage, Editor, Secret, Opposites Attract, Married Couple, Divorce, Marriage
Episodes: 10
Broadcast network: TBS
Broadcast period: 2021-Apr-16 to 2021-June-18
Air time: Friday 22:00
Theme song: Pale Blue by Yonezu Kenshi

The story

Mizuguchi Saki (played by Keiko Kitagawa) is an outstanding fashion magazine editor who grew up in a modern and liberal family. After being dumped by her boyfriend with whom she was in relationship for five years, she decides to get married before her ex-boyfriend. One day, she goes to a mountain with her friend where by chance she meets Obara Koichi (played by Nagayama Eita), the ace of the Air Rescue Wing of the Air Self Defense Force. He grew up in a strict military family and is the classic straight-laced guy. Although Saki and Koichi are polar opposites, the two quickly get married even without having dated, believing that they could start a happy life as newly weds after a lavish wedding ceremony. 

However, as they begin living together in the same house, their differences in lifestyles and values result in differences in opinions and huge fights. Saki and Koichi soon decide to get a divorce. But the couple have difficulty breaking the news of their decision to their families, colleagues, and friends who celebrated their marriage and looked forward to their future as a couple. Thus, they start activities behind the scenes to prepare for their divorce.

The characters and cast

Main leads

Our female lead is a 33 year-old independent woman who works as a fashion magazine editor.
She has a big sister. She grew up in a family where she didn't get much attention and care from her parents. Ever since her childhood, she didn't have a person who could save her in times of danger or when she was alone, would tell her not to worry and reassure her that they would always be beside her. She has her own values and culture which are really different from her husband's. She was in a relationship with a lawyer. She hoped that someday they will get married. But after being in relationship for five years, he refused to marry her and dumped her. She felt really heartbroken as those five years of her life seemed like a huge waste. When Obara Koichi saves her from danger and asks her to get married, she immediately agrees in hopes for a perfect marriage life. Though she doesn't know much about household work, she still tries to work on her marriage life to make it perfect. But soon after they get married, she realizes that they are completely different from each other, and right away she asks for a divorce. They start the divorce preparation which is Rikokatsu.
Obara Koichi, our male lead, is really weird. He grew up in a strict military family. His family has their own values and rules which they strongly abide to. He has a passion for saving people in danger, especially his wife. When he feels that he has done something wrong, he slaps himself. Isn't he weird? Well, apart from that, he follows his family rules by heart. He also tries his best to please his wife, but sometimes he makes mistakes. He loves his job a lot and values it immensely, but for Saki, he does something huge, which is appreciated by Saki. The way he runs to attend her office party is really wonderful. He eats food really fast and is always careful and straightforward. He grew up in a strict family, so no wonder he is like this. He cares about others' feelings, which is his best quality. When saki asks him for a divorce, he agrees, but also says that he will take care of her as long as he is still her husband.

Supporting characters

The chart of all the important characters of this drama and how they are connected to each other. 

The actors who are playing each character are definitely doing a great job. None of the characters are annoying or unnecessary to me. Every character has their own values.

Their story line is also interesting. So far I'm loving this show a lot.

Family Members

Obara Tadashi [Koichi's father / former SDF officer] played by Sakou Yoshi

Mizuguchi Takeshi [Saki's father] (Ep. 1-3) played by Sano Shiro

Mizuguchi Takeshi [Saki's father] (Ep. 4) played by Hirata Mitsuru

Obara Kaoru [Koichi's mother] played by Miyazaki Yoshiko

Mizuguchi Midori [Saki's mother]  played by Mitsuishi Kotono

This mother daughter duo is also interesting. The daughter is a little savage but cute. Their acting and story line  attracted me and the viewers a lot.

Saki's older sister and her daughter

 Office workers and past relationships

Saki's ex boyfriend

Romantic novel writer

Saki's father mistress

The progression and cinematography of the story

The story gets better with every episode. We can feel the emotions of each character. And it gets interesting with every episode. The thing that attracted me the most was the progression of the story. None of the characters are annoying. The side characters' story doesn't feel unnecessary and screen time of every characters is also perfect. The cinematography is also very beautiful. We get to learn about the Japanese culture.

Acting and some cute stuff

The main leads' acting impressed me a lot. I hadn't seen their before work, but Keiko really impressed me with her acting skills. The supporting characters' acting is also good. All of them have justified their characters. Their expressions are also good. And their chemistry for me is on fire! Right now, I'm a new fan of Keiko Kitagawa. Their acting is one of main reasons of this show's success. 

Here are some more of the cute stuff

And the most cute part of this drama  

Yes, I'm talking about this cute guy. God, he is so cute and I'm totally in love with him. I want to see Keiko with this guy in another drama where they will be leads.

Final thoughts and why you should watch this amazing drama

My thoughts on this drama is a mix of some emotions. Before starting this drama I didn't expect anything huge. But it has really exceeded my expectations and is totally satisfying. I'm a person who have watched few Japanese dramas, but for me, this one definitely gives a plot unique from any other marriage and rom com dramas. The story is interesting and worth watching.

  • The plot:   The plot highlights the current situation of the marriage life of today's generation. Not only is the marriage life of the main characters important, but also of the side characters. It teaches us great lessons about the marriage life -- how to work on it and make it good. If we want to make something perfect, we have to put in the hard work and effort. 
  • The leads:  Sometimes, I relate with the emotions of both the leads. But sometimes, I feel angry about their actions, but I keep in mind that there's a reason behind their every action. Both of them are trying really hard to understand each other, which is the best.
  • Worth watching:  All of us are busy with our lives, and so, we all want entertainment that is worthwhile. I recommend this great drama which is totally worth your time. If you're a fan of marriage dramas like me, then this is a must watch. Even if you don't like marriage dramas, you should also give this drama a chance, because it's more than just a marriage drama.

I'm really enjoying this drama and if you still haven't watch it yet, give it a try and you definitely won't regret it. Thanks for reading my article. 

Good bye and have a nice day!