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Mild spoilers for:

Dark Blue Kiss

Hey guys! I'm areallyloudfangirl, and I'll be writing a series called "Meet the Family" where I go over the types of family members that you'll meet in dramas! 

The family members that you'll be meeting today are what I call the Witch and the Saintess.
They're both mothers that frequently appear in dramas. Despite both loving their children, they have very different takes on what parenting should look like.

The Witch

Most frequented dramas: family and romance dramas - but you can find her in almost any other type of drama as well.

Mother of more than one child.

Her specialities are: 
     - not understanding others' feelings
     - not listening to advice
     - disrespecting her children's wishes
     - manipulating them into doing things for her
She does love her children, but she isn't that great at showing it. 

Her hobbies are: 
     - micro-managing the lives of her children
     - bragging about her children
     - complaining

Her favorite lines are: 
     - "No one loves me, I should just die!"
     - "I'm doing this for you!"
     - "If you do this, I won't be your mom anymore!"

She doesn't see her children for what they are, but for what they could be. When she appears on screen, my skip button gets a heavy workout! 

Here are a few dramas where she appears!

Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life 

~ Korean Drama ~


She's rich, and her only want in life is to see her son happily married. And by happily, I mean married to an accomplished lady. What is an accomplished lady?
Well, according to 
Pride and Prejudice (sorry, I'm a sucker for Jane Austen).

In short, she wants someone who doesn't exist. It's very satisfying to see her anger and confusion when her son marries a poor girl who loves him for his money. So yeah, he married a gold digger.

Sunny Again Tomorrow 

~ Korean Drama ~
Here we see an amazing example of a witch's favorite line.The mother in this drama loves her family. But her greed blinds her, and whenever she does something wrong, she manipulates those around her into forgiving her.
Luckily for my blood pressure, she ends up in jail later! :D

Neung Nai Suang

~ Lakorn ~
Witches often get away with everything that they've done. But karma does catch up to some of them. 

Breaking the heart and spirit of her son - who already has a serious heart condition did not end well for this mother. Although it's not the kind of karma that anyone wishes upon a mother, she learned to take better care of her daughter. Did she really change? No.

Life Senjou no Bokura

~ Japanese Drama ~
Witches don't always show their true colors immediately.
Some witches only reveal their inner selves when their children need parental love the most.
The context for this scene: the daughter wants to marry a foreigner.

The Saintess

Most frequented dramas: family and romance dramas - but you can find her in almost any other type of drama where parental guidance and acceptance is needed.

Mother of one child.

Her specialities are: 
     - silently understanding
     - listening to others
     - accepting her children for who they are

Her child is her life, and she would do anything for him/her/them.

Her favorite lines are: 
     - "Have you eaten?"
     - "I'll love you, no matter what."

She is by no means perfect, but she always tries to choose the best option for her family. Whenever she appears on screen, I know I'm in for some beautiful or tear-filled scenes.

Here are a few dramas where she appears! 


~ Korean Drama ~

This tear-jerker of a drama shows that you don't need to be biologically related to your child to love them. The mother risks everything for her child.

She goes as far as to kidnap her child to save her from her abusive biological family.  She pays a huge price for this, but she never regrets it.


~ Korean Drama ~
Not everyone feels emotions.
In this drama, the son is emotionless, yet his mother loves him nonetheless and tries to help him normally live in society.

She cherishes every moment she spends with her son.
The scenes with this mother are especially heartfelt as she dies later on.

Dark Blue Kiss

~ Lakorn ~
Even in the year 2020, not everyone accepts the LGBTQ community. However, this mother loves her son no matter what his sexuality is.

Accepting someone for who they are doesn't just mean being okay with who they are. It also means being patient, understanding their fears, and not forcing them out of the closet.

Both witches and saintesses are important to the story-line of dramas. The type of mother that a character has is what shapes them into who they are.
Those who have witches for mothers are usually controlled easily, have emotional outbursts, have learned to manipulate others and lie, or, are very rebellious and have learned to shut out their emotions.
Those who have saintesses for mothers are often lively, passionate, and always taking consideration of others' feelings. 

Although only one of these mothers brings joy to me when she's on screen, I fully look forward to seeing them in most of the dramas I watch. They're very important to the plot of the dramas that they appear in. Without them, the emotions and plot of the drama wouldn't be portrayed as well as they are.

That's it for today's article! I hope you enjoyed it =v=

What are the most memorable witches and saintesses that you've met?
Please feel free to comment anything! 

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