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When you are single and watch romantic dramas:

When I was researching for the Learning From Writer Sunbaes: MDL Articles Revisited series, I found a lot of precious past articles that I was not able to include in the series. So I came up with an idea to write a stand-alone article compiling past articles by theme, started with love-themed articles to celebrate Valentine's Day. Articles are put up chronologically.

I hope that this compilation article will:

  • reintroduce past articles to the MDL community to appreciate the writer's works.
  • recommend watchers on which romantic dramas to watch as suggested in the articles.
  • motivate future writers to write by refreshing similar ideas.

For future writers:

  • if using the same ideas from the previous articles, please contact the writer(s) and credit their work(s) in your article.
  • please follow the Formatting and Writing Guidelines.


  • I am not responsible for the content of each article, as I trust the editing/screening process by MDL team before each article was published. I did not read every article included here, only the ones I used for my series.
  • I contacted every writer whose articles are included here for consent and missing pictures/links. However, some writers are inactive or semi-active therefore do not replace missing pictures/links.
  • I may have unintentionally missed your article(s), as I used certain keywords while looking for the articles.


Writer Beca256 goes through her Top 10 (Korean + Taiwanese) Dramas with the Best Kisses, along which why she picked the ones she did.
Writer Becca256 goes through her version of what a manual for Romance Comedy Korean drama writers would be like.
MDL Users 'addicted2dramas' and 'dramaqueen4life' compile a list of their favourite romantic dramas.
How To Get The Girl In Dramaland
Addicted2dramas lists the criteria on how to get the girl in the land of dramas.
Cityhunter83's brief look back on notable Korean Romantic Comedies of 2012. 
How To Get The Guy In Dramaland
An article on how to win over a guy in the land of dramas.

Addicted2drama's look at five memorable movie kisses 
Valentine's Day Special: KDrama Kisses
allysongc gives you a breakdown of kdrama kisses! SPOILERS AHEAD!
What kind of Korean guy do you like?
Neaa talks about K-drama men. 

TeukJae's 10 most common signs of blossoming love in Asian dramas. 

Neverending Stories
Aya97 compiles some of the most popular Asian couples among drama addicts. 
clairesilverspar gives you a list of her favorite scenes where characters finally came clean about their feelings. 

Lumiere's top 5 personal favorite secondary love stories in k-dramas.

K-dramas Above All
Strictly an opinionated article about why 0000 prefers Kdramas above any other type of Asian dramas, as she explores the difference in kiss scenes.
Combo's top 5 romantic scenes revolving around or brought about by... books!
MaRinaLuli's Best Real Drama Kisses
Kisses that took MaRinaLuli's breath away while watching them
Why Do You Love Her ???
fatima_july asks an important question: Why do drama guys like these girls?!
Korean Romantic Comedies of 2013
Cityhunter83 takes off through a rundown of the Korean romantic comedies of 2013. Will your favorites be on this list? How about your least favorites?

Cityhunter83 gives us all a rundown of the popular Taiwanese rom-com for 2013
Couple Tips from Dramaland
Here’s a list of the common things that happens on most of the dates. Get ready for some serious swooning. These are some of the most romantic and cute Asian dates that show the couple’s affection for each other.
The Noona Romance
ellen1997xx dissects our fascination with that popular genre switch up, the Noona Romance.
Thai Lakorns Recommendations: Part One
Are you interested in trying some lakorns? GumihoGumtree presents to you her favorite Thai lakorns. 
Thai RomCom Film recommendations!
dramaqueen4life introduces you to some of her favorite Thai Romance Comedies...
Are you in the mood for some great romantic Thai lakorns? dramalover123 introduces you to the five lakorns of the Suparburoot Juthatep Series. Read inside for more details. 
Thai Lakorns Recommendations Part Three
AdeNike rom-com recommendations to pull you into the world of Lakorns.
Heartwarming Romance: Movie Recommendations
A list of Aya97's most beloved romance films from all over Asia...
Staff Picks of the Month - Romantic Comedy Edition
1st Staff Picks of the month - Find out which Romance Comedies the staff at MyDramaList absolutely love! 
Thai Lakorns Recommendations Part Four
jazzy36 introduces you to her favorite heartwarming Thai lakorns. 
Japanese Romantic Cinema: Shojo Manga Style ~ Part 1
Recently, many shojo mangas are being adapted into live-action adaptation. Are you curious to know how well they were? 
Absolute Boyfriend: How to Create One
If you could create your perfect man, what ingredients you would use? What you will add? Like Dr. Frankenstein, let's make a man!
Staff Picks of the Month - Romantic Films
Find out which romance films are beloved by the team that takes care of MyDramaList... 
Japanese Romantic Cinema: Shojo Manga Style ~ Part 2
Part two of shojo manga adapted into live-action adaptation.

Patriarchy, Abuse and Gender Roles in Asian Dramas
Ceki's view on the dark side of Asian entertainment promotes disturbing values and relationship models.  WARNING: the article contains sensitive content!
Wondering how to fall in love? Don't worry! Here are all the tips are taken from our very own dramas.
Slap & Kiss Dramas and What Makes Them So Popular
Let's explore the world of slap and kiss dramas and some theories on why they might be so popular nowadays. WARNING: the article contains sensitive content!

Unsatisfactorily Single: Dramas and Romantic Expectations
You start seeing these picture-perfect first dates, swoon-worthy kisses, devoted leading men and you wonder: am I missing something? 
K-Drama couples' Valentine's Day
Are you ready for Valentine's Day? K-drama couples are always ready for some romance!
Noona Romances: First Edition
A look at DramaNoona's favorite Noona Romances! 
Kiss Me Like You Wanna Be Loved
Kisses, kisses, and kisses. Let's talk about all those problematic and favorite moments in Korean dramas that make our hearts beat faster. 
A Good Man Is Hard to Find: 10 Surprisingly Decent Guys of Dramaland
You may have to furrow your brow and tap your chin to conjure them up, but believe it or not, there's more than one good guy to be found in Korean dramas! 
The 4 Cutest Second-Lead Kdrama couples
Sometimes the second lead couples are even cuter than the main leads! Here is one of MDLer's top 4 picks.
7 Great 'Second Chance at Romance' K-Dramas
In order to reclaim their love, these 7 couples have their work cut out for them!
Love in your 30s and up! 5 K-Drama recommendations
Love Level Ahjumma! Romance through 30s+ can be beautiful, hilarious, and a lot of work! 
Top 10: Dramas with Contracted Relationships
Check out these 10 dramas revolving around fake relationships, engagements, and marriages.
How To Woo A Girl: Kdrama Style
Here is an easy step-by-step guide on how to win the girl of your dreams (in Kdramaland)...
Noona Romances  Second Edition
Take another foray into the world of Japanese Noona Romances.
Making a move! Top 10 Guy Moves in Dramas
From the classic wrist grab, piggyback ride, hug from behind, and much more! Here are some of the most famous and overused moves in Asian dramas and films! 
Weekend Movie Recommendations: Heartwarming Japanese Romance
These three Japanese films are highly recommended for those craving bittersweet romance.
6 Reverse Harem Dramas You Don't Want to Miss!
These 6 reverse harem dramas will have you on the edge of your seat in excitement!
Top 5 Best Korean Romance Dramas with Ghosts
In the mood for some romance Kdrama with a bit of mystery and fantasy? Check out my Top 5 Korean dramas with ghosts. 
9 Couples That Were Fated To Be In Love Since Childhood
Here are 9 couples that prove if you met as children, you're absolutely meant to be! 

5 Classic Romance Jdramas That You Need To Watch!
Here are 5 Classic JDramas that romance fans will absolutely love!
You Had Me At Hello! 7 Dramas Featuring Love At First Sight!
Do you believe in love-at-first-sight? These seven dramas will not only reaffirm your faith in it but also make you wish for the fairytale love yourself...
A Match Made In Dramaland - Couples Of 2016 Kdramas
These 5 couples from 2016 Kdramas simply blew our minds!
How To Pick Up A Girl: Yoo So Joon Style
Wondering how to get a girl? Here are some suggestions inspired by a skillful Kdrama male lead.
5 Perfect Drama Boyfriends
Check out these five male leads who would make the perfect boyfriend!
Top 5 Drama Couples Whose Chemistry Were Undeniable!
Although there are many good dramas out there, these five couples showed some of the best chemistry! They have aced their Chemistry classes in dramaland for sure! 
Amyy's Top Ten Korean Rom-Coms Of All Time!
See which romance comedies made this MDL'ers top list!
Weekend Movie Recommendations: Sweet Love Story Edition
Click and find out which love stories deserve your time this weekend!
Top 6 Alternate/Second Lead Love Stories of Dramaland
Those alternate lead love stories give the main leads a run for their money! Sometimes they shine more than the main couple and become our ultimate ship. Here are 6 such couples! 
10 Kimchi Couples That Give The Lead Couples a Run For Their Money!
We all love our lead couples. But Drama World has another great kind of relationship. The SIDE couples - or as I like to think of them - the Kimchi Couples. Check them out! 
Is This the End of Prince Un-Charming?
In other words: Is this the end of the egocentric male lead as we know him? 
Jeana's Unpopular Opinion: Bad Romances
Jeana goes over 5 popular dramas and explains why they're not as good as everyone thinks.
Japanese Rom-Coms and Why You Should Give Them a Chance
Here are 5 dramas that can kick start your J-dorama romance marathons. C'mon, J-rom coms need some love, too! 
Top 5 Chinese Historical Romance Dramas
My top 5 recommendations for Historical Chinese Romance dramas. Check out these classics and hidden gems! 
5 Hot Koo-Jin Pairings in Lakorns!
Check out these five couples of Thai dramas that we just love to watch!
Forbidden Love Stories in Dramas: School Edition
The first edition in the series of articles about unusual and taboo love stories in Asian dramas. 
Drought Dramas You Can Rely On: 5 Reliable Romantic K-Dramas
5 reliable romantic K-dramas that are worth being on your rewatch list! For those moments when you just can't find anything new or current to fill the void.

A Match Made in Dramaland - Kdramas Couples of 2017
See which Kdrama couples made the list!
Love is in the Air: Jdrama Style
Old Anime Lady's Top romance picks for the nation of Japan.
5 Romcom Cliches In EVERY Romance Comedy!
5 cliches that we find in almost every romantic-comedy drama.
4 Lakorns To Watch If You Like Some Action With Your Romance!
4 lakorns that are different and might interest you!
The 10 Methods of Love: Male Edition
The top ten methods of the male lead to use in order to get the girl and how they lose them.
Women Who Court The Man - Welcome To The 21st Century
Is it ok for a girl to say "I love you" first? Here are a few drama examples for girls I cheered for who court the man. 
After the 'Happily Ever After'

Here's a look at our favourite characters from our favourite shows after the show ended. Let's take a sneak peek at their present lives. Warning - This article contains an unpopular opinion, readers discretion is advised.

10 Recommendations For When The 'Male Lead Falls First'
Here are 10 recommendations on this popular trope! 
Historical Drama Edition: POWER COUPLE RULES!
Madly In Love KKKdrama's TOP 10 drama Love Birds
A list of my favourite 10 couples

Story of My First Love
Who is your first love? Because mine's a bit special...
The Problem With Love Triangles
Addressing the many issues of having a love triangle in a drama.
Romance With Age Difference - A Positive Perspective
Relationships between lovers of different ages are in general critically observed and discussed, but how about trying to understand why they fall for each other? 
You Are Mine - Obsessive Love Disorder
Lakorn-writers are the masters of love obsession and even if we all enjoy it, maybe it is time to remember that it is not healthy. 
Ask MDL: Romance
Ask MDL is back with a new edition and new additions!
Oricon's 2018 Male Celebrities You Want As Lovers Ranking!
Oricon News announced its top 10, read more to find out who shine at 1st place of this ranking!
Analyzing Tags: Romance in K-dramas, Part 1
A semi-infographic article focused on MDL's tag-system. The idea is to find, establish, and interpret the patterns and formulas used in K-drama Romances as determined by the tags.
Do You Remember the Early 2000s Dramaland? Rom-Com Edition
The art of life is a constant readjustment to our surroundings. - Kakuzo Okakaura
A Tag Analysis: Romance in K-dramas, Part 2
The continuation of the tag analysis, still focusing on the formulas used in K-dramas. Specifically, we'll go over: "Office Romance", "Boss/Employee Relationship", "Cohabitation" and "Childhood Connection".
Modern Women & Men in Romantic Drama Cliches
Asian dramas are full of cliches. Most cliches center around the old fashioned role models. But there are examples of some modern interpretations that defy these models without destroying the romance.
Insight Into Historical Romance Drama Addiction!

What is it about historical romance that has us hooked? Let's break down all of the aspects that make us keep coming back for more, and try to understand what these dramas give us that we can't find anywhere else.

China's Celebrity Couples That Were Couples in Dramas/Movies
These Chinese couples started off as on-screen couples before moving into marriage in the real world! 
Love is in the Air: JDrama Style - Take 2
Valentine's Day is here, and I present you the 2020 version of my 2018 article.
Is Romance Dead In Kdramas? (Falling Out of Love With Dramas: Part 2)
Maybe it's me, maybe it's kdramas, or maybe it's Maybelline . . . But who turned down the heat in the new Korean dramas?
Ask MDL Harem/Reverse Harem
This time we picked the tag "Harem and Reverse Harem" this year topics will focus on Tags rather than genres.
12 Japanese Celebrity Couples That Starred Together in Dramas
These Japanese couples starred together in dramas and movies but they couldn't stop their chemistry in real life! 
Stress-Free Rom-Coms
What’s on your relaxing watchlist?
The REAL Love Story of Emperor Qianlong & Empress Fucha: How Accurate Was SOYP?
Just how accurate was the Story of Yanxi Palace in depicting the relationship between these historical figures? Read on to find out! 
Devil’s Advocate’s Pick for Top 5 Melo Romance Kdramas
My Top Picks For The Top 5 Melo Romance Kdramas
4 Things That Ruin a Romantic K-Drama
There are many common things about some romantic Korean dramas that tick me off to a great extent, and I believe most of you will agree with me on this. Here are 4 annoying things that, most of the time, ruin a K-Drama experience! 
What Type of Drama Lover Are You?
The portrayals of love and relationships in Asian dramas are as diverse as… um… eh… a handful of types?! In this quiz you will find five different types of lovers – maybe you are one of them? 
Kdrama Boyfriends vs. Real Boyfriends
Many men complain that they can’t understand women, but the answer is simple: just watch a Kdrama, and take notes.
A Tag Analysis: Romance in K-dramas, Part 3
An analysis of the tags related to the main leads; specifically how we tag a female vs a male lead when it comes to Romance. Here we'll cover the "friendship" tag which includes: "Bromance" & "Sismance" as well as going through the Money-Related tags. 
Age Gaps (the good, the bad and the awkward)
XingBack's personal views on Age Gaps
Soju's Lakorn Recommendations by Tag: Arranged Marriage
If you're in the mood for Thai dramas with arranged marriages between the two main leads, this article might help you find your next drama love. 
A Tag Analysis: Romance in K-dramas, Part 4
A continuation of the analysis focusing on how we tag Female Leads in Romance K-Dramas. We'll go over positive and negative tags (strong, weak, smart, etc.) in order to find out what we deem most important when it comes to tagging heroines. 
Romantic Dramas From Different Countries as Culinary Experiences
A comedic take on how different countries make their dramas feel (and taste) differently.
Bom's Top 10 Epic Romances  in a K-Drama
User Bom lists their favourite K-Drama romances of all time.
A Tag Analysis: Romance in K-dramas, Part 5
A continuation of the analysis focusing on how we tag Male Leads in Romance K-Dramas. We'll go over positive and negative tags (strong, weak, smart, etc.) in order to find out what we deem most important when it comes to tagging heroes.
12 Simple, Affordable, and Single-Friendly Romantic Ideas from Love Is Sweet
No need to wine and dine in an expensive restaurant or to go on a ski trip to Switzerland, Love Is Sweet gives you ideas on how to create simple and affordable romantic moments. A must-read whether you're single or in a relationship!


Guess from which drama this unusual kissing scene comes from?

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