by Peephole, June 13, 2020

Let me tell you before I start: you need the patience to sit only for the first few episodes if you’re serious about giving it a go. And the drama will play its game-winning you over. From experience.

The trick is in watching them  without dedication or focus , unlike watching a short drama. 

Long dramas are less popular here on MDL, and I understand. Because I used to avoid them and push back the possibility of watching them. I tried watching a few, but I never managed to get into them. But not since I started using this way.

Why long dramas?

So why watch a 50 to a 100-episode long drama? You may say why waste my time?

Whether it is family drama or a historical drama or a daily drama or whatever, choose your pick. They all do the job. (I am not as familiar with dailies yet).

The first time I decided to watch a ‘long' drama it was Father is Strange. It is a good one for a long-dramas-starter.

Don't they look friendly?

These dramas can easily become a friend of yours with the span of time.

Luckily (yes luckily), I was busy with exams, and I really wanted to watch something. I had to watch whatever while studying. It was new to me too, doing something and watching.  

So, I decided to watch a drama that I tried before and got bored before finishing the first episode. I chose the lengthy Father is Strange that is very popular on MDL.

At first, I watched the drama without much thought or focus, at a very slow pace, because I was doing more than one thing at a time. And slowly, the drama won my heart with time.

After watching it, I thought I’d never find a drama like this one because it was different from the short dramas I was used to. I felt so close to everyone in it. Then I found that there’s a world of similar dramas.

Now, I always go back to watching a long drama.

They are my go-to. My salvation.

It is now much easier to find something to watch.

This story brings me to the first reason to start watching a lengthy drama...

1- Busy?

You don’t need to sit down and focus on a lengthy drama like you would for a relatively fast-paced 16 (32-back-to-back) to 20 (40-back-to-back) episodes drama.

Simply, watch it while working, doing your homework, doing your laundry, or cooking. (Or while studying for exams like I did).

2- Getting over a drama

Ever been unable to move on after a drama left you in a trance, in a state of oblivion, lost in the middle of nowhere?

Unable to get over your favorite character(s) from your last drama?

Unable to forget that (tragic) ending

Unable to focus on a new drama, or fail to get interested by one?

But you still want to watch a drama!

You want to move on!

Long dramas don’t need to come to your liking from the beginning. 

They secretly heal your wound and mend your heart.

And characters will slowly ease into your heart and grow on you.

The drama does its part growing on you slowly and unnoticeably.

As it brings me to my next point…

3- For drama slumps

Whaaaaaat? That’s what I thought as well.

A drama slump, or a show-hole as they call it

Many of us have been through them, and I won’t finish if I start talking about them.

I still can’t believe the effect till now, but it works every time!

If you cannot sit through an episode or you can’t feel interested, try a lengthy drama.

You might feel uninterested or lazy to start, but there is no need for dedication for the first round of 10 episodes (for a 50-episode drama).

Because, as a warm-up, most of the time the first episodes are introductions and backstories.

So, sit for separate hours, an episode or two per day or at your own pace, without feeling obligated to pay attention to it. 

You can even feel free to skip some parts and mostly you won’t miss something important.

Or rather, just leave it playing in the background while being busy eating your lunch. 

Leave the drama do the work of slowly pulling you back from your drama slump.

Think of it as a healing fishing trip.

It is slow and it needs patience. But time heals. Time does things you never expect to happen.

What about when the drama starts getting your attention? 

Well, that’s good news!

But remember what I said about being patient in the beginning. It is very, very important in watching lengthy dramas.

Once you are into a long drama, you need patience. Patience is what you need. I repeat.

And you’ll be appreciating the pace of short dramas a lot more.

Because if you are no longer patient you will feel like things are not moving, you will start skipping a lot and missing a lot. 

I suggest watching something else or putting it on hold because you’ll need to binge-watch like 5 or 10 episodes to see things start moving sometimes. It is not like a short drama.

Out of patience? Or found something more interesting? 

Again, keep watching it while you start another drama if you found one that caught your interest. It won't hurt.

Or, you can just leave it on hold.

Another benefit of watching a long drama is that...

It is not hard to drop it.

I don’t know what it is, but I don’t think I’d feel as guilty dropping a long drama. It is also easy to get over. You can get over it as easily as it crept its way into your heart. (And jump into the next drama)

Those dramas hit all the cliches, but strangely they are bearable. Maybe because they go down all the details and make it easier for us to empathize.

In the end, it grows on you by convention. Characters really grow on you. And they feel warm regardless of the plot.

But I must tell you again:  patience and time are all you need to get past the first round of 10 episodes. That’s if you really want to give it a chance. (How many times did I mention that?)

Just don’t focus on the drama too much until it gets your interest.

Now, where to start? 

Suggestions for starters

I have here some suggestions. Most of which I tried, and some that I really look forward to.

My Father is Strange 

A nice, funny, and romantic family drama. Popular among MDL users for a good reason.

Full episodes are available on KBS World Youtube channel here.

Jewel in the Palace 

A classical, fun, and very interesting historical drama.

Dong Yi 

A super lovely and sweet, super easy to watch a historical drama.

Six Flying Dragons 

Talk about thrilling politics and stellar performances.

My Golden Life 

It starts quickly and very interestingly, and steals your heart. 

Full episodes are available on KBS World Youtube channel here.

Few more suggestions…

Suggestions are endless. Use the advanced search and pick one to your liking. 

And enjoy your watching!

Can you relate to anything? 

Or is it something new?

Do you have a different opinion?

At last, I thank MDL staff for making publishing this article possible, and I thank MDL members for creating this amazing community. I hope you enjoyed reading. 

Edited by: Cookie (1st editor), BrightestStar (2nd editor)

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