by KiaWilliams, November 26, 2018

Hello MDL! 

It's your local lakorn fanatic here to spread the love of Thai dramas! Usually, I try to attract drama watchers by sharing pictures of all the gorgeous Thai celebrities, but today I decided to try a different approach. Instead, I’ll be sharing some popular Korean dramas that many viewers have enjoyed, and Thai dramas I think you’ll equally enjoy!
Note: These recommendations will have some similarities, but since they are different shows they won’t be exactly the same. Hopefully, you can find a new drama to fall in love with!

She was pretty = Ugly Duckling Series: Perfect Match

It’s nice watching a great show that conveys an important message. Both of these shows do a great job of showing how beauty doesn’t determine everything. She Was Pretty and Perfect Match tell the stories of “ugly” women who face obstacles because of their appearances, but somehow manage to fall in love. In She Was Pretty, the heroine had been considered “ugly” for most of her adult life and had already learned to accept herself. In Perfect Match, the heroine had been considered beautiful most of her life, but becomes “ugly” and is trying to learn to love herself during this time. Both female leads are strong women who show beauty isn’t just skin deep.
The male leads for both shows are gorgeous but their characters are complete opposites. In She Was Pretty, Seo Joon portrays a mature, stand-offish worker, while in Perfect Match, Push plays a frugal, goofy college student. The romance in both shows develops at a nice pace, and the chemistry between the leads is great. Another major difference is that in She Was Pretty there is a love triangle that left us feeling a strong second lead syndrome. In Perfect Match, there is no love triangle, but since the show is half the length of She Was Pretty, it takes out unnecessary drama.

Kill Me, Heal Me = Song Huajai Nee Puea Tur


Basically, the only similarity that these shows have in common is the plot. A male lead with different personalities meets and falls in love with a woman connected to his past.
In Kill Me, Heal Me, the male lead has multiple personalities and the plot has a emphasize on psychological/medical problems. In Son Hujai the male lead only has one alternate “personality” and the plot focuses heavily on the supernatural.
The female leads in both shows provide great comedic relief and they also make great counterparts to the male leads. The females personalities are much lighter compared to the darker male leads. Both shows have excellent side characters that support the main the couple. But, the best part about both shows is the mystery! The mysteries surrounding both male leads are the main reason you’ll be binge-watching these shows from start to finish. Both male leads are great actors and did an excellent job portraying these complex characters!

Oh My Ghostess = Pope Rak

Two dramas focusing on a ghost who has forgotten her past, and the events that led to her death. Both dramas focus on the mystery surrounding the forgotten past of a ghost and the cute romance that ensues. Oh My Ghostess had a better romantic development, but Pope Rak had a better-developed mystery that will keep you guessing. The couples in both shows are cute, but Oh My Ghostess is more lighthearted, while Pope Rak is darker.

A Gentlemen’s Dignity = 3 Noom Nuer Tong


The crazy brotherhood and bromance in both of these shows make them hilarious rom-coms that everyone should watch! Both shows focus on the crazy lives of a group of friends, and their oddball adventures. The plot not only shows the development in their relationships with each other but also their romantic interest. A Gentlemen’s Dignity had older actors and focused on more mature problems, while 3 Noom Nuer Tong focused on the problems experienced by younger men. Don’t think to be in your late 20s doesn’t come with its own set of problems! Honestly, the relationships and character development are amazing in both shows and the comedy will have you in tears.

Do you agree with this list? Do you have any other recommendations? Share your opinion in the comments! As usual, if you liked this article and would like to read more, check out my blog!