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안녕 (Annyeong)! It’s me again, your fangirl-y fellow drama lover/enthusiast and this time I'm giving Movie Recommendations that might help during these weekends that seem in need of relaxation and a good film.

Country: South KoreaRelease Date: Aug 28, 2019Duration: 2 hr. 2 min. 

    Summary:     A film that covers the span of more than five years and reflects the IMF crisis of 1997. Mi Soo (Kim Go Eun), a hard-working college student meets Hyun Woo (Jung Hae In), who has been recently released from juvenile prison meet at the bakery where Mi-Soo works. After opening up to one another, they grow closer -- only to have fate play a terrible trick on the two which keeps them falling in and out of each other's orbit.

    Why I would recommend it:     If you have a soft spot for romance films like I do and ones that are on the indie side of things, this might be the perfect match. I found the chemistry between the two leads gentle and apparent yet not overboard or overflowing. You will find yourself stressed out during some moments, wondering and worrying about the characters. But seeing these two reuniting again for a project is a real treat. If you have a soft spot for Kim Go Eun or Jung Hae In; you might also enjoy this as the two might have you smiling from ear to ear.

    You should not watch if you:     Aren't into romance or some very frustrating moments that keep lovers apart in dramas/films.

Country: JapanRelease Date: Oct 10, 2017Duration: 1 hr. 50 min.

    Summary:     A novelist and book enthusiast, Matsumura Ryoko (Nakayama Miho), signs up to give lectures at a nearby college and during one of her outings meets a Korean student (who is living in Japan) and aspiring author So Chan Hae (Kim Jae Wook). The two bond over books and her pet dog after Ryoko hires Chan Hae to be her assistant which soon causes romance to spark.

    Why I would recommend it:     It's one of those films that make you think and move you in some ways. Not only do the actors deliver such a performance that makes you feel for both of them, but it's one of those films that are hard to forget. So if you enjoy watching a film that is not only directed beautifully but also strikes up emotion -- this one might be for you. If you have a soft spot for Nakayama Miho or Kim Jae Wook, this is one you might not want to pass up on as they both give moving performances throughout.

    You should not watch if you:     Aren't into romance or don't want to keep a box of tissues by you during a film.

Country: ChinaRelease Date: Apr 28, 2018Duration: 1 hr. 59 min. 

    Summary:     Love, Separation and Reunion are three major points in this film about (in the past) two strangers who meet on a train and form a close bond after learning they both live in Beijing. Jian Qing (Jing Bo Ran) is a gamer and aspiring game developer while Xiao Xiao (Zhou Dong Yu) dreams of being at least financially stable and finding a love that isn't superficial or lacking in some aspect. Meanwhile, in the present, they meet again, only things have changed drastically -- but is it for the better?

    Why I would recommend it:     If you enjoy being completely astounded when you finish the film and wondering why it moved and rendered you speechless; this one might be for you. When I say that not only is the directing impeccable but also is the writing and acting -- I am 100% serious. Us and Them covers the past (in colour) and the present (grey-scale) of the two main characters and the use of this is absolutely genius. I truly feel that this is one to not miss out on. If you have a soft spot for Jing Bo Ran or Zhou Dong Yu -- you are in for one extremely moving watch.

    You should not watch if you:     I honestly have no idea what might deter someone from this one. I guess romance among realism. The film is very realistic, almost to a heartbreaking degree.

Country: ChinaRelease Date: Sep 13, 2019Duration: 1 hr. 41 min. 

    Summary:     The film is centered around the character Zhang Xiao Fan (Sean Xiao) who had taken in by the Qingyun Sect after his parents die in a village massacre. Zhang Xiao Fan, now an adult, has been on a journey of cultivation since being taken in -- but is facing trouble strengthening his powers. A chance happening while trying to get rid of the stone that he should have thrown off of a cliff long ago, something unexpected happens. All the while, his heart faces confusion between two beautiful and powerful women [ Li Qin as Lu Xue Qi and Meng Mei Qi as Bi Yao ].

    Why I would recommend it:     If you enjoyed the drama or the novel; you'd enjoy this one! Even if you haven't, though, you still might like it. As a recent fan of Xianxia, I found the film to be funny at times and heartbreaking at others. It has a healthy mix of both as well as hints of romance and the ever fun battle scenes that in themselves are interesting to watch. If you are a fan of Sean Xiao, Li Qin or Meng Mei Qi,  you will really enjoy seeing them bring these characters to life on screen in a very thrilling way.

    You should not watch if you:     Aren't into sword fights, cultivation, fantasy or Xianxia.

Sound off in the comments! Give your heart a voice and rant, rave, discuss! Some ideas to get the discussion flowing:

    If you have watched one of these films:     Did you enjoy it? If not or if so; Why? Who is your favourite character? Would you recommend it? If so/not, why?

    If you have not watched these films:     Will you watch one? If not or if so, why?  If you could give someone reasons not to watch, what would they be and why?

And last but not least; What movies would you recommend for weekend viewing?

Let’s talk about it, whether we like, love or hate it or if you’re neutral.

That's all from me for now... until we give our heart a voice again, thank you for reading, my fellow drama lovers and enthusiasts! 화이팅 (Hwaiting)!

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