by Brownie, July 14, 2020

Hello/Sawadee fellow MDLers!

So... it’s Brownie again. I didn’t think I’d be writing another article so soon, but I couldn’t pass this one by.

Today, I wanted to talk about one of my favourite things, and that is tags! I want to focus specifically on Thai Lakorn tags since that’s essentially what I spend my time watching, probably 97% of my time.

Now, a lot of people that use feeds know that I watch by tags and what that means is, I search for titles using only tags so if I am looking for titles with bodyguards then that’s what I will put in the search and from there I will check each title doesn’t have any unpleasant tags - even if there are 80 tags, I WILL check them all. 

The reason for this is simply because I get triggered easily by things I don’t like such as attempted/actual Sexual Assault, Aggressive/Possessive Male Lead, Slap/Kiss, get the gist. Most often than not, I’ve come across lakorns that look safe, but they’re not, and I add whatever tag is needed to warn others who are like me. I’ve met a couple, and I’m happy to know that I shouldn’t feel like I’m weird for avoiding titles even if it’s just one tag that I disagree with. It does bum me out that there are some titles with my favourites, but because of how I watch, I can’t watch them, but I’d rather miss out and not get triggered. This was never the case until I encountered my very first lakorn. 

One thing I keep saying is that I’ll read the synopsis but never do and that’s because most of them have too much info sometimes even just one short line is a spoiler, so I watch teasers if there are tags and those rare occasions there are no tags then I will read ONE LINE ONLY and make a note of the title to come back to it later.


Multiple titles belong to more than one tag, but I didn’t want to echo.

Nice Male Lead

Some people may think that nice male leads are boring and rather safe, but I personally love, love, love them. They won’t abuse the female lead or be mean. I really don’t see any joy in watching anything less.

        Bpoop Phaeh Saniwaat           Ruk Mai Leum       Rak Sibalor Ror Sipmong (airing)   Nee Ruk Nai Krong Fai 

Reverse Harem

I never knew what this was until I posted on the feeds and the owner of that tag, Old_Anime_Lady explained that one is when there are more guys than girls - usually three guys and one girl. Sadly, in lakorns, they are extremely underused, so I’ve only come across two titles.


                                   Fabulous 30                                                                 Paragit Ruk Series: Yeut Fah Ha Pigat Ruk


Okay so this is an odd one...some may say but for me any plot with a twin or even lookalike you better believe I have to watch it. The reason for this is because it shows me actors and actresses who have the capability of playing two or more parts. I always find them very fascinating to watch.


Jao Sua Mua Nim                   Khun Mae Suam Roy                        Likit Haeng Jan                          Nakark Kaew


Another odd one. Apparently, everyone runs away from this whilst I run towards it lol. I’m not quite sure why but I really like plots where they have amnesia almost straight away. NOT at the end as a plot device just to give more reasons for the leads to be separated.


Nai Keun Nao Sang Dao Yung Oun                                                         Singha Naka                           

Cohabitation, Hate-Love Relationship, Bickering Couple

If you are a frequent lakorn viewer, you’ll know you can’t have a future couple who hate each other living together without constantly bickering. It’s almost impossible and, honestly, if they were all happy from the start with their please and thank you’s, I’d probably not watch it lol so I guess you could call them guilty pleasures.


Payakorn Sorn Ruk (airing)                                 Sapai Import                                       Fah Fak Ruk                  

Celebrity, Famous Lead/Common

I can’t be the only one who loves this tag. I don’t pay attention to real-life celebrities unless it’s news about new dramas as I don’t think it’s anybody’s business what they get up to beyond that.
I can’t really explain it, but I like to watch them do the job they’re actually written for, like an actor/actress. What I think is a fake is claiming your job as an actor/actress but not doing anything to do with your actual job!!! Imagine thinking you’re going to watch someone in the role of a singer, but they don’t do any songwriting, they don’t rehearse or even promote their work. That’s an absolute cop-out!

Full House

Strong Female Lead

I realise this tag is plastered everywhere like Lying and Misunderstanding and rather than get truly strong women, you often find they are strong, to begin with, and then the second they fall in love, it’s like they forgot how they were before, I call those fakes! Lol

Like I remember watching something and going from “oh she seems so smart and strong” to “um hello, what happened to this smart and strong female? What a fake!” Strong women are less likely to be annoying, they can protect themselves but most importantly won’t cry 24/7.


        Kaew Klang Dong                                                                      The Crown Princess       


Kleun Cheewit                                                                            Nak Soo Taywada 

Hidden Identity

Last but definitely not least, I love hidden identities almost as much as Nice Male Lead. I especially love this tag when it’s connected to things like their job, especially undercover agents and spies. These jobs are also how I started to like Action because I didn’t like them before, and now I absolutely love them.


      Rabam Mek                                     My Hero Series: Heart of the Motherland                     Sai Lub Rak Puan

We have sadly come to an end, but I really enjoyed writing this and reminiscing about lakorns I’ve previously watched. 

Thanks very much for reading and don’t forget to share your favourite tags. 

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