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Leh Game Rak (Native title: เล่ห์เกมรัก; English title: Tricky Love Game) is a Thai drama aired Jun 17, 2020 - Sep 10, 2020, with 26 episodes of 50 minutes running time each. The drama is completely subbed in English, you can watch it at the official channel WeTV (region-restricted, can use VPN),, or unofficial streaming sites at your own risk

Athichart Chumnanon

Genres: Mystery, Business, Romance, Drama

Producer: Athichart Chumnanon

Director: Chatchai Surasit 

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Official trailers: 1, 2, and 3.

Win Ratanapol


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The first reason for my recommendation is because the drama has an interesting plot. The story follows two people who hide their identities most of their life. Nicha (Esther Supreeleela) is adopted by the Bacayagam family from a young age, assumed her identity as a boy named Nan, and has lived as a male since then. She is only able to be herself one day in a week, wears a long-haired wig, girly clothes, and puts on makeup. Aici (Son Yuke Songpaisan) escaped from attempted murder when he was little. He then hides his real identity, changed his name to Seifer, and lives in an orphanage until adult age.
Though the two soon met, right away they are thrown into the heat of business wars between two powerful groups. 

THE BUSINESS. Important to know for you all that this drama is set in the business world. Thus, there are tons of business projects and meetings. I have to admit that I don't like this genre. And like with other dramas with a similar genre, I fast-forwarded lots of business scenes.

THE ROMANCE. Since the male and female leads both have to hide their real identities, you wonder how is their romance, then? I don't want to spoil you with the details: all I can tell you it's a slow burn romance, with natural chemistry, and good intervals of identity disclosures.

THE DRAMA. I can say this drama is unlike the stereotypical Thai lakorns with a revenge plot that is over-the-top: loud and brash. It's really mellow. For hardcore lakornians (avid lakorns watchers) who are used to the lakorns spiciness and heat like slap-and-kiss, catfights, or sexual assault, this drama may taste bland as there is no such that. Though there are still characteristics that are unique to lakorns: gunfight/fistfight, scheming, death, etc. (cannot spoil too much!) 

Therefore, I can recommend this to anyone who has no clue what lakorns are but want to try one; anyone who watches Thai romcoms and is curious about Thai romance (this drama is not a rom-com); or any lakornians simply want to take a break between two lakorns that give you lots of SMH moments (shake-my-head), by watching a more relaxed drama like this one.

The second reason for my recommendation is because there are plenty of secrets to be revealed through out the drama. To start, as I mentioned above, there are two competing powerful groups in the real estate industry. The first group is owned and managed by the family of Bacayagam, where the Female Lead is adopted by the couple Dai (Trakarn Punthumlerdrujee) and Weimada (Khwan Khwanruedi Klomklom). The second group is owned and managed by the family of Intalaweng, with the couple Ed (Khunakorn Kirdpan) and Maweena (Jub Pattra Adiradkul), and their children Eddy (Fame Chawinroj Likitchareonsakul) and Sakura (Palm Pimchanok Pho Thanaphon).

The couple is thrown right into the heated battle between these two powerful groups. Fresh-graduated from overseas, Nan is put to be in charge of some major projects in the family company, which of course creating anger and jealousy among the senior officers. Fresh-graduated too, Seifer and his three friends (I will talk about them below) start working for the Bacayagam group, under the leadership of Nan. 

So, we have business wars between the two groups, internal resentment within the Bacayagam group, and to add the angst, also internal turmoil within the Intalaweng family. And how about Seifer and Nan's secret identities? That too, there are people who are actively investigating them to find out about their secrets. Their double identities also create misunderstanding and confusion for people around them. Moreover, Seifer is determined to find out about the mystery behind his family. So with all those spices thrown into, the drama is cooking nicely. Lots of secrets, big and small, waiting to be revealed.

The third reason I recommend this drama is because of the nice type of leads. While watching dramas, we have seen immature, mean, weak, airhead, and/or clingy leads, right? Both of the Main Leads in this drama are none of that. Nan is smart, mature, calm, and hardworking, as well as when she is Nicha. As boss Nan is respected by the subordinates and hated by the enemies. Seifer too has similar traits as Nan. He is also determined in finding about his family. The two work well together as a team, both inside and outside the company.

I love supportive supporting characters!!! I watched a few lakorns in the past in which the supporting characters tell the leads what to do. Not for the sake of the leads, and without actually listening to them. Supportive supporting characters actually make any drama enjoyable to watch.

SUPPORTIVE PARENTS. Fortunately, although Nan has a tough life living as a male almost all her life, her adoptive parents Dai and Weimada are so supportive to her. Which is another plus in a drama, especially in Thai lakorns where there can be (really) bad parents? Nan always asks her dad for advice when encountering problems at work, and her parents are always aware when she is under the weather.

SUPPORTIVE FRIENDS. Along with Seifer working for the Bacayagam group, his three friends from the orphanage also joined the company: Wai (Boy Chokchai Boonworametee), Lin (Group Sasinrat Anusin), and Cai (Arm Sukavin Keawpikul). They all have been through thick and thin together since childhood. However, with all the issues that have been going on at their workplace, they are challenged to carry on with their friendship.

Lastly, you gotta watch the beagle!!! The last reason for my recommendation is personal, because I am a dog lover, lol. But even if you're not, this pup is super cute, smart, loyal, fashionable, and entertaining.

So who the heck is that beagle wearing an orange shirt? He is Lucky. Though did not get any line in the script, Lucky plays a major role in the couple's relationship, as well as in the main plot.
Lucky became the production team's mascot, too. Their team t-shirt picturing a sleeping beagle (see the one worn by the Producer above).
I am a fashionable pup

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