by lo_ve, March 12, 2021

Lee Ka Eun will join the upcoming tvN drama "High Class"!

Former 'After School' member and rookie actress Lee Ka Eun is confirmed to join Cho Yeo Jeong, Kim Jee Soo, Ha Joon, Park Se Jin, and Gong Hyun Joo in the upcoming mystery-suspense drama. 

"High Class" will narrate the story of the top 0.1% of women in Korea who  are viewed to have a perfect life but are actually living within hidden lies and secrets.

Lee Ka Eun will play the role of Rachel Jo, a Korean raised in Canada. She will be the teacher at the HSC International School. Rachel Jo manages her work and personal time well. After her work, she turns off her phone and proceeds to her leisure activities. She is a chic character that maintains her work-life balance. 

"High Class" will be directed by Choi Byung Gil who also worked on "East of Eden," "Angry Mom," and "Missing Nine." The script will be written by Hyun Jung.

Lee Ka Eun debuted in the K-pop girl group, After School in 2012. When she joined After School, some of the members were already pursuing their solo careers and so the promotion for the group was not as active as before.  In 2018, she joined Mnet's survival program Produce 48 which had the express purpose of producing a temporary girl group. She joined the show to restart her career. She did well in every round, but unfortunately in the final episode was dropped from the final list. In 2019, she left Pledis Entertainment and signed under High Entertainment. She is now pursuing her acting career. This will be Lee Ka Eun's first small screen project after signing with a new agency. 

The upcoming tvN drama "High Class" is scheduled to premiere in the second half of 2021.