by lo_ve, May 21, 2021

Lee Hyun Wook will be the male lead of the upcoming Netflix series "The Bride of Black"

Media outlet News1 reported on May 21st that Lee Hyun Wook will be the male lead for the upcoming Netflix original series "The Bride of Black." Kim Hee Sun will be the female lead and the script will be written by Lee Geun Young ("I'm a Mother, Too" and "My Mother is a Daughter-In-Law").

Lee Hyun Wook's agency Management Air confirmed the news and stating that the actor will join the new drama "The Bride of Black."

"The Bride of Black" will be about the desire in the remarriage market, focusing around the upper class marriage information companies. It is said that the series will have 16 episodes and will air both on JTBC and Netflix. 

The drama will reportedly start its production and it will air sometime next year. 

"The Bride of Black" will Lee Hyun Wook's third drama project for 2021. He is can be seen in the currently airing tvN drama "Mine" together with Lee Bo Young and Kim Seo Hyung. He was also part of the 2021 drama "She Would Never Know" with Won Jin Ah and SF9's Ro Woon

He made his acting debut in 2014. Lee Hyun Wook finally drew attention with his performance in the 2019 OCN drama "Strangers from Hell" as Yoo Ki Hyuk. Since then, he's been active in the drama scene. He was also part of the dramas "Search," "Mrs. Cop 2," "3 Days," and more. The actor will also be part of the upcoming movies such as "Shark: The Beginning" and "The Policeman's Lineage."

"The Bride of Black" is expected to air in 2022.


What are your thoughts on the upcoming partnership of Lee Hyun Wook and Kim Hee Sun in "The Bride of Black"?