by lo_ve, May 31, 2021

Netflix confirms Lee Hyun Woo as part of the cast line-up for the Korean remake of "Money Heist"

On May 31st, Netflix announced that Lee Hyun Woo was added to the cast of the upcoming Korean version of "Money Heist." The production team stated that Lee Hyun Woo will play the role of Rio, the youngest member of the team. 

Previous casting news stated that Park Jung Woo was set to portray the role of Rio, but the actor decided to step down due to scheduling conflicts with his upcoming JTBC drama "Flying Butterflies."

The Korean version of "Money Heist" will follow the same plot of the original Spanish thriller-crime drama. It will revolve around a group of people who were assigned by a man called 'The Professor' to carry out the most perfect heist in history. The drama will be set in the Korean peninsula.

Cast of the upcoming series includes Yoo Ji Tae as The Professor, Park Hae Soo as Professor's second-in-command named Berlin, Jeon Jong Seo as Tokyo, Lee Won Jong as Moscow, Kim Ji Hoon as Denver, Jang Yoon Ju as Nairobi, Kim Ji Hoon as Helsinki, and Lee Gyu Ho as Oslo. Im Ji Yeon also received an offer to star in the drama as a new character.

The 12-episode production will be a collaboration between BH Entertainment and Contents Ziu and will exclusively air on Netflix. Broadcast dates are yet to be announced.

This will be Lee Hyun Woo's first drama project since his military discharge in 2019. He last starred in the 2017 drama "The Liar and His Lover" with Red Velvet's Joy and Lee Seo Won. He was also part of the dramas "Moorim School," "To The Beautiful You," "Master of Study," "Queen Seon Duk," and more. 

Aside from "Money Heist," he is also set to appear in the upcoming movies "Hero" with Kim Go Eun, Bae Jung Nam, and Na Moon Hee, and "Dream" with Park Seo Joon, IU, Ko Chang Seok, and more.


Will you be tuning in to the premiere of the anticipated Korean remake of "Money Heist?"