by lo_ve, January 29, 2021

Lee Ha Nui is currently reviewing a casting offer for the upcoming SBS drama "One The Woman".

On January 29, reports stated that the actress has received a casting offer for the upcoming drama. Lee Ha Nui's agency Saram Entertainment confirmed that the actress received the offer and she is currently positively considering it. 

If Lee Ha Nui accepts the role, she will possibly work with Lee Sang Yoon and Lee Won Keun who also received offers to be part of the drama. Actress Kim Ah Joong was previously in talks for the female lead role but she declined the role. 

"One The Woman" is about two women who looks exactly the same but with different views in life. One is a corrupt female prosecutor and the other is an upright and modest daughter in law of a chaebol. 

Lee Ha Nui is in talks to play the role of Jo Yeon Joo, a prosecutor who gets into a mysterious car accident while chasing a suspect that looks exactly like her. Her life changes when she wakes up from a coma and her life has been switched with the chaebol daughter. The chaebol woman is also the daughter in law of BK group. 

"One The Woman" will be directed by Choi Young Hoon, who previously worked on "Good Casting" and "High Society," and it will be written by Kim Yoon

If Lee Ha Nui accepts the role, this will be her return to the small screen since 2019's "The Fiery Priest" where she played as the female lead with Kim Nam Gil. The actress will also appear in the upcoming  star studded 2021 movie "Alien" .

"One The Woman" is slated to air in 2021.


Who would you like cast in One The Woman?