by lo_ve, June 17, 2021

Lee Ha Nee and Lee Sang Yoon will work together for an upcoming SBS drama.

On June 17th, it was officially announced that Lee Ha Nee and Lee Sang Yoon will lead the upcoming drama "One The Woman.” The drama will be directed by Choi Young Hoon, who previously worked on "Good Casting" and "High Society," and it will be written by Kim Yoon.

Lee Ha Nee's agency Saram Entertainment confirmed the news that their artist will be the main lead for the new SBS drama. 

"One the Woman" will revolve around two women who look exactly the same but with different views in life. One is a corrupt female prosecutor while the other is an upright and modest daughter-in-law of a chaebol.

Lee Ha Nee will play two characters in the drama. She will act as Kang Mi Na, the chaebol's daughter in law and Jo  Yeon Joo, the female prosecutor involved in corruption. 

Lee Sang Yoon on the other hand will play the role of Han Seung Wook. He is a 3rd generation chaebol and has genuine feelings for his first love. 

Other reported casts of the drama include Lee Won Keun and EXID's Park Jeong Hwa

"One the Woman" will premiere in the second half of 2021. 

"One the Woman" will be Lee Ha Nee's comeback to dramas since 2019's "The Fiery Priest" with Kim Nam Gil. The actress will also lead the upcoming dramas "The Fiery Priest 2" and "Klaus 47".  She will also join the upcoming star-studded movies "Alien + People" and "Ghost".

Meanwhile, "One The Woman" will be Lee Sang Yoon's first project in 2021. He last starred in the drama "V.I.P" with Jang Na Ra, Lee Chung Ah, Kwak Sun Young, and more.


What are your thoughts about the confirmed leads of "One the Woman"?