by Kotoko, October 12, 2020

Love and Redemption: Let’s all make sure we know the definition of these two words. Love means “an intense feeling of deep affection”. And Redemption, which means “the action of saving or being saved from sin, error or evil” and the archaic meaning which is more understandable in this story means “The action of buying one's freedom”.

 If you're currently watching, or have already watched Love and Redemption then you will fully understand what I’m saying. I like this drama for many reasons. This drama has awesome leads, the male lead: Yu Si Feng (Cheng Yi), and the female lead: Chu Xuan Ji (Crystal Yuan). Yu Si Feng is very powerful and strong but not only that, he’s gentle and well-spoken. His voice sounds adenoidal, appealing, and very manly. Which I can’t get enough of. He’s a smart, cool, polite, and clean-cut “star”. Whether his mask is on or off, his charm always stands out to me! I Love him! Chu Xuan Ji is a very kind and soft-spoken person, she lacks six senses, but that doesn't stop her from enjoying her everyday life. But there are also times when she envies the people who do have all six senses, and she wishes she would get all her six senses back. Chu Xuan Ji is pure and she always wants to help her friends, especially Si Feng and Ling Long, her twin sister. She’s very adorable and has a voice that will calm your heart. Her fruity and silvery voice makes me want to stay close to her and protect her forever! It’s always funny to watch Xuan Ji and Si Feng when they're together. I can only laugh, cry, and cringe while watching it. Love and redemption have Incredible Wuxia and fighting skills, it has a  Beautiful cast and karaoke worthy OSTs. The songs in this drama are so rich and mellow, makes me feel very alive. Fabulous binge-worthy drama. I would definitely rewatch it when I have the time.

Go ahead: This drama is one of my favorite family dramas of 2020. Go Ahead has very cute child characters and a good-looking cast. I only started this drama because Li Jian Jian (Song Tan Yu), Ling Xiao (Song Wei Long), and He Ziqiu (Zhang Xin Cheng) were in it. But after I watched the first episode I was in love with every part of the drama. Hats off to screenwriter Wang Xiong Cheng and director Ding Zi Guang for this awesome master-drama. This drama is very real and relatable. For example, the aunties could mind their own business but of course, they couldn’t help but open their mouth to say nonsense. I mean my aunties are very talkative and don’t even know what they're spouting out sometimes. I love and hate that Li Jian Jian's dad is too nice. My dad never argues with anyone about who’s wrong and who’s right, he just listens to them and nods, and I really can’t do anything about it. But that’s why I like this drama, it’s like my everyday life, gossiping, being respectful to elders, chatting with friends, liking someone, work-life, and family crisis and so much more! 

Go-Ahead has characters that all go through different types of difficulty in their life like normal people. One character I can relate to is He Zi Qiu. In the drama, He doesn’t want his family to know that he is having a hard time. He doesn’t like people pitying him and talking to him about that subject. I learned a lot while watching this drama. The ost for Go Ahead just sounds so calming and healing. I frequently feel really sad just listening to the songs. My favorite ost has to be “Fearless” because it's very clear with an edge, bright and raw but not unpleasant. Song Tan Yun also sang a song on one of the ost’s which is “like a breeze” and her voice sounded so sweet and cute. I like that some of the ost’s in Go-Ahead are sung fully in English like “My Everything”, it’s very nice to listen to music that I can understand without looking at subtitles. I often sing Chinese OSTs but I’m not sure if it’s completely Chinese haha.

The Eight: Yes this drama is also with Song Tan Yun. I'm not complaining, I love her acting! The Eight is mostly an action and political drama along with mystery and problematic events. The main male lead is “just an ordinary student” according to what he said. But little does he know, he is fated to be the leader and lead the eight to victory and fight for peace for all Chinese citizens. The leader was a stranger to most of the members in the eight, but they managed to get along with him really fast. I just love that even though the leader is new, the eight experts obey and follow his orders. And the new leader is not foolish or dumb, and I can tell you that he knows what he’s doing with the help of his expert eight friends. And together they can save their country from bad power. There’s always the bad guy who wants something that’s not theirs and is willing to cross any line to get what they want but fails. 

It’s fun to see how the bad guys fail and what the good guys do to make them fail, basically the procedure of their plan. One character comes out of their car, the camera goes into slow motion, appropriating their appearance and their presents. I'm loving their clothing style. It's nice to see characters wearing shirts and pants and modern hanfus. I know it’s not the top trends but it’s definitely my style, and the way I think looks modest. This drama is as good as it looks or even better!

My unicorn girl: This drama is a very simple C-drama. What I like the most about this one is that it doesn’t have a lot of problems between the two main leads or has many sibling arguments. There is barely any blame game between main leads or with their friends which is such a relief. Wen Bing (Darren Chen) is a playful, fun jokester but he can also be cold to the people he doesn’t like. His hobbies are drawing and playing ice hockey. He looks good in every outfit he wears and handsome in whichever facial expression he puts on. He acts like a jerk with Sang Tian but not a total jerk. He respects her and her space. And what I love the most is that he doesn’t have a super-duper complicating character, he’s right in everything. But it’s okay to act cute and mean in front of your crush! 

Sang Tian (Sabrina Chen) is a polite and caring person. She is disguised as a man but she acts very comfortably in front of the guys, she doesn’t act shy over small matters which I find is a good thing of course. In this drama, there are not a lot of parent scenes And the parents are not very meaningful. Wen bing's mom is very caring, and she doesn’t mind what he loves doing. Sang tian has no family problems or any major debts. I also like this drama because it’s not complicated, for example, someone finds out sang tian is a girl in a boys' dorm and the boys' ice hockey team, and they tell their friends and the couch, it’s nothing like that. This story focuses on the love between the two leads and luck. A Very sweet, simple, and lovable Chinese drama.

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