by Ceki, March 1, 2018

The famous 2008 J-Drama Zettai Kareshi (trans. Absolute Boyfriend) based on the manga of the same title might be getting a Korean remake soon. 

Unlucky in love office lady Riiko Izawa is ready to give up on relationships when a mysterious man offers her the perfect boyfriend. However, just when she catches the attention of her boss she finds herself the owner of the perfect, million dollar  boyfriend - a robotic figure tailored to her exact ideals! Now Riiko's  life is turned upside down as she finds herself caught up in a love triangle while trying to achieve her dream of becoming a world-class  pastry chef.

In the original, Hayami Mokomichi's acting as a robot was very praised while Aibu Saki played the main female lead.

It has been announced that OCN is currently discussing buying the rights for this drama and that the working title of the new Korean version is “Romantic Comedy King” (literal translation). It has also been reported that a person in charge of the remake's screenplay would be Yang Hyuk Moon. 

This would not be the first remake - there is also a 2012 Taiwanese version starring Jiro Wang and Gu Hye Seon that received mostly positive responses.

It seems that 2017 and 2018 will be the years of robots and cyborgs, some of the newest dramas with such themes are: I’m Not a Robot, Borg Mom, My Girlfriend's Boyfriend, My Robot Boyfriend, I am...,Are You Human Too?, AI - Watashi To Kanojo To Jinkou Chinou etc.

Are you looking forward to the remake?
Which actors would you like to see as the leads?