by lo_ve, January 19, 2021

Rising actor and 2 Days 1 Night member Kim Seon Ho successfully completed his global fan meeting. 

Kim Seon Ho met his fans through Tiktok Stage Connect - Kim Seon Ho First Global Online Fan meeting "Seon Ho's Favorite". It was held online through the popular platform Tiktok on January 17.

The said fan meeting recorded over 1 million viewers. Viewers from Korea, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, and the Philippines showed the highest participation and viewer ratings, showcasing the actor's global popularity.

The first part of the event began with Kim Seon Ho having a casual talk regarding his career updates. Followed by him unveiling behind the scene stories of his popular tvN drama Start-Up. He also shared his top-picked scenes of the said drama. The actor also had a telepathy game with fans based on the votes on "Seon Ho's Taste" conducted on the Tiktok app in advance.

The second part of the event started with Seon Ho's Studio in which he drew self-portraits within 10 seconds, followed by Seon Ho's Kitchen where he tried making his favorite food Tteokbokki (Spicy Rice Cakes). He also did Wishbox where he listened to fans' wish lists in a not so formal mood.

The fan meeting lasted 120 minutes. Sources say that not only did he make his fans laugh but also the staff working with him on the scene.

The fan meeting ended with fans surprising Kim Seon Ho with a room full of messages of support. The actor was moved to tears and thanked fans for all the interest, love and support. He also stated that even though he's lacking and clumsy, he will do his best to become a better actor and repay all the support he has been given. 

Kim Seon Ho's said his last remarks on the fan meeting and even wished to meet the fans in person next time.

He's currently appearing on the play 'Ice' which began its run on January 8. It's being held at S Theater of the Sejong Center for the Performing Arts.


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