by lo_ve, February 4, 2021

Kim Nam Gil and Seo Ye Ji confirmed as leads for the upcoming OCN drama "Island".

On February 4, OCN confirmed the main leads for the webtoon adaptation drama. Kim Nam Gil will play the role of Van, Seo Ye Ji will be Won Min Ho and Im Shi Wan is in talks to play the role of Yo Han.

"Island" is a fantasy exorcism drama that will narrate the story of a man who's in search of a woman to end his cursed immortal life. The woman is not aware of her sad and cruel fate. They will be joined by an exorcism priest who is guilty of not being able to protect one girl. On the island that looks beautiful but full of evil and mysteries, the three characters who don't get along at first will have to gather their strength and protect each other.

Kim Nam Gil will play the role of Van, he's an immortal and a deadly monster hunter. Seo Ye Ji on the other hand will play the role of Won Min Ho. She's a chaebol (conglomerate) daughter and an ethics teacher that will be assigned to teach at a high school in Jeju Island. If Im Shi Wan accepts the role, he will play the role of John, an exorcist priest with spiritual powers. His conscience keeps bothering him for his failure to protect one girl..

This drama will be the comeback of Kim Nam Gil to the small screen since 2019's "The Fiery Priest" with Lee Ha Nee. Meanwhile, this is Seo Ye Ji's follow up drama after the hit 2020 drama "It's Okay to Not Be Okay" with Kim Soo Hyun.

The upcoming OCN drama "Island" will be directed by Bae Jong and written by Jang Yoon Mi. It will premiere sometime in 2021.


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