by lo_ve, March 4, 2021

Actor Kim Ji Soo releases his response to the school bullying allegations he was involved in.

On March 4th, Kim Ji Soo personally responded to recent accusations of school bullying. The actor uploaded his handwritten letter of apology on his official Instagram account. 

Here's Kim Ji Soo's statement: 

"I would like to sincerely apologize to all the people who were hurt because of me. My misconduct in the past cannot be excused. It's an unforgivable behavior. 

As I began my acting career, people didn't know about my past that is why I reached this far and received an underserving love and interest from the public. 

Deep in my heart, I always felt guilty about my past and regret that it was too late to turn things back which brought me anxiety. I always felt crushed by my dark past. 

I am sincerely begging for forgiveness for all the people who were  hurting for a long time while seeing me in the media, as an actor. I will reflect and repent on the unforgivable actions of my past. 

I feel sorry and guilty as I created great damage to broadcasters, production crew, actors, and staffs who worked really hard for the drama. I sincerely hope the drama won't suffer any further because of me. 

Once again, I sincerely apologize on my knees to all those who've suffered and hurt because of me.

Posts about Kim Ji Soo being a perpetrator of school violence circulated online on March 2. His agency KeyEast Entertainment didn't admit or deny the allegations, instead choosing to ask those involved  to email or reach out them personally in order to get to the bottom of matter. 

Meanwhile, filming for KBS2's "River Where The Moon Rises" today was reportedly canceled due to Kim Ji Soo's controversy. 


Do you still wish to see Kim Ji Soo on "River Where The Moon Rises"?