by lo_ve, April 6, 2021

Kim Hee Sun will possibly return to the small screen with a fantasy drama!

Kim Hee Sun received an offer to appear in the upcoming webtoon based drama "Tomorrow." It will be produced by Supermoon Pictures and Studio N, who also worked on "My Strange Hero."

The top actress' agency Hinge Entertainment confirmed that Kim Hee Sun received the casting offer and she is positively considering it. 

The upcoming drama "Tomorrow" is based off of the webtoon written by Rama. It is an underworld office fantasy drama that travels back and forth between the afterlife and reality. 

Kim Hee Sun got  the offer to play the role of grim reaper Gu Ryeon, the team leader of the underworld.

SF9's Ro Woon also received the casting offer for the drama and he will possibly play the role of Choi Jun Woong, the male lead of "Tomorrow."

Kim Hee Sun debuted in 1993 and made her way to the top as an actress with various high quality projects. She is known for starring in dramas such as 2012's "The Great Doctor (Faith)" with Lee Min Ho, 2014's "Wonderful Days" with Lee Seo Jin and 2PM's Ok Taec Yeon, and 2015's "Angry Mom" with Ji Hyun Woo, Kim Yoo Jung, and Kim Ji Soo, and more. The top actress last appeared in the 2020 drama "Alice" where she took on a double role. She starred together with Jo Woon and Kwak Shi Yang in "Alice."

In the past years, Kim Hee Sun has partnered with younger male leads like Lee Min Ho, Joo Won, Kim Young Kwang and more. SF9's Ro Woon will possibly be added to the list of Kim Hee Sun's younger male co-star. 

"Tomorrow" will begin filming by the end of this year and it is set to premiere in the first half of 2022. 


Do you wish to see Kim Hee Sun in a new role like a grim reaper?