by Bluekitchen, July 13, 2020

The most common fantasy character in dramas isn’t ghosts or gumihos: it’s the perfect boyfriend. These strange, supernatural creatures are blessed with both good looks and the ability to read our minds. They know what to say, and when to just shut up and kiss us. They take us on shopping trips and remember our shoe size. When all else fails, they feed us and tell us that we’re pretty when we eat. Swoon.  

Many men complain that they can’t understand women, but the answer is simple: just watch a Kdrama, and take notes.

Scene #1: You like him. He likes you. Now, he’s ready to tell you how he really feels.

Kdrama boyfriend: Rents out an amusement park and blows several thousands of dollars on fireworks. On a budget? Not a problem. You can walk down a path lined with cherry blossoms or snowflakes, or share an umbrella while it rains. If he’s shy, a random motorbike will suddenly race past you and knock you into his arms.  

Real boyfriend: “Uh, you wanna watch a movie?”

Scene#2: You’re drunk. Not tipsy, but totally hammered.

Kdrama boyfriend: He carries you home on piggyback, tucks you into bed, and spends a good minute watching you as you sleep. (Because in Kdrama Land, you’re still pretty when you’re drunk.) You wake up to find hangover medicine and a pot of honey tea on your bedside table.

Real boyfriend: He’s probably drunker than you are. You both wake up with splitting headaches, and ignore each other the whole day because it hurts to talk. But that doesn’t mean it’s not true love! If he’s seen you with smudged mascara, alcohol breath, and puking your guts out in the toilet, and still thinks you’re hot, then he’s a keeper.

Scene # 3: You’re jealous/hurt/struggling with deep trauma.

Kdrama boyfriend: He spends entire episodes chasing you, and begging you to tell him what you feel. Heartbroken by being pushed away and the fear of losing you forever, he declares his undying love and how he’ll do anything to make you happy. If you walk away, he grabs your wrist and pulls you into a back hug. 

Real boyfriend: “Are you on your period?”

Scene # 4: You’re in a mall. You see a nice dress in a shop window and stop to stare at it.

Kdrama boyfriend: Pretends not to notice, but goes back and buys the dress. Sends it to you in a beautifully beribboned box, along with matching shoes – because somehow, he knows your size. Optional: box includes an invite to a very posh and romantic event, like a dinner concert or wine tasting, so he can proudly show you off to his chaebol friends and crazy ex-girlfriend.  

Real boyfriend: He’s walking 10 steps ahead of you, and turns back and tells you to hurry up -- if he even notices that you’ve lagged behind. Or, he rolls his eyes. “Are you buying it or not? I’ll wait for you in *insert Subway or other PPL*.

Scene # 5: He’s busy with work.

Kdrama boyfriend: Even if he’s the CEO of a huge company that’s in the middle of a hostile takeover, he still has time to drive to your home,  or stand under your window then leave after just saying hi. “I just wanted to see your face.”

Real boyfriend: After days of not hearing from him, you finally go out on a date – but he’s too tired to talk or spends the whole dinner complaining about his boss. Then, you have soju bombs until you’re both drunk. (Cue Scene #2.)

Scene # 6: A weekend date

Kdrama boyfriend: Takes you on a picnic or a scenic drive to the beach, where you splash water on each other and draw giant hearts on the sand.   

Real boyfriend: You drive to a restaurant, with him complaining about traffic/stupid drivers/parking the whole time. You wait for a table, get food, and spend the rest of the night gazing lovingly at… your phones.

Scene # 7: Chilling at home

Kdrama boyfriend: He vacuums! Scrubs the bathroom! Makes your lunch! And when all that is over, you cuddle on the couch, and he reads you manga with your head on his lap.

Real boyfriend: He plays Modern Warfare. You watch dramas. You order pizza.

Scene # 8: He ghosts you.

Kdrama ex-boyfriend: He’s still madly in love with you, but he has to go away to protect you. Or maybe this is a huge misunderstanding, and he’s actually lying in a hospital bed with amnesia.

Real ex-boyfriend: He’s just not into you. Move on.

Who’s your favorite Kdrama boyfriend? Favorite romantic drama moment? Or is there something your real boyfriend did that’s just as swoony and sweet? Would love to hear!

 Edited by: Yuanwei (1st editor) & Azyjtevol (2nd editor)

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