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 Kamio Fuju and Sato Koichi will appear in the movie "20-year-old Soul"

On March 14th, it was announced that Kamio Fuju and Sato Koichi will star in the upcoming movie "20-year-old Soul." The film is set for a 2022 release!

The film will be based on a true story that was published on the Asahi Sinbun newspaper in 2017, and was made into a book in 2018 by author, Nakai Yuriko who interviewed a number of people close to the young music lover named Asano Daiyoshi. The book received praises on various social media platforms most especially on twitter, where readers stated that the book "Is not to be read on the train," "Impressive," and "An absolute tearjerker."

(From left to right; image of Asano Daiyoshi in real life and book cover of "20-year-old Soul")

Ichifune Soul” also known as "God cheering song" was composed by the Ichifune Brass band member Asano, as a song to support the baseball club. The song became a hot topic in 2016.  Asano passed away after losing his battle with cancer at a young age of 20 but his legacy lives on in his composition as a tradition at his school, Funabashi Municipal High School in Funabashi City, Chiba, Japan

The film will be directed by Akiyama Jun who also helmed "Shukatsu Kazoku - Kitto, Umaku Iku," and "Sogeki." Meanwhile, the script will be written by Nakai Yuriko.

For the first time in his acting career, Kamio Fuju studied music which included the trombone and piano performance that Mr. Daiyoshi was in charge of. In fact, he also observed the performance of the Ichifune brass band club.

Of the Role Fuju Kamio said:

At first, I read the script without knowing that it was a true story, but I felt that it was a great movie.

In this work, I heard stories from various people in playing Asano Daiyoshi, and I felt that he was very popular and loved by the people around him, and in the movie, his charm and he I hope that the way of life that I left behind will be performed so that it can be conveyed properly.

Koichi Sato

I saw the students of the Ichifune and brass band playing, and nowadays, the students who have lost the place to play and express in this corona are trying to convey "something". I was playing lively.

Seeing that, I would like to convey that "something" of these children in this movie and throughout the life of Mr. Daiyoshi Asano.

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