by HappySqueak, January 24, 2018

Loosely inspired by eat this not that. Here are some suggestions of drama vs drama and why I think the chosen one is better. Purely for fun, so please don't take it to heart if you feel like I've picked on your favourite. I approached this from an honest and objective standpoint. So let's begin:

Concept: Non-Asian girl ends up in a Korean setting with oppas.

Watch this: Drama World

While it may lack in some areas, it makes up for it in the aspect of a drama fan getting to witness the story play out when she is literally sucked into the show itself which becomes her reality. Drama fans might like this unusual approach to drama storytelling! They might find this female lead in her fandom  quite relatable.

Not That: Oh My Grace       

Oh My Grace IMO was a poorly written and slapped together drama of an easily drunken female lead trapped in a dismal women's fiction lifestyle who wakes up in Korea and ends up in an ill fit love triangle that makes no sense. Viewers might be disappointed in the loose ends and lack of story building here. 

Concept: Historical drama with politics, romance and reclaiming of the throne:

Watch This: Ruler - Master of The Mask

A fake king holds the throne, until the true king can reclaim it. Both fall in love with the same girl, so friendships are tested when the political battle heats up. The episode count does drag on here, but the story is better played out than in Queen for Seven Days.

Not That: Queen for Seven Days

A rivalry for the throne sets the mood and conflict in this drama, also later vying for the heart of the same woman. Some of the story was dull in areas when the pacing dropped so you may lose interest when things start to feel repetitive.

Concept: Romantic comedy genre in an office work setting:

Watch this: Jugglers

Cold and hard to handle boss has his assistant scrambling to appease his needs. She often runs around like a headless chicken in her line of work, until a kindred understanding is established that leads to something more. And it's in those moments that viewers can enjoy her little triumphs as she begins to gain traction in her work and in the eyes of her boss.

Not That: Radiant Office

Here we also have a moody boss and interns trying to fit the mold. But this felt like just a weak attempt at a romantic comedy or a fanfiction script of what one should be. It didn't play out very well and you may easily be disappointed in the areas that are lacking.

Concept: Genre suspense/crime. Seeking justice to clear an innocent person:

Watch This: Defendant

Falsely accused and imprisoned, male lead must somehow battle his adversary and break free while trying to show the truth. It's a cat and mouse game and only one will be victorious, but it's a dangerous game when lives are held hostage in the balance.  Because the pacing is very driven, it makes this drama very bingeworthy especially on episode cliffhanger endings!

Not That: Remember - War of the Son

There were some aspects of this drama that I liked, so I had to be objective in placing it here as a not to watch (or at least watch one over the other). I liked the strength of young male lead, but I hated the pacing and how drawn out it was to reach the conclusion, with no lucky breaks at all literally until the end and the woven brutal reality leaves no one unscathed. Several unlikable characters persisted, even though redemption seemed to linger it was just unsavory. The struggle is real in this drama.

What do you think? Agree or disagree? Love them or leave them?
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