by Cherrybb, March 22, 2020

Quite often I tend to suggest dramas/movies/books to my close friends which I feel will be well-liked by them and thankfully most of my suggestions have been well received by them. 

The suggestions are solely based around my opinion following the personality and choices of different Zodiac signs' friends around me. Check out your Zodiac Drama suggestions!

Fire signs:


(March 21—April 19)

For The Pioneer Aries, who likes passion, excitement and a bit of a drama.

Fight For My Way

(A wonderful drama about realistic and common challenges bound by dreams and friendship.)

Let’s Eat (Season 1)

(Who doesn’t like food? And this is delicious food mixed with mystery!)


(July 23—August 22)

For The Heart Leo, the loyal, loving and great lover of life.

Jealousy Incarnate

(An unexpectedly passionate love story in between a love triangle.)

Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo

(An epic love story, with lots of good looking people.)


(November 22—December 21)

For The Inspiration Sagittarius, a combination of adventure, dazzling smarts and lots of fun.

(Combinations of humour, mystery, love and thrill, perfect for binge-watching.)


(Combining Past & Present, a spine chilling thriller, keeping the viewers on the edge, one of the best of the genre.)

Earth signs:


(April 20—May 20)

For The Architect Taurus, the gracious, multi-talented and grounded.

You Are All Surrounded

(Great teamwork, lots of fun and Lee Seung Gi.)

King 2 Hearts

(The original mix of North Korea and South Korea, heartwarming characters and again Lee Seung Gi.)


(August 23—September 22)

For The Perfectionist Virgo, logical, hardworking and of complete integrity.

Her Private Life

(Strong Female Lead (fangirl like us) and Perfect Male Lead with a relatable and dreamy love story.)

Something About 1 Percent

(A pure loving story with lots of squee-worthy scenes.)


(December 22—January 19)

For The Master Capricorn, dignified, attractive and meticulous.

Chief Kim

(A hero in real life, it’s the underdogs against the organization.)

My Father Is Strange

(A crazy heartwarming family drama.)

Air signs:


(May 21—June 20)

For The Messenger Gemini, the mix of Sweet and Salt of Zodiac.

Go Back Couple

(A second chance at life for a couple, would they make the same choice?)

Children Of Nobody

(A drama full of twists and turns, keep guessing till the end!)


(September 23—October 22)

For The Balance Libra, diplomatic, persuasive and the romanticist.

I Need Romance 2

(The familiar love or the new love, lots of love to choose from.)

You Who Came From The Stars

(Funny with passionate chemistry between leads, where love wins against all odds.)


(January 20—February 18)

For The Activist Aquarius, bright, breezy and smart.

Age Of Youth

(A slice of life and the most realistic female friendship.)

Because This Is My First Life

(A breath of fresh air and a different view on relationships and love.)

Water signs:


(June 21—July 22)

For The Guardian Cancer, the sensitive, nurturing and intuitive.

My Strange Hero

(An adorable chemistry between leads fighting for justice.)

Strongest Deliveryman

(A mix of warm and funny characters uniting for a cause.)


(October 23—November 21)

For The Power Scorpio, the mysterious, irresistible and instinctual.

Chicago Typewriter

(The story of three friends, and how their past and present intertwines.)


(A story between a night courier and a journalist and a long-buried past.)


(February 19—March 20)

For The Vision Pisces, the compassionate, creative, dreamers.


(A classic, supernatural love story, filled with romance and bromance.)

Cinderella And The Four Knights

(A present world Cinderella and three charming men, perfect guilty pleasure watch.)

Do the drama recommendations go well with your choices? 

Even if they don’t, give them a try, you may end up liking them! 

Also, check other Zodiac recommendations too!  ^_^

Edited by: Yuanwei (1st editor) Cookie (2nd editor)