by Bloom C, January 30, 2021

It's 2021, and despite all the craziness happening in the world at the moment, at times it's nice to see how far we have come in life and in society. More women hold C.E.O positions, we still have a long way to go but, compared to the past, there is more gender inclusivity and a great amount of progress we shouldn't forget to celebrate. Among the progress, there is the shedding tradition in which ladies must wait for a gentleman to court her and that gentleman should be the one doing the chasing. It would be nice of course, but sometimes a girl has got to take matters into her own hands, and I am all here for it. Below are some K-drama ladies who have done exactly that and found success in doing so.

It's Okay Not To Be Okay - Ko Moon Young

Ko Moon Young might have taken the phrase “God helps those who help themselves” to extreme lengths as she romanticized the idea of obsession. From the moment she met Moon Gang Tae, she had fallen deeply and took steps from that moment to make sure she is involved in his life. Despite the fact that he is initially very resistant to her advances, including sexual ones, Moon Young’s perseverance finally wears Gang Tae down. As layers of her cold exterior begin to show her vulnerability, he can't help but feel protective towards her.

In real life, Ko Moon Young’s obsession with Moon Gang Tae would be incredibly creepy, and I am a firm believer in “If a man wants you, he will show interest”. However, It's Okay Not To Be Okay is a drama and fantasy and therefore, in that lense, there was something refreshing about seeing a woman on the screen be straightforward with her feelings and go for what she wants.

There is, especially, one scene where she takes off a cap that Gang Tae is wearing, and she tells him “don't wear a hat, I can't see your pretty face”. Something about that scene is very swoon-worthy and refreshing coming from the female rather than the male.

Oh My Ghostess - Shin Sun Ae/Na Bong Soon

Speaking of obsessively chasing the male lead, Shin Sun Ae is on par with Ko Moon Young, except for her motives that are less than noble. Shin Sun Ae is a ghost who is determined to lose her virginity and has picked the right man to help her succeed, and that is chef Kang Seon Woo. Sun Ae comes to the agreement to possess the body of someone in close proximity to him, and thus begins her hunt. The comedy that comes from her numerous attempts to go to bed with him are rich, and it is especially the way he reacts and avoids her advances that make the drama so fun to watch. She is actually able to gain his affections and become closer to him through other means of interactions and grows to see him as more than a tool for her own personal gain. 

Again, there was something about the boldness of a female approaching her male interests that was very different from the usual. This among the fact that the drama had a stellar ensemble certainly made it one of the best dramas of the year.

You Who Came From The Stars - Cheon Song Yi

Cheon Song Yi and Do Min Joon did not start off on the right foot however, once their initial misunderstandings are resolved, she begins to see him for the hotness that we all did. The fact that she is this big massive star, and he couldn't be any more interested in than he would be about the rock in the street drives her crazy. Of course, he has reasons for ignoring her advances toward him, but the fact that she is ignorant to them leads her on hilarious antics to gain his attention and to soothe her heart of the heartbreak.

The ridiculousness of Song Yi’s antics to stay close to him and crying her heart out when he pushes her away are very adorable and one of my favorite moments in the drama.

Angel’s Last Mission - Lee Yun Seo

Lee Yun Seo is an orphaned ballerina who lost the ability to pursue her passion in the art that kept her alive. Due to this, she has hardened her heart and closed herself out to the rest of the world, choosing to live in solitude. That is until she met Kim Dan, a stranger she hires to be her right-hand man. While initially mistrustful of Kim Dan, Yun Seo begins to open up the heart to him as they spend more time together and grow closer to each other. When Yun Seo falls for Kim Dan, he is unable to reciprocate her feelings due to his own reasons. 

The scene where she bravely confesses her love to him outside of a church is, especially, touching. We see how far the previously cold and closed off Yun Seo has come to put her heart on the limb and confess her love to Kim Dan. It is definitely one of the most memorable moments in the drama.

Descendants of The Sun - Yoon Myung Joo

Yoon Myung Joo had us all swooning with her chase for Seo Dae Young who seems to be doing everything to keep his distance from her. Yoon Myung Joo even chases him to a foreign country as a military physician and disregards her father’s disapproval of him in order to be with him. Nothing brings a couple together like a disaster, and no place screams disaster like the military in a foreign country. As much as Seo Dae Young attempts to distance himself, he ends up giving into his heart, and that ladies and gentleman are enjoying the fruits of your labor. You get your man, girl!

While some of the ladies certainly took things to the extremes, we can learn to some degree from the bravery of their chase. Even if it is not a man, but that raise at work you know you deserve, or that promotion you have been working hard for but doesn't seem to come. Go chase after your heart and use their courage as a tool of success. I sure know that I will be doing so!

Edited by: Cookie (1st editor)