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Hey guys! Hope everyone is having a great, great day! 

I started watching K-dramas in August 2018, and all thanks to my cousin kkdrama that introduced me to this amazing world. Thanks to her I discovered a whole new world, a world where I felt so comfortable and stress-free, a world where no matter what is your skin color, gender, identity, nationality... you're always welcomed in it. I felt like we share one identity, one race, one language... I felt like this love for K-drama and Korean culture, in general, pulled me into this bubble where only drama fans exist.

Anyway, my first drama was You're All Surrounded   (it was recommended to me by my cousin). The thing that I loved most in this drama is the variety of themes where you find romance, mystery, action as well as humor. Also, the biggest mystery will be revealed during the sequence of events and a little bit in every episode, giving you a hint or new info and making you fall deeper into the plot, only to discover that it's not what you had in mind, and the thing you least expected happens. In addition, the different crime cases that appear in this drama also caught my attention.
The charming lovely couple added so much sweetness and comedy to the drama plus the many touching moments they had. 
In addition, Lee Seung Gi's acting skills brought his character alive and left me speechless: his personality, charisma and charms. Also, his action scenes impressed me a lot.

And this was the first K-drama that pulled me into the world of Drama. 

BUT back then, I didn't know that I will become addicted to them.
Also, I didn't notice that my passion for K-drama will inspire me to write articles and share them with others, some of my friends (my family too, sometimes) tells me that it's just a waste of time and useless, but I'm lucky because I have one of my family members, my cousin that I mentioned before... She's also a fan of K-drama, and when our family assembles, we sit in the corner in our own little bubble and chat!!

And she always defends our love for K-drama in front of the family, in addition, she supports me for that too!! 

During my first watching period of K-drama, I did not know that I would fall for so MANY actors that I couldn't choose a favorite one. But with time and experience, I learned a lot about acting methods and portraying a character, so I became capable of judging an actor. Now, I can discern my favorite actors and here are my top actors after I've reached 50 Dramas.



I think that she caught the attention of all the watchers of the drama Itaewon Class.
Her character  Ji Yi Seo has to be one of the strongest, badass woman I have ever watched in a Korean drama. She was creative in her role, as she represented a character that could be difficult from my point of view. But she showed her dexterity and merit in acting. Frankly, I didn't watch many of her dramatic work, but she impressed me so much that I'm planning to watch more of her!!
And I'm waiting for her next dramatic work, and I think that she will obviously succeed and make a strong career!  Itaewon Class Kim Dami GIF - ItaewonClass KimDami KDrama ...


This actor is one of the best actors I've ever seen!!
His talent is incomparable, his diverse roles are incredible: you can see him in an action and thriller drama such as Cruel Cityhis character in that drama left me like that : 
His character, his acting style, his mastery of the action scenes...EVERYTHING was just perfect.
Doctor's Son in Cruel City wasn't the first role I saw of him. First, I saw him in Prison Playbook, his cute and charming role was SO lovely, his personality as a protective friend was so touching.
Although he has a variety of roles and sometimes they are contradictory, he masters them so well. That's what I appreciate most about him!
In addition, his role in the drama Life on Mars was so charming. A detective guy fits with him so much! I was really impressed by his acting skills. 

I have many favorite actors but these two are my best!

Chingu to the World 10 Things 'Her Private Life' Taught Us Fangirls
As a debutante in K-dramas, I was obviously in love with those "K-drama cliches".
I was like: "Wooh, how romantic is this"! K-drama cliches shook my heart for real and made me feel like "I'll be single forever".

But NOW,  I really don't like those classical cliches. Here are some "before" and "after" for cliches that I like:



To the beautiful you GIF - Find on GIFER





Sorry but I couldn't find a more appropriate gif for this scene :(

 Yes! That's what I like now ^^

Also, as any newbie, my favorite dramas were the Rom-Coms.
Yes, the classical Rom-Coms with many cliches, love triangles, the couple that had a sad past story together or that know each other as kids, also the rich guy and poor girl.

I still love Rom-Coms but not the classical ones. I love the ordinary ones! NOW, I'm more into the investigation and thriller dramas.

When I used watching Kdramas cliches I was like :But now I'm like: 
Strong Woman Do Bong Soon GIF - StrongWomanDoBongSoon Amazed ...Tired falling asleep sleepy GIF on GIFER - by Frostseeker

My taste for drama has changed a lot, my critics have changed. I used to give any drama that had a good enough ending and a happy ending for the couple a 10/10, easily. But, now, I really take my time to think about the rating of a drama: I think about EVERY detail in the drama!!

On the other hand, I was also that over-sensitive fan ^^. I used to cry when watching a touching scene. WRONG! I used to cry in every scene where the main lead cried even just a little bit.

If the main lead cried like this, I'll obviously be like this:

Main Lead 
11 Stages in the Emotional Struggle of Waiting for New Drama ...

I know it's a little bit exaggerated, but I was like this 

Meanwhile 3 (SpongeBob Time Card) - YouTube

The actor that I cried for be like: 

Now I don't cry like this for every scene, I just cry when the scene is very touching and the story-line too.

Here the two scenes that I've cried the most from 0 to 50 dramas


Do Not read it if you haven't watched these dramas yet: Moon Lovers (2016), Crash Landing On You (2020)  

Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo (2016)

The actor showed us his powerful skills and talent in this touching scene, that I thought he died for real!

Baekhyun as Wang Eun (10th prince) really touched me when he died with his wife.
Sincerely, if I re-watch this scene, I'm sure that I'll cry like the first time I've watched it!
When that arrow hit his chest, I felt that pain in my chest, and it will be forever in my memory. We all fell in love with Wang Eun, nobody wants to see such a cute and innocent character die, it truly hurts to watch that.

Crash Landing On You (2020) 

As I'm not that big a fan of romance-dramas, and I'm that person that has a heart of stone, this scene shakes my heart and makes me feel what true love is.
Sincerely, I cried so much in this scene. I've watched it 100 times, but I'm still crying because of it. In this drama, I cried SO much, but in this part, I found that the storyline is well written and full of sincere emotions. "The last goodbye" as this scene is titled, shows us the powerful talent of the two actors and how realistic this scene is!

Flashback (SpongeBob Time Card) - YouTube

My life before discovering K-drama used to be like : 

Ok kdrama iu GIF on GIFER - by Granigar

Or singing  Kpop songs : 

When I wasn't a K-drama fan, I used to watch documentaries on TV. I really enjoyed discovering a country's culture and traditions. I also loved exploring ancient civilizations and learning about them. It really pleased me! And I still do it but not all the time because now K-dramas fill my free time ^^

Here we come to the end of this article.
hope you liked it. Feel free to leave a like and a comment telling me YOUR own first experience with K-dramas and the difficulties that came your way!   

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