by lo_ve, March 19, 2021

Joo Won will star in his first ever Netflix original film titled "Carter."

Netflix officially confirmed on March 19th that actor Joo Won will be working with them for the upcoming blockbuster action movie "Carter."

"Carter" will depict a breathtaking chase of an agent who has been deployed to a mysterious operation with all his memory lost. The film will be directed by Jung Byung Gil who's also the man behind works such as "Action Boys," "Confession of Murder," "The Villainess," and more. The upcoming film will exclusively be available on Netflix only. 

Joo Won will portray the character of Carter, a skilled agent who wakes up one day having lost his memories. He will be assigned to an operation that he has no idea about. Joo Won is expected to showcase the character of a dashing agent who is troubled with his uncertain operation together with many action-packed scenes.

Joo Won last starred in the 2020 hit drama "Alice" with Kim Hee Sun and Kwak Shi Yang.  The actor is well known for starring in dramas such as "Yong Pal," "Naeil's Cantabile," "Good Doctor," "The Bridal Mask," and "King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo."

He is also part of the movie "Firemen" which was originally scheduled for a December 2020 release. Other cast include Yoo Jae Myung, Kwak Do Won, Lee Yoo Young, Kim Min Jae, Oh Dae Hwan, and more. 

Aside from doing dramas and films, Joo Won also lends his talent in several musical plays. He participated in "Altar Boyz," "Singles," "Grease," "Sinsangnam," "Spring Awakening," and the Korean version of "Ghost: The Musical."

Expectations are high for the upcoming film "Carter" as Joo Won will become an action hero character this time. 


Are you looking forward to another masterpiece from Joo Won?