by lo_ve, January 27, 2021

Jung So Min and Jo Byung Kyoo in talks for the upcoming tvN drama "Tale of the Secret Royal Inspector and Jo Yi".

On January 27, the actress' agency Blossom Entertainment released a statement that Jung So Min did receive the casting offer and is currently reviewing it. Jo Byung Kyoo's agency HB Entertainment also shared that the actor is reviewing the casting offer as well. 

The upcoming historical tvN drama entitled "Tale of the Secret Royal Inspector and Jo Yi" is set to air on the second half of the year and it will narrate the story of secret royal inspectors whose job is to expose corruption while they work undercover. It will highlight the journey of a lazy secret royal inspector and a woman with clumsy abilities in finding the truth.

Jo Byung Kyoo got the offer for the male lead role of Ra Yi Eon (Ryan). He's the youngest among the secret royal inspectors and he ranked first in the states exam. He's a dashing man with relaxed eyes but the problem is, he doesn't have goals in life. 

Jung So Min on the other hand will play the female lead role of Kim Jo Yi if she accepts the casting offer. Kim Jo Yi is a woman with modern thinking. She believes that women can get divorced even if it's not possible in her era. She lives in the time where women can't be part of the family registry but she's wishing to get a divorce and to have a fresh start in life.

"Tale of the Secret Royal Inspector and Jo Yi" will begin filming after the casting is confirmed. The production aims to air it later this year.


What are your thoughts about the casting for this historical drama?